Quad Seal Pouches

Our quad seal packaging offers custom sizing, materials, and vibrant printing for standout product presentation and protection.
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Are you searching for innovative packaging solutions that not only protect your products but also enhance their shelf appeal? Look no further than ePac Flexible Packaging’s custom Quad Seal pouches. Discover how this versatile packaging option can benefit your business.

What is Quad Seal Packaging?

Quad Seal Packaging is a unique and versatile packaging solution designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industries. This innovative packaging design features four sealed edges, creating a sturdy and attractive package that stands upright on store shelves.

Quad Seal Packaging Sizing

Quad Seal Pouches come in various convenient sizes, depending on your product needs.  Eight Widths to select from ranging  from 3.15” to 7.87”, with  Gussets adjustable from 2” to 6” and lengths adjustable from 6” to 19”.

What Industries Use Quad Seal Pouches?

Quad Seal Pouches are broadly used for coffee but are versatile and find applications across various industries, including:

Coffee: Perfect for coffee roasters companies, providing a professional and functional packaging solution that stands out on retail shelves.

Pet Food: Quad Seal Bags are used to package dry and wet pet food, treats, and supplements, preserving product quality.

Food and Snacks: Ideal for packaging, candies, nuts, dried fruits, and more. Quad Seal Bags maintain product freshness and offer excellent shelf visibility.

Frozen Foods: Quad Seal Packaging ensures the safe and secure packaging of frozen vegetables, fruits, seafood, and meals.

Cosmetics and Personal Care: Ideal for packaging bath salts, bath bombs, cosmetic powders, and more, Quad Seal Pouches offer both attractiveness and functionality.

Promotional and Retail Items: Quad Seal Bags are customizable for promotional packaging, gift bags, event giveaways, and branded merchandise, enhancing your brand’s visibility.

Benefits of Quad Seal Side Gusseted Bags

Quad Seal Side Gusseted Bags offer several key advantages:

Enhanced Shelf Presence
The bottom design allows Quad Seal Bags to stand upright, providing excellent visibility and presentation on store shelves.

Improved Product Stability
Quad Seal Bags provide structural integrity and stability, making them ideal for heavier or bulkier products.

Better Product Protection
Quad Seal Bags offer excellent protection against moisture, oxygen, and light to maintain product freshness.

Customizable Features: Add a Tin tie and one-way degassing valves to enhance functionality and convenience.

Cost-Efficiency: Lightweight and cost-effective, Quad Seal Bags reduce shipping costs and storage space.

Environmental Benefits: Quad seal pouches produce less material waste during production. Choose eco-friendly film options to align with sustainability goals.

Versatility: Suitable for various products, including coffee, snacks, pet food, frozen food, , and more.

Ease of Filling: Quad Seal Bags are designed for efficient and convenient filling, whether manual or automated.

Seal Integrity: Four strong seals provide a high level of protection against leaks or tampering.

Quad Seal Pouch Packaging Material

Our Quad Seal Packaging is made from a variety of materials tailored to your product’s requirements, including:

  • Polyethylene (PE): Known for excellent sealability.
  • Polyester (PET): Provides excellent barrier properties.
  • Metallized Films: Enhance barrier properties and create a metallic appearance.
  • Laminated Structures: Combine the best properties of different materials.

We work closely with you to select the most suitable material for your Quad Seal Packaging needs.

Custom Quad Seal Packaging Solutions

At ePac Flexible Packaging, we specialize in flexible packaging tailored to your unique requirements. Our offerings include:

  • Custom Sizing
  • Quick Turnaround (15 days for pouches, after artwork approval)
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Multi-SKU orders

Trust ePac Flexible Packaging for innovative, customizable, and high-quality Quad Seal Packaging solutions that enhance your product’s presentation and protection. 

Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs and start creating the perfect Quad Seal Bags for your business.