Celebrating Everyday Heroes: Kettle Heroes’ Mosaic Packaging Initiative with ePac Flexible Packaging

At Kettle Heroes, the ethos of championing everyday heroes and uplifting core values of integrity, humility, and community service is more than just a mission—it’s a visible commitment. Partnering with ePac Flexible Packaging and the Pat Tillman Foundation, Kettle Heroes has harnessed the innovative mosaic printing technology to transform this ethos into a tangible experience for its customers.

On the front of each of their stand up pouches is a featured area designated to “celebrating the everyday heroes who often go unnoticed.” The back of each pouch contains a deeper dive into that person’s story with a custom qr code to learn more. Many of those featured are military veterans seeing active duty who endured some tough situations and chose to persevere to make their lives better.

To streamline this initiative, Kettle Heroes utilizes mosaic printing by ePac on their flexible packaging which allows for the creation of a single, cohesive image composed of numerous smaller pictures, providing a unique opportunity to visually narrate the brand’s dedication to its values. Kettle Heroes utilizes this technique brilliantly by featuring the faces and stories of real-life heroes on their packaging. This not only enhances the visual appeal of their products but also powerfully aligns with their core values, directly engaging consumers at the point of sale.

The impact of such packaging is profound. Each bag of Kettle Heroes popcorn becomes a canvas, showcasing the community of individuals who embody the brand’s values. It’s an innovative way to promote a culture of recognition and appreciation for those who make a difference—mirroring the brand’s internal values externally.

This strategic use of ePac’s flexible packaging solutions not only differentiates Kettle Heroes in the competitive snack marketplace but also deepens the connection with their customers, who are drawn to products that not only taste amazing but also do good. Through this initiative, Kettle Heroes reaffirms its commitment to quality, community, and storytelling, one bag at a time.

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