Resealable Pouches

Discover a superior level of convenience and product freshness with our range of resealable packaging at ePac Flexible Packaging. Our custom resealable bags, custom sealable bags, and custom zip bags are designed with quality and convenience in mind. Ideal for a wide variety of products, our solutions combine protection and ease of use, ensuring your customers have a hassle-free experience.
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What To Look For In Your Resealable Packaging

Choosing the right resealable packaging can be crucial to product preservation and consumer satisfaction. Key factors to consider include:

  • Quality of seal: Ensuring the bag can be easily opened and resealed securely is crucial for maintaining freshness and preventing spillage.
  • Material durability: Resilient packaging that can withstand handling while protecting its contents is a must.
  • Customizability: Opt for packaging that can be tailored to your brand for a professional and appealing aesthetic.

Custom Printed Resealable Bags

Our custom printed resealable bags offer a powerful combination of functionality and brand visibility. With our advanced digital printing technology, we can create custom designs that beautifully capture your brand identity. Showcase your products without compromising on quality or convenience.

stand out on the shelf

high vapor barriers

Films that block moisture, oxygen, and aroma from entering or exiting the package.

finish options

Choose from finish options including matte, soft-touch matte, gloss, and metallized.

hang holes

Hang your packaging on retail shelving with our round or sombrero hang holes. 


Film options including high-barrier, specialty, recyclable, and metalized PET films.

tear notches

Consumers can open your packaging with ease with the option to add a tear notch.


Choose between press-to-close zippers, Certified Child-resistant zippers, or no zipper.

variety of sizes

Pouches are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your product needs.

print substrates

Films are available in PET, Metalized PET, PE, Recyclable PE, PCR, and BOPP.

transparent or clouded windows

Add a clear or clouded window so consumers can see what’s inside your packaging.

spot embellishments

Make your product pop by highlighting certain parts of your packaging.

pouch bottom / gusset options

Gusset options include K-Seal, Plow Bottom, and 3 side Seal (3SS).

puncture & tear resistant

Packaging that won’t tear or damage on the shelf, in transit, or with customer handling.

Resealable Packaging FAQs

What is resealable plastic?

Resealable plastic is a type of packaging that includes a closure (like a zip seal) allowing the bag to be opened and securely resealed multiple times.

What are the benefits of using resealable packaging?

Resealable packaging helps maintain product freshness, offers convenience for the user, reduces the risk of spillage, and allows for efficient storage.

What makes our resealable bags different?

Our resealable bags are made from high-quality, durable materials, and can be customized with your brand’s design. We offer a variety of zipper types and bag dimensions to suit your specific needs.

What are the zipper types for resealable bags?

We offer a variety of zipper types including press-to-close, powder proof, child resistant, and more, depending on your product’s specific requirements.

What are the packaging dimensions?

Our packaging dimensions vary based on your product’s specific needs. We work closely with you to determine the most suitable size for your product.

What is the turnaround time for resealable packaging?

Our turnaround times are industry-leading, typically within 10-15 business days from artwork approval. We understand the need for timely delivery and strive to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible.

When looking for printed resealable bags, choose ePac Flexible Packaging for quality, convenience, and customization. We’re your trusted partner in creating packaging solutions that deliver.