Design Services from ePac Flexible Packaging

Your pouch is a billboard to the consumer, and you need to make an impression. Packaging design can communicate your value and your values, differentiating yourself from your competitors and creating connections through common causes and principles.
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Design is at the heart of that impression.  Whether you are transitioning from labels to fully customized pouches, need a little help on the next version of an SKU, or if you want to evolve an existing design, we can help.

Designing for print is much different than other channels.  Issues with fonts, image resolution, color space, overprint, transparency, and variable data can impede your time-to-market.  It cannot be overstated that, by submitting a press-ready design, you can get your pouches more quickly and accurately.  ePac Design Services is built to not only deliver beautiful, professional experiences, but to minimize errors, issues, and streamline the production process.

Package Design Services from ePac

Preflight Fix-Ups

When you submit your artwork for production, we run a pre-flight analysis and if ePac can correct any red-flags to get you on your way more quickly, we’ll let you know.  We may provide these quick fixes at no extra cost if we have all the right assets (like proper resolution images). You get your packaging more quickly, and we maintain an efficient production schedule. 

Minor Adjustments

Sometimes you need a tweak.  Move a graphic, change a font, update text.  If it’s beyond a quick fix by our prepress team, our design team can get it done while providing a tune up to help your artwork fly through production.

Label to Pouch Transition

Your first fully customized pouch is a big step towards new opportunities like retail adoption.  ePac Design Services will consult with you and develop and execute a great design, ready for the big leagues.  Our proven process starts with a creative design session where we learn more about your brand and passions.  We will develop options and reconvene to discuss and set the final creative direction.  A few iterations later and you have the face of your brand ready to go.

Brand Evolution

Brands need to stay as fresh as their products.  That evolution can be subtle, as with a new size or flavor, or more significant like expanding categories, launching a seasonal offering, or breaking into brand new markets or countries.  Start with ePac Design Services and we’ll help bring your vision to life. 

Connected Packaging Experiences

Our Design Services team can create landing pages for consumer engagement, loyalty programs, charity connections, and call-to-action consulting to encourage  consumers to interact with your brand through multiple channels.

A Few of Our Favorite Designs