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Custom Flexible Packaging for Frozen Foods

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Frozen Foods

custom freezer food packaging

In a world where convenience is king, having cold food packaging is a must for many brands. Frozen food packaging bags are a great option for brands with products such as frozen vegetables, meats, prepared meals, and the like, to meet the needs of consumers who are short on time but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the food and ingredients they indulge in. 

protective packaging for frozen products 

The best thing about frozen foods is that they can be enjoyed anytime. In order for these types of foods to keep in the freezer, and maintain the best quality upon being cooked or heated, the type of frozen packaging you select makes all the difference.  Brands need to ensure that their packaging consists of the proper films and barriers that are capable of preserving and protecting the products inside from conditions such as dehydration and oxidation, which cause freezer burn. 

frozen packaging that’s convenient 

Whether your product is packaged as single or multiple servings, features such as tear notches and resealable zippers are great additions to making the products inside easily accessible and long-lasting.

space-saving freezer bags

Frozen food bags that use flexible packaging are ideal for storing your products in small places where space is limited and your customers’ freezers are no exception.  Help them maximize their limited space by placing your products in lightweight and flexible lay-flat and stand up pouches that give a higher-product to package ratio than other packaging formats. 

stand out in the freezer aisle

Digital printing gives brands the ability to print vivid, photo-quality images and graphics on their flexible packaging, allowing brands to set themselves apart from the competition in-store and online.  No matter where your products are sold, you can create custom freezer bags that stand up on shelves, giving your products the attention they deserve on the outside, to align with all the hard work put into the contents inside.