Flexible Packaging That Does More

That means more sales. More connections with your customers. More environmental responsibility. More options. More flexibility.

That Does

That means more sales. More connections with your customers. More environmental responsibility. More options. More flexibility.

*most orders ship within 15-20 business days from artwork approval

Customer Spotlight

Read about Nana Adjoa’s journey from kitchen trials to market success and the innovative packaging solutions that helped make it happen.

Who We Are

ePac Flexible Packaging is a global technology-driven custom flexible packaging company committed to our mission of helping brands of all sizes grow with the highest quality standup pouches, lay flat pouches, rollstock, and connected packaging solutions. We strive to be accretive and philanthropic in the communities we serve, while remaining ever vigilant in our role as stewards of our environment.

Orders ship in 15-20 business days from artwork approval

ePac allows you to do more…


Unlimited SKUs. Competitively priced.

Go to Market Faster

any job, any run length, anywhere

Order to Demand

reduce inventory cost and obsolescence

Create Deeper Connections

with consumers via ePacConnect™

Be More Sustainable

with eco friendly films and technology

Technology Driven

The world’s first connected, flexible packaging network that delivers your product when and where you want it.

With locations throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Asia Pacific region, we have the unique opportunity to partner with local and international brands while giving back to the communities we serve.

We Grow With You

The ePac Difference

One global interconnected digital manufacturing platform
15-20 business day lead times
Sustainable films + eco-friendly manufacturing platform
JIT / Reduce obsolescence and waste
No plate fees
Connected packaging via ePacConnect
Low minimums / No maximums
Unlimited SKUs

Serving All Markets

Flexible packaging is a affordable, customizable, and sustainable packaging option for so many industries. Here’s a few popular industries currently utilizing flexible packaging.

Additional Resources


Understanding Which Coffee Bag Film Structure Is Right for You

Selecting the perfect coffee bag film structure is crucial for preserving the aroma, taste, and quality of your coffee. With the coffee industry evolving rapidly, leveraging the technicalities of flexible packaging can significantly impact your product’s shelf life and consumer appeal. METPET: The Specialty Coffee Champion For specialty coffee brands, METPET stands out as the […]

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How to Choose a Flexible Pouch Type that Suits Your Product

Choosing the right flexible pouch for your product involves a nuanced consideration of your sales channels, competitive landscape, product characteristics, and customer needs. Below, we delve into how these factors influence your packaging decisions, drawing insights from industry best practices and expert advice. Consider Your Sales Channels Investigate In-store Retail Locations Understanding where your product […]

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Why Planning and Redundancy Are Essential in the Packaging Industry

In the dynamic world of consumer packaged goods (CPG), the role of packaging cannot be overstated. It’s not just about encasing a product; it’s about delivering your brand’s message, ensuring product safety, and enhancing the consumer experience. For CPG companies with annual revenues of $2 million or more, the stakes are even higher. This is […]

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Harnessing the Power of R&D Without an In-house Team

In the dynamic realm of research and development (R&D), businesses face the challenge of innovation without necessarily having an internal R&D team. This blog explores effective strategies for companies to harness the power of R&D without maintaining an in-house team. From external collaborations to the pivotal role of flexible packaging solutions, we’ll delve into approaches […]

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Case Study

Flourish by Farmhouse – Revolutionising Eco-Friendly Horse Treats with Recyclable Packaging

Unveiling Flourish by Farmhouse: A Vision for Sustainable Horse Treats Flourish by Farmhouse is a unique brand specialising in horse treats, born out of the visionary mind of Joe and Janine, who runs a retirement livery for horses. The brand’s inception arose from a need within the Farmhouse Retirement Livery, where horses required a way […]

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Case Study

Mighty Drinks – Crafting Sustainability and Taste in Every Sip

Revolutionising the Beverage Landscape with Mighty Drinks In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the beverage industry, Mighty Drinks emerges as a trailblazer, rewriting the narrative of what a beverage can be. Founded five years ago in Leeds by the visionary duo, Tom and Nick Watkins, Mighty Drinks embarked on a mission to redefine the […]

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Case Study

Super Team: Revolutionizing Protein Bars for Savvy Snackers

When Michael de Lyon hit the aisles of his local grocery stores searching for his ideal protein bar, he was tired of seeing the changeless options. Michael wanted a different protein bar that wasn’t the same old, same old, made of fruit and chocolate that tasted more like sugar and drywall.  He wanted something he […]

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Case Study

Crafting Sweet Success: The Man of Aran Fudge launches new product line ready for retailers 

Nestled within the picturesque islands of Inishmore and Inisheer in Ireland, the story of The Man of Aran Fudge is one that unfolds like a timeless tale of family heritage and artisanal excellence. Born out of a love for a simple treat that journeyed from one generation to another, this family business has been cultivating […]

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Virag Patel becomes ePac's New CEO

ePac Flexible Packaging Names Virag Patel as CEO

ePac co-founder and COO selected to lead fast growth company Austin, Texas USA, July 18, 2023 — ePac Flexible Packaging, today announced the appointment of Virag Patel as CEO, replacing Jack Knott, who stepped down on July 13th, 2023. Virag Patel, Jack Knott and Carl Joachim were the original co-founders of ePac. During the last […]

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Press Releases

ePac Announces Official Opening of Accra, Ghana Plant

ePac Flexible Packaging, an industry leader in custom flexible packaging, is pleased to announce the opening of its new Grade A 2,200 square meter production plant on the Spintex Road in Accra, Ghana. A grand opening celebration was held on June 22nd with nearly 150 local dignitaries, government officials, customers, and media in attendance. Since […]

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Press Releases
ePac Complies With PFAS Regulations

ePac Announces Advance Compliance with PFAS Regulations

Company achieves early compliance ahead of state regulations  ePac Flexible Packaging is pleased to announce that the company has achieved compliance in advance of all state deadlines related to PFAS and plastic packaging.   State Laws and regulations banning intentionally added Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) in packaging have begun to go into effect in 2023. PFAS substances do […]

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Press Releases

ePac to Donate 2% of Coffee Profits to Project Waterfall

ePac Flexible Packaging, a global leader in providing high quality finished pouches and rollstock to brands of all sizes, has announced a partnership with Project Waterfall, a leading Charity in the Coffee sector. ePac will donate 2% of its global coffee product sales in 2023 and the proceeds will be used to help coffee growing […]

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