Flourish by Farmhouse – Revolutionising Eco-Friendly Horse Treats with Recyclable Packaging

Unveiling Flourish by Farmhouse: A Vision for Sustainable Horse Treats

Flourish by Farmhouse is a unique brand specialising in horse treats, born out of the visionary mind of Joe and Janine, who runs a retirement livery for horses. The brand’s inception arose from a need within the Farmhouse Retirement Livery, where horses required a way to consume tablets without detection. This led to the creation of a product specifically designed to hide tablets within treats, ensuring ease of administration for the horses under their care.

The Distinctive Flourish by Farmhouse Difference: Soft, Nutritious, and Environmentally Responsible

What sets Flourish by Farmhouse apart is its focus on two products: a packs of 20 horse treats and a horse celebration cake. These products, act both as a treat and a tablet-hiding mechanism, are softer in texture and boast superior nutritional benefits. The brand aims to create a diverse range of treats catering to various horse needs, including a special focus on creating treats for overweight horses, addressing issues like laminitis.

A significant point of distinction is the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. In an industry where recyclable doypacks and resealable packaging is a rarity, Flourish by Farmhouse takes pride in being eco-friendly. This commitment is not just a business decision but a reflection of the brand’s ethos, valuing the well-being of both horses and the environment.

Molasses Magic: The Key Ingredient Transforming Flourish by Farmhouse Treats

The ingredients in Flourish by Farmhouse treats are carefully chosen, considering horses’ preferences and nutritional needs. Molasses, known for its appealing taste to horses, is a key ingredient. The farm takes a hands-on approach, sourcing ingredients locally to maintain quality and freshness.

Winning Hearts and Hooves: Recognition in the Horse Treat Market

The journey began in March, with recipe perfection as a primary focus. By May, the team had successfully crafted a product that resonated with horses. Flourish by Farmhouse officially went live in October, marking the culmination of a six-month-long product development journey. Local yards and riding schools were targeted for initial samples, and the positive feedback set the stage for broader market penetration.

The brand’s success was marked by an unexpected sale to a customer discovered through social media within the first three weeks. Strategic placements in locations frequented by horse enthusiasts, such as farm shops, pet shops, and equestrian centres, helped Flourish by Farmhouse gain traction and recognition.

Future Plans and Innovations

Looking ahead, Flourish by Farmhouse aims to expand its product line by developing its own sunscreen for horses, and treats for horses that have laminitis addressing a gap in the market for such products in the UK. This strategic move aligns with the brand’s commitment to holistic horse care.

Collaborating with ePac for their Sustainable Stand Up Pouches

Resealable, Recyclable, Remarkable: ePac’s Tailored Packaging for Flourish by Farmhouse

Before collaborating with ePac, Flourish by Farmhouse faced challenges finding packaging that was both resealable and recyclable. “The market offered limited options, often requiring large orders that were impractical for a startup”, said Janina, Co-Founder. Tom Rush and the team at ePac UK Silverstone offered a solution that perfectly aligned with the brand’s vision: a packaging design that was not only ideal for the product but also economically viable. The price point per bag and the low minimum quantity (MOQ) ePac offers made it feasible for a startup like Flourish by Farmhouse to stand out on the shelf without reckless spending.

Standing Out on the Shelf and in the Stables

The collaboration with ePac brought about a packaging solution that addressed Flourish by Farmhouse’s key concerns. The team at ePac understood the importance of making the product stand out on the shelf, and the packaging not only met the brand’s sustainability goals but also contributed to its visual identity.

Flourish by Farmhouse’s journey is a testament to the intersection of innovation and sustainability. The brand’s commitment to creating nutritious treats for horses while simultaneously championing recyclable packaging showcases a holistic approach to responsible business practices. The collaboration with ePac not only addressed packaging challenges but also contributed to Flourish by Farmhouse’s distinct shelf presence and sustainable brand image. In a niche market, a focus on quality, innovation, and collaboration can lead to remarkable success.

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