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15 Aug2019

6 Must-Haves of Granola Packaging

The snack food market is vast, with innovative and health-conscious snack brands emerging in the market on a regular basis. The highly competitive nature of the snack food market requires brands to stay top of mind for their customers, evolving to meet their needs and preferences.  Whether you’re a new-to-market snack bra...

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08 Aug2019

Bright Innovations Place Pouches In Packaging Spotlight

Due to the innovative and collaborative spirit of the flexible packaging industry, pouches have become the fastest-growing packaging segment. In recent years there have been significant developments made to every feature of the package, from increases in sustainability to new interactive consumer features. Many companies in the industry are working on implementing more active and intelligent...

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02 Aug2019

5 Common Pre-Press Mistakes to Avoid

Prior to a flexible package being printed, the design starts as a digital file. These files contain more than just the design, and each piece allows a pre-press coordinator to prepare your design to go from a digital file to a physical stand-up pouch, lay flat pouch, or roll stock. Once you submit your artwork to your flexible packagi...

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22 Jul2019

Skratch Labs and ePac Deliver A Truly Unique Package Experience

As an official partner to EF Education First Pro Cycling, Skratch Labs wanted to create limited-edition packaging to celebrate the team’s competition in the Tour. To show team pride, they crafted stand-up pouches for their lemon & lime sports hydration drink mix that featured the metallic pink and blue look of the EF team’s jerseys.  Since 2012, Skr...

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17 Jul2019

Podcast Recap: Where to Start When Developing Flexible Packaging

As a new brand owner, you know that packaging is more than just a way to deliver your product to consumers. It is a marketing tool that tells your brand’s story and creates a consumer experience. But when just starting your consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand, it can be difficult to know your exact packaging needs. ePac Flexible Packaging Co-Founder and CMO, Carl Joachim, and VP of Sales, Du...

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10 Jul2019

Recyclable Pouches: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Going Green

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a part of a CPG brand that’s curious about adding a recyclable pouch or rollstock to your product offering. The rise in popularity of eco-friendly products and consumer concerns over packaging waste has led many brands, like yours, to consider shifting to more sustainable efforts.

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03 Jul2019

CASE STUDY: Primal Noms

Custom Packaging Positions Primal Noms Keto Mug Cakes As The Market Leader Primal Noms owners, Matt and Alli Owen, are on a quest to be the healthiest versions of themselves, and part of that quest is following the ketogenic, or keto diet. Because sweet cravings can be hard to ignore regardless of the type of diet you follow, they created Prima...

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25 Jun2019

Child-Resistant Packaging: What You Need to Know

Creating the perfect packaging for your brand is a rewarding process. You work hard to ensure that the packaging will effectively keep the product fresh, protect it during transit, and deliver key information to consumers, all while being durable and engaging.  We know that all of these factors are important as you str...

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19 Jun2019

ePac Austin Celebrates Grand Opening with Naturally Austin

The ePac Austin plant celebrated their grand opening by teaming up with Naturally Austin, a collaborative community organization that supports growing brands and CPG/natural products professionals in Austin, to host a summertime kickoff event. The event was hosted at the newly opened 20,000 square foot...

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