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16 Jan2020

From Start-Up to Shark Tank: How Ka-Pop! Found Major Growth & Success

Ka-Pop! is Ancient InGRAINed’s successful line of savory snacks that is designed to put the fun back in healthy snacking through honest ingredients and really great packaging. The brand has skyrocketed from a Colorado start-up to TV’s national spotlight on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, which will showcase Ka-Pop!'s founder Dustin Finkel on January 19th, 2020.

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23 Dec2019

How Seasonal Packaging is Enriching Sock Fancy’s Customer Experience

There’s something about seasonal and limited-edition packaging that makes each of us light up with excitement. Whether it’s Starbucks’ red cups during the holidays, Superbowl packaging, or your favorite product wrapped in a seasonal package, packaging is an incredibly powerful tool that can pique interest and evoke joy. “Packaging is another piece of canvas for your branding… when used corre...

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19 Dec2019

ePac UK Silverstone Celebrates Their Grand Opening

The ePac UK Silverstone plant celebrated its grand opening with an open house to show off its new state of the art 24,200-square-foot facility at Arrow Park in Brackley, England. The ePac team had the opportunity to meet with members of the community, local businesses, and the media to showcase the new location and let the community know about the benefits of dig...

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11 Dec2019

Seed-Based Bar Company Finds A Better Way of Ordering Packaging Through Digital Printing

Blake Sorensen grew up learning the importance of a healthy diet, but had to contend with the difficulty of finding foods that wouldn’t trigger his severe nut allergy. Unfortunately, he was often frustrated by the healthy bars, trail mixes and other snacks on the market, as most are made with nuts or produced in a facility that processes nuts. It was this frustration that later led him to tr...

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04 Dec2019

How to Extend Your Shelf Life With Flexible Packaging

As a brand owner, you know all about the many consumer benefits that have catapulted flexible packaging onto shelves in almost every market space. Its lightweight and easy to open design makes flexible packaging universally appealing, while its high-barrier properties and optional re-close features help to extend product freshness.

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26 Nov2019

Small Cacao Pouches Deliver Big Results

Andrew Dunbar has made healthy snacking a way of life with an unconventional sweet: cacao nibs.  In 2014, Dunbar was working in the healthcare industry and was looking for a change. So he decided to follow a lifelong dream of starting his own business and launched a cacao nib startup. At that time, cacao nibs were not a w...

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