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10 Jun2019

Closure Options for Your Flexible Packaging: What You Need to Know

Picture this: you’re running into your local grocery store to stock up for your annual summertime road trip to the beach with your family. Your number one goal is to find snacks for the 8-hour road trip ahead of you with your 3 children. As you stand in front of the rows of packaged snack options, flashbacks of last year’...

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30 May2019

CASE STUDY: Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy Delivers An “Open Pouch” Experience In today’s subscription box culture, one subscription brand did something unlike anyone else: they chose a pouch instead of a box for its mailed goods to deliver a truly unique experience. And

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20 May2019

How Chinese Tariffs Impact Flexible Packaging: What You Need to Know

If you’re a business owner, news of the recent tariff increase has likely made its way into your awareness. If this is news to you, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but as of Friday, May 10, 2019, a 25 percent tariff is now being imposed on nearly 6,000 categories of Chinese products imported into the ...

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09 May2019

That’s A Wrap! Wrapping Up Baked Goods for Optimum Freshness

Who doesn’t love warm, fresh-baked bread? Or, a perfectly moist cake? Bakery items are the ultimate comfort food, whether it be sweet cakes, pies, savory bagels or fresh-baked bread, we all can agree that baked goods make us feel a little bit better after a long day. To give us all that comfort we crave,

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07 May2019

Digital Printing: NOT Just for Short Runs

Have you heard the myth that digital printing is only for small businesses that only have a need to produce short runs? Well, we’re here to tell you that this just isn’t true. Digital printing is capable of producing large orders with quality, sharp and consistent graphics for a su...

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01 May2019

Packaging Lawn & Garden Products for The New Generation of Gardeners

Gardening is no longer reserved for plant enthusiasts and avid backyard gardeners.  It seems more and more people are taking up gardening in their spare time. Whether it’s a beautiful potted flower plant or lush vegetable garden, or just making sure your house has great curb appeal, it seems like everyone is planting something. And chances are if they’re not doin...

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25 Apr2019


For Iya Foods, It’s ALL About Connecting with Consumers Through Packaging Toyin Kolawole loves food. She also has a natural talent for business, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an eye for great packaging. Kolawole was born in Nigeria to an entrepreneurial family that owned several businesses, including a l...

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23 Apr2019

Premium Pet Food Packaging: Capturing The Attention of Today’s Pet Owner

The pet food market is highly competitive, with small, local, and big-name brands all sharing the same shelf. Since your packaging is the first thing people see, it should not only be functional, but innovative, too. Because of this, all brands are looking for ways to make their product, and line-up unique, to stand out in the growing segment.

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