7 Beauty Packaging Trends to Keep Your Eye On in 2022

There’s no doubt that as a long-term response to the pandemic, consumers have placed self care at the top of the priority list. An essential part of self care for a large segment of the population is the beauty category: skin care, cosmetics, hygiene products, and so much more. 

And with the pandemic, consumers are changing the way they experience new brands for the first time. They’re discovering new products from the comfort of their own homes. Beauty brands have adapted, and are meeting consumers where they are with innovative-as-ever-packaging. 

Here are 7 beauty packaging trends that are taking over the industry.

1. Bold Colors

There’s no doubt the beauty industry is married to neutrals. They’re evergreen, They never go out of style. And they portray a sleek and smooth appearance. 

But if everyone is neutral, no one is, right? 

Some brands have done away with the status quo and are eager to fill their new lines for 2022 with bold, colorful, and fun designs. Perhaps this is aligned with the actual shades of makeup that are trending this year — from bright lipsticks and hair colors, to even-colored mascara.

Thrive Causemetics, known from their unmistakable teal, are currently TikTok’s favorite brand. Source: Allure.

2. Minimalism

While bright colors are encroaching all around us, we’re seeing brands mesh this concept with minimalism. While soft palettes coincide nicely with minimalist design and always have, brands are shaking things up this year. 

New York-based international cosmetics brand Glossier is known for their minimalist packaging and storefront. They simultaneously factor in pops on color to show their fun side. After all, one of their sub logos is a smiley face.

Notice the transparency trend coming through with their facial serums as well. Source: Seventeen Magazine

3. Flat Design

Flat design is a two dimensional design created without shading, added-in glare or highlights to make images look 3D. It’s meant to do a few things at once: 1) push simplicity, 2) remain compelling and 3) communicate information quickly. 

Cosmetic packaging for small businesses often takes advantage of this trend for these reasons. It invites flexibility from a design perspective, yet remains fun and approachable from a user perspective. 

This is another trend that bleeds even outside of the beauty industry. Think complex products that have been made easier to understand, like TurboTax. Consumers are familiar with flat design and associate it with approachable products and services. 

Source: thedieline.com

4. Packaging That Feels Like Art

Brand designers and agencies alike are continually trying to break through the CPG clutter across all industries. Capturing consumers’ attention is harder than ever in the “scroll era” and trying to make a memorable mark is near impossible. 

The fourth beauty packaging trend we’re seeing is packaging that feels more and more like art. Like an actual piece of artwork, there is symbolism, illusions, hidden elements that may allude to the founding story, activism efforts, even foreshadowing hints about where the brand is heading. 

Consumers are getting smarter. They have more agency in who they choose to buy from. Retailers and brands are responding with packaging that is no longer just packaging. They’re telling stories that reveal a great deal about their brand or company. The trend is taking unique cosmetic packaging to the next level, and if brands are smart, they’ll harness this into something extremely powerful for themselves – both on the shelves and online. 

5. Airless Packaging

While this article focuses on the external factors of unique cosmetic packaging, let’s talk about an internal factor that affects it: natural ingredients. From their pantry to their bathroom, consumers are more attentive to ingredient lists than ever before. 

Airless packaging, while sleek in appearance, really serves more of a functional purpose. Products containing vitamins or natural ingredients benefit from the preservation benefits of airless packaging offers. 

Additionally, for some airless packaging, there’s visual reassurance that little to no product is wasted. Picture those sleek little stylish tubes you often see on beauty store shelves. Consumers feel like they got a stylish little package, while being resourceful with their product and packaging choices. 

6. Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging for beauty products has become a hot trend. Its pliable material, which is durable yet lightweight, can be produced into a multitude of shapes and sizes. Flexible packaging can be filled with hard to hold products, such as liquids, powders, gels and oils. 

Airtight seals from high-quality adhesives and barrier films ensure product integrity, and makes it ideal for skincare packaging. It also provides higher filling volumes than rigid containers, allowing for more product to be allocated to a smaller space and giving consumers the ability to bend and squeeze the packaging in order to make use of every last drop.

7. Revealing Packaging

Let’s talk about a trend many brands, not only in the beauty industry, are using. Some of the best skincare packaging displays their product to intrigue consumers. The packaging gives them a figurative taste of the product, communicating transparency and confidence. Buyers feel even better about purchases, especially new products. 

Some beauty products, like foundation and concealer, almost require transparent packaging so consumers can more accurately match it to their skin tone. 

At the same time, revealing packaging sets an invisible bar for consumers. The sneak peek you give them makes them expect higher quality. Consumers have gotten smarter and are tired of being misled. Revealing packaging forces you to stick to your word.

The Bottom Line

From minimalism and works of art, to airless options and packaging that actually shows the product, beauty packaging is taking innovative, consumer-driven directions in 2022. 

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable, beautiful, flexible packaging for cosmetics and beauty products, contact us and we’ll help you decide on the best direction for your brand.

Crud Cloth Introduces a “Shower in A Bag”

In 2018, Tim White, an avid mountain biker, decided he was tired of cleaning up after long rides using wipes that were too thin, over-scented, and didn’t really work. What he really needed was a washcloth and some water. 

This gave White an idea. He created that combination (with soap) in a vacuum-sealed portable pouch, and turned it into a company and product called Crud Cloth, an instant “shower in a bag.”

Crud Cloth, the Shower in a Bag

Crud Cloth, a company that is gaining national attention, is a full-sized washcloth and soap pod packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag. To use, consumers smack the soapy water pod inside to release the mixture and squeeze the cloth and soap together to create a faux shower anywhere they find themselves dirty without any way to wash up.

Today consumers can choose from five different scents in handy pouches they can throw in their bag for use after a bike ride on the trails, a sweaty run, or even on a backpacking trip.

Then and Now

White started the company in September 2018 in Duluth, Minnesota. While there are competitors in the space, White says Crud Cloth is the only brand doing a full-sized washcloth.

“That’s our secret sauce and how we give people that shower experience on the road,” said White.

At first White and his family were making and packaging all of the product themselves, including filling the pouches and pasting the labels. 

At First, White and his family packaged everything themselves.

“Until our volume got to where we needed custom bags, we printed labels and applied them to bags we bought online. Our family was making them all ourselves, applying both front and back labels. But our product looked homemade and wasn’t getting the respect we deserved,” said White.

As the brand grew, orders took off and White and his family had to find a better solution than hand packing the product themselves. 

“We couldn’t sustain it by ourselves; our orders were getting too big, and we couldn’t keep up with demand. We needed custom printed bags and we needed a lot of them,” said White. Then in 2020, another Duluth-based brand recommended ePac to help with the brand’s packaging needs, and thus the partnership with ePac began. Today, Crud Cloth  is packaged in a 5”x7” lay-flat pouch featuring a clear window and reseal zipper. The pouches are printed with a gloss finish in different colors for each SKU in the line-up.

ePac helped Crud Cloth look great on retail shelves.

“The new package allowed us to be taken more seriously. You can’t be on the shelf in a retail location with a homemade bag,” said White.

And as the brand grew, so did its distribution. Crud Cloth is available online at the brand’s website, on Amazon, and at local bike shops in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and parts of Michigan. The cloth has also been purchased by charities for disaster relief and has recently been used in a new segment: subscription boxes. 

The new package allowed us to be taken more seriously. You can’t be on the shelf in a retail location with a homemade bag

Tim White, CEO & Founder, Crud Cloth

Partnering with ePac

ePac has helped Crud Cloth keep up with demand, maintain production, and take the package to the next level with fully custom pouches.

“ePac helped us keep up with demand with a more respectable and professional looking package,” said White. 

It has helped the brand further resonate with its customers, both new and old.

“Every step along the way we’ve had feedback from customers about the product and the packaging. We’ve had our packaging reviewed by our customers to be sure they liked it. I believe in involving them every step of the way… then you know you have a product that can sell on Amazon,” said White.

Tim White, CEO and Founder of Crud Cloth.

Crud Cloth customers love the new packaging and the quality of the pouch, colors, and the resealable function. 

White says a big part of the package design is the clear window front and center on the pouch so consumers can see the cloth and soap pod inside. He said one challenge has been getting consumers to understand what the product is as well as to build brand awareness with various consumer groups. 

“The packaging has helped spread our message of being a single-use washcloth, not a wipes product. The clear window shows the product and the soap bubble pod, along with the washcloth inside,” said White.

With digital printing, Crud Cloth is able to sell its product in custom pouches with features like a clear window, gloss finish, and reseal zipper, along with photo-quality graphics, all with a short turnaround and low order minimum. 

“Before reaching out to ePac I was looking at a more traditional package printer that wanted to charge me plate fees and had only a very static design process. This didn’t work for me. We knew we weren’t going to get the bag design right away. And in fact we change the design constantly to evolve and get better,” said White.

Without any plate fees, customers like Crud Cloth can enjoy the freedom to create as many SKUs as they like and make changes to the design should there be a change in soap formulation or a logo redesign.“We’ve thought about doing special scents for special occasions, or maybe co-branding opportunities and luckily that idea fits in well with ePac’s digital printing platform,” said White.

Wabi Whiffs Launches Discreet Pouches for On-The-Go Toilet Odor Elimination

Wabi Whiffs is the playful yet functional toilet odor eliminator company founded by sisters Donna and Debbie Seeman. The powders and tablets work to neutralize odors instantly, adding color, glitter, and fragrance to the toilet bowl. The formulas are made with septic-safe chemicals, biodegradable glitter, cosmetic colorants, and natural essential oils.

The duo runs the company out of a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina where they do all the blending, formulating, and packaging of the products. Wabi Whiffs are available in all 50 states, in boutiques, gift shops, and in select Ace Hardware stores, as well as on the company website.

The Story Behind the Whiffs

Donna Seeman says she made the toilet odor eliminators for her sister Debbie, who was having gut issues due to her gallbladder. Trying to alleviate the embarrassment surrounding having to use the restroom frequently, Seeman came up with a way that would make these visits odorless. 

“Our products eliminate all bathroom odors, and they are discreet in low-profile pouches. No more anxiety or embarrassment. Just sprinkle it in and it’s done. Plus, they are fun and they smell so good,” said Donna Seeman, Co-Founder.

In addition to helping those with medical issues, the sisters wanted to launch a fun product that featured playful language, bright colors, and glitter to make the product more than a bathroom essential.

“There is definitely a medical side to the product. It can help those with poor gut health, Crohn’s disease, and any other bathroom issue. But you don’t have to have a problem to use the product. It’s a fun product for everyone to use,” said Seeman. 

Launching the Bathroom Odor Eliminators 

Wabi Whiffs first launched in July 2019 when Donna and Debbie introduced the product at the AmericasMart Gift Show. There, they showcased the loose powders in 200g jars, featuring five different scents. 

“It wasn’t very exciting and we didn’t get a lot of orders, but we met some amazing people, and got great feedback. It was clear we needed a change,” said Seeman.

So, in three weeks, the duo overhauled the entire line. They created 17 unique scents, added glitter and color, and created tablets (or ‘bombs’). In addition, they added an on-the-go, single-serve product that quickly became one of their best sellers. 

“Creating an on-the-go product was important because of Debbie’s issue of having to use the restroom frequently, and not always at home,” said Seeman. 

According to the duo, their competitors in the bathroom odor elimination space had liquid products that didn’t transport well and were prone to leaking, so they wanted to create a powder in a single-serve pouch that would be easy to pack in a pocket or purse. And it wasn’t just Debbie who enjoyed the on-the-go option.

“So many people call and tell us about their health issues, and how the product has helped them. Also, people would come up to us at the show and show us that they were carrying a full-size bottle of our competitor’s liquid product and then they threw it in the trash. They were so happy to have a more discreet solution that wouldn’t leak or spill,” said Seeman. 

Discovering the Packaging Solution 

To create the small, single-serve flexible bags, Wabi Whiffs began looking for a supplier that could accommodate short runs, and print the bags quickly. While exploring some options with suppliers that required high minimums for each SKU, they were faced with having to pick and choose which scents to run. 

Not wanting to sacrifice their line-up, Donna and Debbie knew they needed a better solution— digital printing with ePac. 

ePac creates the master resealable pouch that holds 10 single-serve tear open pouches inside.

“The quality is outstanding! With digital printing, we can keep all our SKUs, and run all of them in low quantities,” said Seeman.

Equipped with the new single-serve, on-the-go pouches, Wabi Whiffs relaunched the brand in January 2020 at the AmericasMart Gift Show with a new full line-up of powders, and odor eliminating toilet bombs with the new scents, colors and glitter. They quickly saw what a hit the new pouches were and were even approached by The View, asking to showcase the brand on their television show. 

Obviously, this was a big break for the small brand; however, the brand had run into a problem with the finished product. The gases from the chemicals inside the pouch were expanding, leading to bloating in all 30,000 bags that the company ordered. To alleviate the pressure of the gases, the duo pin-pricked each one by hand. But, needing a larger inventory in anticipation of the show airing in the fall, they knew that hand-pricking each one was not an option. 

Going back to ePac, Seeman asked if the company had a solution. And they did: ePac worked with a partner that was able to perforate each pouch so that the product could breathe, eliminating the bloating problem. 

“It is so important to work with people who understand substrates and different materials for a project. ePac was so knowledgeable about what we would need to make the package a success,” said Seeman.

After fixing the bloating issue, the next challenge was ordering enough product in a tight turnaround. And with ePac’s unique digital printing technology, the brand was able to place an order of 200,000 pouches and get them fast, in time for The View’s airing in late September. 

The Power of Packaging 

Choosing ePac and digital printing wasn’t solely about getting the toilet bomb packaging printed quickly. Seeman said that she wanted to have an interactive toilet bomb packaging design in a pouch with a clear window that would showcase each color and the visible glitter throughout.

“We really wanted the packaging to be fun and nice enough to leave out when guests come,” said Seeman.

ePac uses only high-quality films and digital printing technology for precise, high-impact graphics and colors. Brands of all sizes have the power to print various SKUs, choose from a variety of films and package sizes, and work with a local supplier for their custom lay flat pouches.

“Digital printing is so good for small companies that want to try something new, like new flavors or new scents. And since the minimum orders are more about price points, instead of quantities, we are able to mix and match SKUs and have short runs for multiple fragrances,” said Seeman. 

Looking for the right flexible packaging packaging partner that can accommodate short runs, a fast turnaround, and deliver high-impact graphics on custom stand up pouches? Call us today! 

Adding This One Thing to Your Health + Beauty Product Packaging Can Boost Sales

Walk down the beauty aisles in your local Target or drug store, and you’ll find a plethora of glass bottles, vials, plastic tubes, bottles, and jars. For years, these package formats have been home to beauty products of all kinds — everything from makeup to soaps to lotions to specialty oils and powders.

As more beauty products are added to the shelves and even more find their way to consumers via e-commerce sites and online subscription programs, brands are faced with the age-old question: how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and attract new customers?

Not only that but, how do we attract new customers and make them loyal fans?

Aside from producing a great product, you must first attract your customer with great packaging. In fact, your package is often times the very first thing a customer sees. Regardless of what size business you run, you know how valuable the right package is for your brand.  

While bottles and jars are the go-to for beauty products, flexible packaging in the shape of stand up pouches and pillow pouches are gaining popularity. They are lightweight and durable, offering a multitude of shapes and sizes, and can be filled with hard to hold product such as liquids, powders, and gels—all of which are perfect for the beauty industry. Not to mention the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly than the glass jar and plastic bottle counterparts.

Adding flexible packaging into your product line-up can get your goods into more hands, and satisfy some big consumer trends emerging in the beauty industry today, all to boost sales.

Flexible Packaging Gets Your Beauty Products in More Hands

Flexible packaging is the ideal package format for single-serving and samples in flex sticks, small pouches, and sachets. Sample-sized packages enable consumers to test out the product before they buy, introduces them to your brand, and when distributed correctly, simply gets your brand and product in front of more eyes. Shoppers of all ages love the ‘try before you buy’ approach to higher-end products. The single-serve format is also easy to open, apply, and toss, making them easy to use.

Flexible packaging also delivers convenience to the travel-sized product market, making them easy to pack, be it on an airplane or out on the town. These airplane-friendly, lightweight packages are ideal for packing in a suitcase, or purse, or even gym bag, briefcase or locker. They’re easy to open, use, reseal when applicable, and take up less space than rigid containers. Pouches also allow for more product removal than rigid containers and allow for a high filling volume to get more product into a smaller space.

Single-serving and small-sized packaging is a growing industry trend. Many health and beauty brands are recognizing the benefits of the stand-up pouch for items like collagen supplements and liquid hand soap refills because they’re lightweight, unbreakable, and resealable to prevent leaks or spills.

Flexible Packaging Ensures Product Integrity

Because efficacy is so important to many skincare products, an airtight seal is critical to ensure product integrity and prevent contamination. Pouches are formed with an airtight seal to do just that and can be equipped with tear notches, spouts, or resealable zippers to preserve the active ingredients inside.

Of course, integrity is important, but so is convenience, and flexible packaging delivers this to beauty and health consumers by offering these products to consumers where they’re at, oftentimes on the go. Flexible packaging will help you reach a larger consumer base by allowing you to offer your product in multiple sizes and shapes for frequent travelers, curious shoppers, and those with a busy lifestyle.

Bottom line: Consumers want their products to be effective and be easy to handle, or use. The right packaging ensures that the product does both.

Flexible Packaging Gives You More Room for Design

Pouches definitely give consumers convenience, and they offer something small vials and bottles can’t: real estate. With a flat pouch, you have more space for branding, your logo, product description, usage, and graphics than with a small bottle.

From daily dose and single-use packets to stand-up pouches with press-to-close zippers and tear notches, the printable area is larger than many other packaging options.

Digital pouch printing offers high-definition graphics on packaging of all sizes. Different finishes can be combined onto the same printed area, enhancing the product’s appearance. As the printing is applied directly on the pouch, there are no additional labels or shrink sleeves needed.

Flexible isn’t going to replace glass and plastic in the beauty industry, but it does deserve space on the beauty shelf as it delivers more package sizes and style options to please more consumers. By adding flexible into your product line-up, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience by satisfying current lifestyle trends like increased travel and on-the-go activities.

When designing your health or beauty package, have you considered adding flexible packaging to your line-up? Contact us today to learn more about how digitally printed flexible packaging can boost your beauty project sales.