Custom Resealable Pouches: 4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Packaging

Brands of all sizes know that a great package speaks volumes for your brand. The right package attracts buyers, extends shelf life, and even boosts consumer engagement.

Whether you’re launching a new product or undergoing a package design overhaul, consider using custom resealable pouches to get the most from your packaging. 

Every small stop a customer makes either cruising the aisles, at the farmer’s market, or online is your chance to stand out. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to grab a customer’s attention with the most effective way there is: packaging that stands out from the pack.

1. Elevate Your Brand with Custom Pouches

A lot of companies just starting out use those tried-and-true stock bags. You know the ones, they’re plain brown paper bags.

Or the clear plastic ones affixed with labels/stickers for your product’s packaging that lets the customer know you exist, but don’t say much else.

These options certainly do the job of housing and protecting your product when you’re starting out and selling your product locally at community stores, farmer’s markets, etc. 

But here’s the thing, stock bags work on a smaller scale, but they, unfortunately, don’t allow you to compete with the big brands on shelves.

So, let’s fix that.

Custom pouches elevate and legitimize your brand. This type of A+ level custom packaging sends a clear message to consumers that what’s inside is a quality product. 

With the use of various films and film properties, like matte, gloss, or clear, you can take advantage of how these all best highlight your product and differentiate your brand. 

For example, a clear window allows you to show off your product to curious shoppers, while matte film offers a tactile consumer experience. The move from stock bags to custom pouches reflects your brand’s growth and readiness to reach for a wider consumer base.

Picking a look for how you wish to represent the brand is an easy but effective way to let a customer know exactly what you do, but also that you’re offering a quality product.

2. Full Coverage Design Capability

One of the notable benefits of custom resealable pouch packaging is that they can provide what a stock bag and sticker can’t: all over design. You’re no longer limited by the size of the sticker. You can use your brand colors, design, and messaging on every inch of the pouch (even on the bottom of the gusset!) for 360° branding. You’re also in control when it comes to to the size and shape of the pouch, as well as which user features to include – the design is all up to you. 

And according to Nielsen, package design is one of the most effective marketing levers, working hard to capture attention and ultimately, drive purchase. Nielsen reports that 64% of consumers try a new product because the package catches their eye, and 41% will continue to purchase a product because they prefer its packaging.

3. Extend Shelf Life and Reduce Waste

Consumers love resealable packaging. It’s actually one of the top three packaging attributes of flexible packaging rated by consumers, according to the Flexible Packaging Association.

Moisture and oxygen threaten the freshness of many food items, and when present can cause the product to become stale, or even moldy.

Flexible packaging that features a reseal closure, like a zipper allows users to securely close the pouch, keeping oxygen out and freshness in.

And consumers love that the food item maintains its freshness over several uses and also allows them to take the package on the go, without the risk of the resealable product bags spilling open. 

For products that you wouldn’t want to get into the hands of children, such as nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, or lawn and garden supplies, there is the option to have tamper-proof resealable bags.

These child-resistant bags are easy for adults to open and reseal, but hard for children to find their way into.

Resealable pouch packaging has many benefits and these are just some of them that can affect how your brand attacks the market on a consistent basis.

In addition, flexible packaging helps to extend your food product’s shelf life using the use of high-quality barrier film that works to efficiently block oxygen transmission, water vapor, and light from contacting your product. The high barrier film and reseal closure in custom pouches work together to keep your product fresh on store and pantry shelves longer. 

4. Full Customization and Personalization

Ordering digitally printed resealable bags helps you to compete with big brands, regardless of the size of your business, by giving you the tools to truly customize your packaging. Digital printing allows you to create incredible graphics with photo-like quality while ordering custom pouches gives you the opportunity for differentiation and customization.

Digital pouch printing also allows you to print multiple SKUs within one order, meaning that you can add new flavors, ingredients, and designs with ease. Interested in breaking into a new market? With digitally printed custom pouches, you can modify your packaging’s messaging with ease so your brand can launch new products into the market quicker.

Plus, digitally printing with a custom packaging company allows for experimentation – no matter the company’s size. That’s a big win for small company’s A/B testing what works and what doesn’t. 

When the markets are as competitive as they are right now, getting the edge is everything, even if the red resealable pouch outsells the blue resealable pouch. Because there are no plate fees, a change is made with a file upload at no additional cost, which is a game-changer for those on a budget.

Partner with a Custom Resealable Bag Expert

Ready to learn more about how digitally printed custom resealable pouches are the solution for your brand?

The resealable pouch is the class move that is time-tested and consumers love it. So what not create custom resealable bag that will get products moving and registers ringing?

Whether you’re launching a new product or going through a package design overhaul, we have flexible packaging solutions that can help build your brand. Give us a call today, or click here to get a free quote. 

We’re ready to help your company rise to the occasion and dominate the market. We’ve got the bags; you’ve got the brains.

Anatomy of a Flexible Pouch

There’s a gigantic world to choose from when deciding on the perfect flexible pouch for your brand. Our options are endless and with the power of the internet – but also farmers markets and the imagination – the ecosystem for what someone can do is endless. 

With so many options on the shelves, there’s an endless supply of ways to customize something like a plow bottom pouch, or a skirt seal pouch, to appeal to every type of customer – everything is up for grabs and you know what? That’s a great thing for your business. 

Knowing what options are available is the X-factor in taking a product from OK to awesome. 

Your packaging is arguably just as important as your product. You want to make sure that you are getting exactly what your product needs to protect that special granola mix, or your scientifically enhanced sports drink powder. 

Promoting the brand in a way that’s natural and effective is the key from breaking sales in the hundreds to the thousands and beyond. 

  • What exactly goes into the construction of a great pouch and how can you be sure you’re choosing the best options? 
  • What’s the best way to navigate the murky waters of so many options out there that are equal in ways to stand out from the rest of the pack? 

We put our heads together and crafted a list that showcases all the ins and outs of what stand up pouches can do for your business.

Read on to learn about the pouch anatomy and what will work best for your product.

Features to Look for In Flexible Pouches

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: design matters from the details to the color scheme. 

If you’re packaging liquids, the gusseted bottom is helpful because the bottoms expand as liquid is poured into it, without losing its ability to maintain its quality.

Pay attention to what makes for functional design, but also what keeps customers happy. Things like: 

  • Hanging Holes
  • Ergonomic Handle –heavy duty with grips 
  • Closable options, round corners
  • Ability to stand once filled
  • Optional poke hole for straw
  • At least three layers: (PET, MET-PET,PE)
  • A stable bottom 
  • High durability
  • Leakage proof

Benefits of Using Flexible Pouches

1. They’re easier for transporting and storing 

Traveling tends to break or damage goods if someone isn’t handling packages with care. 

Pouches are an ideal solution because they are typically lightweight, which reduces shipping costs. 

Another big win is that they are easy to stack for storage purposes, along with are typically resealable. 

2. They’re eco-friendly 

People care about being green. Finding small ways to be impactfully sustainable is on a lot of minds right now and pouches are a big go-to because pouches can be resealed or used to store other products. In some countries, some pouches are even recyclable or biodegradable. 

Digitally Printed Flexible Pouches

The thing about how your packaging looks is that it’s your brand, how it feels in someone’s hands, the look, the feel – your reputation. Your product packaging needs to reflect that. If you want to stop customers in their tracks, it starts with how the product looks.

Consider all the things a digital company can do for you – seriously. There’s the upfront value-add of choosing the pouch:

  • This type of packaging locks in freshness 
  • Durable, protective layers, that are constructed from tough plastics to protect against light, air and moisture
  • The pouch comes in different sizes, which also maximizes space 
  • Heat-sealable to ensure in quality which gives your goods a longer shelf-life
  • Customizable to the customer’s need 
  • Low cost 
  • A workable minimum order workflow that helps businesses of every size 

Flexible Pouch Design

Let’s kick this off by checking out the different variations of flexible packaging pouches you can choose from:

Stand Up Pouches

One of the most well known and popular types of flexible pouches is the stand-up pouch. This pouch is fully formed with a bottom designed to allow the pouch to “stand up” on the shelf. You can find a variety of different products packaged in stand up pouches, including snacks like chips, nuts and granola, as well as frozen foods and jerky.

Types of stand up pouches include:

  • Gusseted Pouches
    • Side gusseted pouches 
    • Bottom gusseted pouches
    • Doyen Pouch (also known as Round Bottom or Doypack) 
    • K-Seal Pouch
    • Plough Bottom Pouch (also referred to as Corner Bottom, plow Bottom or Folded Bottom)  
  • Flat Bottom Pouch
  • Retort Pouch
  • Shaped Pouch 

Lay Flat Pouches

Another style is the lay flat pouch, or pillow pouch, which is a fully formed pouch that is designed to lay flat. 

The main types of lay flat pouches include: 

  • Pillow Pouches
  • 3-Side Seal Pouches
  • Stick Pack Pouches

With stand up and lay flat pouches, the fully formed pouches are created and then shipped to brands for filling and sealing. Rollstock, on the other hand, is engineered film that is sent to brands where they (or their co-packer) would then place it on a form-fill-seal packaging machine to form the pouch. 

This is one of the most popular ways to create flexible packaging for pouches.

Pouch Seals

Next, let’s move to the seal, or the closure of the pouch. All pouches are sealed to keep the package closed and secure. While there are many different reclose options available, a reclose zipper is not always necessary, especially if the pouch is not meant to be consumed over multiple uses. In that case, the top of the pouch can be either cold or heat sealed to deliver a secure seal for shipping and storage. If a reclose seal is needed for your pouch, there are several options to suit any project:


A press-to-close zipper is a great choice due to its popularity with consumers. Zippers render the package resealable, and work great for many types of pouches, including both stand up and lay flat styles. Zippers help to preserve the freshness of the product inside, offer consumer convenience, and prevent spills.

A zipper enclosure is one of the most popular pouch types on the market, due to its durability, but also its dependability.

Powder-Proof Zipper

This type of zipper further aids in consumer convenience, and includes a special feature that helps to keep loose products like flour, sugar, and other powders away from the zipper area, and back into the bag. This type of bag that consumers can open and close the package easily multiple times, without the powder clogging up the zipper track. 

Child-Resistant Zipper

An effective child-resistant zipper makes the package difficult for children under five to open, yet easy enough for adults. They are used in many different markets like pharmaceuticals, supplements, herbal medicines, and household cleaners. A properly certified child-resistant closure is the safest and most functional way to ensure that a reclosable, flexible package meets the requirements for special packaging as stated in the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act. 

Flexible Pouch Bottom Styles

Since we’ve covered a lot of the basics up top, let’s move to the bottom, or base, of the flexible pouch. There are a variety of different bottom gusset styles for stand-up pouches, including:

Doyen Seal

Doyen is a common bottom gusset style in which the u-shaped seal reinforces a large area of the pouch by sealing the front and back panels to the bottom gusset. It enables light weight products to stand up since the bottom seal acts as “feet” for the pouch.


A K-Seal is characterized by a K-style seal at the corners, and a flat bottom seal across the bottom edges of the pouch. 

This is one of the more popular designs when it comes to flexible packaging.

Corner/Plough (Plow) Bottom Style

This style of a plow bottom pouch is typically recommended for heavy items. There is no seal on the bottom of the pouch, only along the corners of the bottom, thus the product sits directly on the bottom of the pouch. 

If you’re looking to store big, bulky items for the long haul, this is a perfect option when coupled with bag layers and thickness.

Skirt Seal

Lastly, the skirt seal pouch refers to a bottom gusset seal that appears “skirted.” Skirt refers to the portion of a bag between the bottom seal and the bottom edge of the bag.

Here is a visual representation of the different flexible pouch bottom styles:

*ePac does not produce doyen-style pouches, only plow bottom, k-seal and skirt seal pouches.

Barriers + Finishes for Flexible Pouches

The protective barrier of the pouch, or the barrier, preserves and protects the contents of the package to maintain freshness, extend shelf life, and prevent damage to the contents. Flexible barrier packaging is generally made from laminated layers or multiple layers of barrier films. Depending on the product you are packaging, your barrier needs will vary. A specific combination of flexible plastics, aluminum, paper, and coating is chosen to create the right barrier protection for the application. There are a variety of different barrier options for moisture, oxygen, and scent protection, blocking these from entering or exiting the package. 

In addition to the pouch barrier, brands can also customize their pouches with finishes. The finish of a pouch are what impact the look and feel of the pouch. Popular finishes include glossy, matte, metalized and soft-touch matte. 

In addition to the pouch barrier, brands can also customize their pouches with finishes. The finish of a pouch is what impacts the look and feel of the pouch. 

Popular finishes include glossy, matte, metalized and soft-touch matte. 

Check your local grocery store for the finishes you think are attractive – that’s a small way to pick and choose, but also make a direct impact on what you’d like to stand out against the market with your packaging. 

Pouch Options / Add Ons

The final part in our pouch anatomy includes the optional add-ons for a pouch. Let’s dive into the most common options for pouches.

We keep talking about the details, the little things that set brands apart and these are those kinds of options consumers care about.

Hang Holes  

Adding a hang hole to your pouch allows for easy retailing. It enables the pouch to hang on a wall or display, for maximum visibility, instead of placing it on the shelf, an important consideration specifically for lay-flat pouches. Hang holes are commonly used on small bags and grab & go bags sold at the point of sale, or in convenience stores. Brands can choose a traditional round hole or a sombrero hole, depending on the needs of the project. 

Tear Notches

Tear notches are small indentations in the film that sit directly below the heat/cold seal area. They aid in consumer convenience because they help users open the package more easily. The notches signal to consumers where to start the tear and then allows them to easily rip the top of the pouch without much force or the use of scissors. If you’re selling road trip snacks, this is the go-to move.


Most flexible packaging applications can be equipped with a transparent or cloudy window, which is a great way to allow consumers to see the contents inside. Windows are gaining in popularity as more brands place emphasis on transparency. Windows can be clouded or clear, based on the type of film chosen for the project. 

A lot of snack brands love the window design, especially if the product is something bright and colorful like candy or natural like granola, nuts, or seeds.

Partnering With a Trusted Flexible Packaging Provider

As you can see, flexible pouch packaging consists of many parts, layers,  features, and add-ons that are customizable for a variety of products. There are many considerations for creating flexible packaging, and our team of flexible packaging experts is here to work with you to create the best flexible retail packaging for your specific project.

We’ve worked with a lot of companies around the globe, so we can show specific examples of what worked to make a company shine. We’d love to help your business do the same. 

Our sales team is highly skilled at knowing how to best advocate for businesses as they’re scaling into new territory from packaging choice to design, or helping walk through complicated processes. 

Have questions? If there’s anything you want to know about flexible packaging or how a stand up pouch can take your business to the next level, let’s talk. Give us a call or request a free quote and we will help you get started with our digital pouch printing and flexible packaging solutions

We’re passionate about helping businesses of every size see their business goals become a reality.

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Digital Printing: NOT Just for Short Runs

Stop us if you’ve heard this: “only small businesses use digital printing.”

That big companies’ print runs must be done with plates, and every tried-and-true method of printing flexible packaging is written in stone. 

Here’s the thing, that’s totally false. Any company can harness digital power when printing custom resealable bags. 

Think about how you’re reading this – digitally. 

Think about how every facet of our lives has been reshaped by going digital. 

Printing is no different. Digital printing can produce large orders with quality, sharp and consistent graphics for a superior package.

It’s no secret that the right package goes a long way to boost your brand’s success. 

This involves collaborating with great artists to craft the best design, source the right materials, and figure out the printing process to get the job done right. 

Whether you’re a small business just starting out in the garage or basement, pumping out the chips that could conceivably take on Doritos, or a Fortune 500 brand trying to behave like a small, agile brand, you know how important it is to work with a supplier that can deliver high-quality work while delivering record turnaround times.

Finding the perfect partner is the trick. 

Innovative businesses should work with a collaborator that can leverage their digital printing prowess to work for businesses of all sizes. 

When looking for the X-factor in resealable pouch packaging, working with the right company is one of the critical keys to forging a long-run flexible packaging partnership that leverages innovative technology paired with best-in-class customer service.

The Power of Digital Print for Brands of All Sizes

The technology that is already disrupting the consumer-packaged goods space is none other than digital printing. With digital printing, you get unmatched accuracy, and the highest print quality available, all with fast turnaround. Whether you’re a small business looking to print small orders, or a large company looking to print large runs on a consistent basis, digital printing offers an ideal solution. But, the first things first, what is digital printing and how does it work?

Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media (or packaging substrates). Digital printing offers a solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to do shorter runs, or larger businesses looking to utilize the power of digital for unique campaigns and promotions.

Conventional printing involves creating a printing plate for each design, SKU or offering. 

Offset, gravure, and flexography are the most common types of conventional printing in the packaging space, and each involves transferring the image from a plate to the surface. 

Because of this, these techniques leave you with lengthy plate set-up time and fees, large order minimums, and a slow turnaround. 

And what do all these things equate to? Time and money. Going old school can’t compete with digital printing. And here’s why:

Benefits of Long Run Digital Printing

With long run digital printing, all of that is avoided, and orders are delivered – fast. And, with digital printing, you control the quantity. Some months it may be high, others lower; you pick the quantity based on demand, seasonal packaging, a specific campaign, or target markets. With digital printing, the complexity is removed from the flexible packaging ordering, streamlining the process, and getting you back to running your business. 

Whatever the demand of the market or the business, utilizing digital printing for your resealable pouches could see some breakthroughs for whatever it is that you’re selling.

Beyond the Convenience of Digital Print For Long Runs

Large and small companies alike know that great design can make or break the promotion of your product. Because of that, long run packaging printing consistently creates high-quality, clear and colorful graphics, be it with small, medium or large runs. The quality of graphics exceeds that of conventional printing methods, is capable of matching existing product lines, and registers perfectly for every image printed. What’s more, digital printing technology gives you the freedom of personalization for customized packaging and messaging for your brand to reach target markets.

Customization and personalization opportunities that aren’t possible with conventional print give brands, large and small, the chance to set their packaging apart with consumers. One can’t not smile when seeing their name of a Coca Cola bottle, and digital print makes this level of personalization available.

Variable printing, brand authentication, track and trace, augmented reality, and customer engagement imaging is all possible with digital print. The potential is nearly endless when it comes to digital, especially for large brands looking to broaden their reach and market in new, innovative ways. Low minimum orders also allow for such shorter-run packaging campaigns, promotions, and seasonal specials with the concern of excess or unneeded inventory or large cash flow being tied up in specialty packaging.

Short Run Vs Long Run Digital Printing

Customization and personalization opportunities that aren’t possible with conventional print give brands, large and small, the chance to set their packaging apart with consumers. 

One can’t not smile when seeing their name splashed across a Coca Cola bottle – digital printing makes this level of personalization available. That’s why it’s so alluring: anything is possible. 

Because changes can happen on the fly, or making a name change or a tweak isn’t a major expense, companies can shoot to the moon with their creativity.

Variable printing, brand authentication, track and trace, augmented reality, and customer engagement imaging is all doable with digital print. 

The potential is endless when it comes to businesses changing how they print, especially for large brands looking to broaden their reach and market in new, innovative ways. 

Low minimum orders also allow for such shorter-run packaging campaigns, promotions, and seasonal specials (everyone loves Christmas and Halloween packaging) keeping in mind the concern of excess or unneeded inventory or large cash flow being tied up in specialty packaging.

Digital Print is Clean & Simple

And while digital may seem more complex than the conventional route, digital is the simpler and cleaner method of package printing. In fact, our digital workflow paired with the efficiency of the digital press has finished packaging in your hands quickly (5-15 business days) and with a significantly lower environmental impact.

Are you a large company that hasn’t yet considered that digital printing could press the gas on how fast your order quantities can be released? 

Or inversely, maybe you’re a small company that didn’t think you could afford the quality that digital printing technology offers? 

Let us help you change your resealable pouch game. Either way, if you’re still not sure that digital is right for you, let’s talk.

Our sales team has seen it all. They’re pros at working within budgets, no matter the size of the company or the location where the company sits. 

Plus, you’ll get a free quote with no strings attached. Let us show you how ePac Flexibles can partner with you to help you start, or grow, your brand today.

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7 Advantages of Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging

Regardless of the size of your company, digitally printed flexible packaging has a variety of benefits over conventional printing methods like offset, gravure, and flexographic. There are many differences between digital and conventional printing, and while traditional print is a great choice for many brands, there are several advantages to choosing digitally printed flexible packaging. Digital printing for flexible packaging is the smart move, it’s faster, involves way less headaches and if you need to make a change, that’s ok. 

Read on to learn the seven advantages of digital printing and how it can help your company level up with a lot less effort.

1. Turnaround time is cut in half, and then some. 

With digital printing, there are never any plates to create or set up. This means once the digital file is sent over, your project is ready to print in minutes instead of the days or weeks it would take to create and set up the plates for each package design. And, when you partner with a local digital printing manufacturer, shipping time is significantly decreased, so you get your packaging fast. In some cases, it’s the difference between getting your order in days, instead of months.

2.  You have the ability to print multiple SKUs in a single run. 

For smaller brands looking to print less of each SKU, this is the game changer of digital printing flexible packaging. Because there are no plates, multiple SKUs can run at once so brands can combine multiple SKUs into one order, or one print run. No matter if you have 3 designs or 300, digital printing has got you covered, and all in one order.

3. You can make changes to your packaging design on the fly. 

Since there are no plates, there is no lengthy or costly set up when a change needs to be made to the design. It’s just a new file, so you can make tweaks to your packaging design file without the headache, cost, and delay associated with the creation of new plates. If your ingredient list changes, you get a new certification, or even if you change your logo, you can easily adjust your design file and start printing the updated design immediately.

For a lot of smaller companies, they experiment with the look, feel, and brand identity. Sometimes, what was brainstormed initially doesn’t work for digital flexible packaging. Maybe it’s the logo, maybe it’s the colors, but whatever the case may be, by going digital, it’s as simple as uploading a new file rather than creating a whole new plate, which is never cheap and worse, never fast.

4. You only have to print what you need, when you need it. 

This allows you to respond to market demand in real time. And, with digital flexible packaging, short and medium runs are possible, so you can print to demand and avoid having excessive inventory. This allows you to keep more cash in your business while decreasing the risk of obsolescence and excess inventory, both of which can cost you more than you may realize.

Maybe your company is experimenting with the idea of trying out some new markets, or maybe breaking out from just the internet and into the local farmer’s markets. By embracing digital for flexible packaging, that small move can have a momentous impact.

5. Short run, seasonal, and promotional packaging is possible with digital printing. 

This is a game changer if your brand is experimenting with marketing and packaging for the holidays. Maybe you’re trying a small batch run of something for Christmas or Halloween, this is a good way to see if the concept works without spending a ton.

Brands of all sizes can take advantage of short runs for seasonal and promotional packaging when you don’t want to place a large order. This allows you to try packaging for target markets, come up with a fun, limited time promotion, or create seasonal packaging for any holiday or season you can imagine. With no plates and short runs, you are not limited to how many SKUs you can create.

6. Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods. 

In fact, digitally printed flexible packaging adds even more sustainable benefits, overall, including:

  • Custom flexible packaging uses fewer natural resources and energy to manufacture and transport than other package formats and generates fewer CO2 emissions.  
  • Flexible packaging, when it comes to food packaging printing, also reduces food waste by extending the shelf life of the product inside.
  • Digital printing packaging also produces fewer emissions and less energy consumption than traditional printing. 
  • The HP Indigo 20000 printing press is a carbon neutral machine used in all our plants. Learn more about the environmental benefits of our press here.
  • With no printing plates, there is less materials needed to set up. 
  • Customers can order to demand, which means less inventory potentially being wasted, since obsolete packaging usually ends up in our landfills.
  • Lastly, digitally printed sustainable packaging is also an option! Brands have the ability to add a recyclable pouch or post consumer recycled (PCR) rollstock to their product line up.

7. Digital printing has capabilities like none other. 

For instance, Variable Data Printing (VDP) is made possible only by digital packaging technology. Brands can take advantage of creating customized and personalized packaging on each package printed, or the track and trace capabilities.  This technology helps customers enhance product shelf presence, create digital consumer engagement (like QR codes), and guard against counterfeiting, as well as provide the ability to track products from cradle to grave.  

Partnering with a Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging Manufacturer 

By choosing digital printing for flexible packaging, you will benefit from a slew of different advantages, especially when compared to traditional print. If you’re curious about what digital print could do for your brand, give us a call or click here to receive a free quote. We’d love to show you some of the brands we’ve collaborated within the past. Digital printing for flexible packaging can be a game changer and we’ve got the samples to prove it.

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ePac Announces Its Newest Location: Montreal, Canada

ePac Flexible Packaging, the industry leader in quick turn, short and medium run-length flexible packaging, has announced it will be adding a third location in Canada. Adding to operations in Vancouver and Toronto, ePac Montreal will serve CPG brands of all sizes throughout Quebec province, and its  combined 3 Canadian locations will serve all of Canada.

According to George Boustani, Managing Director of ePac’s Canadian operations: “Since opening ePac Vancouver in 2019 and Toronto in 2021, demand for our services has grown rapidly. To keep pace, we’ve decided to add a new sales and marketing location – ePac Montreal. In fact we are now accepting orders in Quebec, and fulfilling them from our other Canadian operations.”

Added Virag Patel, ePac’s COO: “The acceleration in sales we’ve experienced in Canada has been phenomenal. Our ability to serve small and medium sized brands with great packaging within 5-15 business days  has been a game-changer for our customers.”

To read the complete press release, click here.

Top 7 Benefits of Custom Mylar Packaging

The explosive growth of new food, nutritional supplements, herbal and medicinal products, has driven a surge in demand for flexible packaging, which includes mylar packaging and other types of flexible packaging

In fact the flexible packaging market (which includes Mylar packaging) is expected to grow to $237 billion by 2028, from a market size of $176 billion in 2021.

A large part of this market is custom mylar packaging, as well as related types of films and packaging solutions.

In this short guide we’ll get into the top 7 benefits of customer mylar packaging, and we’ll also share a few definitions to shed some light on the often confusing terms related to the term.

What is Mylar Packaging?

In an earlier article we addressed some of the confusion related to mylar packaging:

“Mylar® packaging is actually the trademarked name of a widely-used PET film from DuPont Teijin Films. It was first introduced in 1952, and the company began production on it in Ohio in 1954. Mylar® is BoPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) film commonly used as plastic flexible packaging across a variety of industries, including many packaged foods. And while it is a trademarked term for a specific film from DuPont, the term is widely used in the industry when referring to any plastic film.”

In other words Mylar is a brand name used to refer to a specific type of packaging material, like Kleenex is the brand name for a type of tissue, and Band-Aid is the brand name for a type of bandage used for minor cuts and bruises.

Look, we get it. Many people use ‘mylar’ interchangeably with plastic film packaging when referring to the type of bags they’d like to package their products with.

The 7 Benefits of Custom Mylar and Other Types of Flexible Packaging

But whether you refer to it as ‘mylar’, or flexible packaging, there are some definite benefits you can count on.

1. Odor and Moisture Resistance

Many products in the herbal supplements, medicinal, foodstuffs and nutritional products space need special protection to keep the products fresh, and to prevent odors from leaking.

The high-barrier films used in custom mylar and flexible packaging materials today keep smells and odors from exiting the bag while preventing moisture from entering. 

The benefit? Your product  stays fresh while maintaining its quality. And you won’t have to worry about any smells wafting out causing an embarrassing inconvenience

2. Child Resistance

Let’s face it: many nutritional supplements and herbal remedies with medicinal properties can be hazardous to children at certain doses. Thankfully, with custom mylar packaging and its brethren, it’s easy to keep products out of the curious hands of little ones.

Many vendors, like ePac, sell child-resistant mylar bags, stand up pouches, and lay flat pouches that have been tested and certified by third-party agencies to meet federal test requirements.

3. Sustainable to Protect the Environment

With concern for the environment an ever-increasing priority today, many brands make their decision to go with a packaging vendor if they can prove their packaging materials are environmentally friendly.

Look for vendors that produce 100% recyclable packaging, with features such as CR zippers, and sustainable film structures for an earth-conscious approach to your packaging strategy.

4. Puncture and Tear Resistance

Packaging that can resist tears and punctures is so important for food and supplement vendors, especially for those that have to transport their goods to geographically dispersed locations. It’s important for both product freshness and to keep certain products away from children.

Custom mylar packaging and other flexible packaging materials, such as stand up, rollstock and lay flat pouches, are designed to not tear or damage on the shelf, in transit, or with customer handling. 

5. Resealable Closures

For packages to hold larger portion sizes, you need air-tight and water-tight resealable closures to continue keeping your product fresh, and keep odors from escaping.

Vendors like ePac offer packaging with press-to-close zippers, certified child-resistant zippers, and even no zipper options. 

6. Photo Quality Finish to Make Your Packaging Stand Out

With today’s materials, flexible packaging just looks good, period. And the customizable options to have your packaging pop on the shelves are endless. Finish options, such as matte, soft-touch matte, gloss, and metallized look great when printed with today’s digital printing technology.

7. Digital Printing for Fast Turnaround Times

Finally, with digital printing for custom mylar packaging, stand up pouches, lay flat packaging and rollstock, packaging vendors today (such as ePac) can deliver your finished pouches in record time (often between 5-15 days).

And if you have last minute changes to your designs, such as sudden regulatory changes you need to communicate on your packaging, or to be timely with world events, digital printing can help you do that without costing you an arm and a leg.

As you can see, custom packaging solutions with flexible packaging, mylar and other plastic film solutions, provide excellent benefits for today’s food, supplement, herbal and medicinal vendors.

If you’d like to learn more about how ePac can help you with your packaging, contact us now!

Stick pack vs Sachet packaging: What’s the difference?

There are so many advantages to single-use packaging, like sachets and stick packs. From providing pre-measured doses of nutritional supplements and medicines, to makeup, dairy products, flavorings, sweeteners and beverages, the convenience factor has made these small dose packaging options surge in popularity.

In this article we’re going to go over both flavors of single-use, single dose packages. We’re going to compare and contrast sachet and stick pack packaging for you so you can decide what is best for your product.

Why Good Packaging Matters

Whether you choose stick packs or sachets, your packaging matters. No matter how you cut it, the packaging you use to send out your product represents your brand. It might not be the most obvious thing, but people pay attention. 

People notice the brand went above and beyond to ensure that every person who touched the package sees a logo or feels the quality used when choosing how to ship items. 

Inversely, consumers notice when a package was just an afterthought, or when cheap materials were used to save a buck or two.

One thing that’s becoming more apparent is that many options are never a bad thing. Supplement, pharmaceutical, makeup and flavoring companies have preferences but also have needs. There’s a lot that goes into making educated choices in terms of quality, functionality, price points that need to be hit, and how a package needs to be shipped. 

In packaging, it’s easy to get in the weeds on what colors are best to print with, or is something sustainable or recyclable. One of those questions that pop up repeatedly is always around single-use packaging, most noticeably, stick pack vs. sachet packaging

What to know about sachet vs. stick pack

Single-use products like sachet and stick are increasingly popular choices thanks to being easily transportable with low weight and small size and acting as a time-saver. The two are very similar, but there is a subtle difference, and we thought you needed to know what those things are.

  • Stick pack is tubular, with a long, slender design, and there’s always a side seam. A stick pack is typically around four times longer than its width, with an average length of about 40 to 200 millimeters. They are primarily used for nutritional powders, sugar, spices, and are mostly concentrated and added to some kind of medium like water, milk, and other liquids.
  • Sachets are single-serve best for small portions of things like sports drink powders or supplements. And with ePac’s digital printing capabilities, they have a seriously wicked look and feel. 

One of the nicest things about sachets and stick packs is that they’re perfect for giving consumers a trial of your product. They’re also ideal for on-the-go lifestyles and frequent travelers because they’re small enough to be tossed in a bag before heading out. 

Packaging that makes sense for your business

Another perk of sachets is that they can be designed for an exact usage amount. However, a sachet is flat and has a three or four-side sealing. When picking between the two, it comes down to:

  1. The type of product
  2. What you’re using as flexible packing materials
  3. What’s inside the packaging. 
  4. And what’s the quality of the product.

And then there’s also the sealing method, along with the production speed. 

Sachets and sticks packs are super diverse in that they can package just about anything from condiments to over-the-counter drugs or your favorite Cajun spice blend. It does come down to what you’re selling and how you want it presented to consumers. 


Whether you’re providing samples, or selling single-use versions of your supplement at high margins, you’ve got a couple of choices: stick packs and sachets.

Stick packs are great for tea and coffee flavorings, or just to provide a pretty, slender look and feel.

Sachets are great for anything you care to provide in a single, pre-measured dose, either for people on the go, a last-minute purchase when you forgot your regular supplements at home, or as sample packs for shampoos, or anything else that fits in the little form factor.

If you’ve got further questions on what makes the most sense for your business,  just ask. We’d love to show you the difference between the sachet and stick packaging, and together, we’ll figure out how to solve your company’s needs.

Custom Sachet Packaging: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?

Have you considered sachet packaging, but weren’t quite sure if it was a fit for your product? If you’re interested in single-use, sample packs, sachet packaging or pre-measured dose packages, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article we discuss what is custom sachet packaging, and its multiple benefits.

What is Custom Sachet Packaging?

Sachets, single-serve easy tear packs, pillow pouches, packets, and lay flat pouches are great options for brands seeking unique and convenient small portion packaging for their products. 

Today’s custom sachets are digitally printed using high-quality rollstock films, giving your brand a premium look and feel.

Single serve sachet packaging is great for giving consumers a trial before they purchase full-sized packages, or for pre-measured medicine or supplement doses. They’re also perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, frequent travelers, impulse purchases, and for quick “no-brainer” sales.

What are the Benefits of Custom Sachet Packaging?

There are so many benefits to custom sachet packaging. We mention the five most important here:

1. Perfect for the On-The-Go Lifestyle

Let’s face it: we’re busier today than ever before. Or at least we feel busier. We’re constantly on our phones, browsing our social feeds or responding to work emails. 

Our kids are busier than ever too. We’ve enrolled them in Kumon, Tae Kwon Do, and Chinese classes (but we forgot to let them play).

When there’s no time to deliberately measure that nutritional supplement, vitamin or medicine dose, a pre-measured sachet pack is the perfect answer.

If you’re training for a marathon, just grab that little package of your runner’s pick-me-up from your kitchen drawer, empty it into a glass of water, stir, drink, and shoot out the door for your morning run!

Or do you live from plane to hotel to Starbucks in a new city everyday? Custom sachet packaging is perfect for the frequent traveler. 

Just load five little packs of your favorite multivitamin. It’s a lot easier than measuring out the perfect portion while you’re trying to pack your bag and check out of your hotel.

2. Perfect Dosing For Medicines and Supplements

You don’t have to have an “on-the-go” lifestyle to take advantage of pre-measured doses. Taking out the enclosed measuring spoon for your creatine or protein supplement every time you need a little workout boost can get, well….old. 

Provide your consumer with pre-measured doses so they can easily tear open the package, dump it into the blender, and voila! A perfect protein shake for that post-workout smoothie.

3. Provide Samples with Custom Sachet Packaging

In today’s direct-to-consumer ecommerce marketplace, it’s harder than ever to give out samples so customers can try out your product. 

When your product is not on supermarket shelves, you can’t set up a little booth at your local Vons or Wegmens to hand out those clear little plastic cups filled with your raspberry-flavored super drink.

Enter sample size sachet packaging. For only $1.99, running supplement maker 6AM RUN offers marathoners, triathletes and beginners the chance to try out their energy-boosting supplement before they commit to buying a 30-scoop tub.

4. Encourage “No-Brainer” Sales

Do you want to make fast sales instead of trying to convince your customers to buy a $59 item? With custom sachet packaging you can sell a high-value product at a ridiculously low price. This is known as a “no-brainer” price point.

Sell an expensive beauty product? Package a single use portion in a pillow pouch and sell it for $3.99. Does your standard vitamin jar sell for $99? Package a single dose into a 99 cent package and watch your vitamins fly off the virtual shelf.

Your price points will be lower, but your sales will skyrocket. I mean, who doesn’t want to buy an expensive item for next to nothing?

5. Drive Impulse Buys

Finally, what can you copy from the big candy bar makers? Yes, I know, they sell sugar – a drug more addictive than cocaine. But there’s a lot you can learn from their brilliant marketing, especially the art of the impulse buy.

Why let Hershey’s or Snickers win those spur-of-the-moment purchasing decisions? You too can play that game. If your product sells in stores, there’s nothing like a sachet pack tempting shoppers in the check-out aisle to boost additional sales. 

You’ll make extra money and improve your shoppers’ health at the same time.


By using custom sachet packaging, you can deliver compact doses of your product with easy tear packs for samples and promotional use, pre-measured doses for on-the-go lifestyles and travelers, no-brainer selling opportunities, and impulse buys.

And with the new digitally-printed technology from companies like ePac, you can get these sachet packaging options with high-definition images using three side seal (3SS) pouch rollstock, films that extend product shelf life, material that is recyclable as well as post-consumer recycled (PCR), and compostable or biodegradable. 

Finally, your packaging can be both moisture as well as oxygen resistant to preserve the contents of your product for extended periods of time.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact us and we can quote you!

epac lyon obtains BRC, flexible packaging for food approved

ePac Lyon obtains BRC Certification

ePac Lyon is pleased to announce that its Lyon site has obtained BRC (Global Standard for Packaging Materials) certification. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes site received an AA rating following an in-depth audit carried out in early January and is now ready to serve customers who require BRC compliance. 

Group photo of the ePac Lyon Team.

“Achieving BRC certification validates the quality of our business, and of course, we are delighted to have passed the inspection and received the full score from the auditors,” says Jonathan Schmitt, Managing Director, and Partner at ePac Lyon. “Since the beginning, we have had a very good quality system. Today, we have official approval to support it,” adds Julie Verney, Quality Manager. 

The BRC global standard for packaging materials, designed to protect consumers, covers the manufacture of glass, paper, flexible plastics, and other types of packaging, as well as the associated printing and chemical processes, and is used worldwide by manufacturers producing packaging materials for any product that ends up in the hands of consumers and is a requirement of most major brands in the FMCG industry.

Mickael Reali, Technical Director of ePac Lyon, adds: “It has been an incredible year for ePac Lyon, and BRC certification was the next logical step in our quest to serve customers with high-quality packaging delivered quickly. Not only it will open up a new market share for us, but it will also reduce the audit burden for brand owners and retailers. The list of customers willing to work with us once we have obtained the BRC label is growing rapidly. So I’m very happy to be able to make this announcement and open our doors to them.”

Click here to learn more about the press release.

ePac Flexible Packaging Announces Expansion into Poland

ePac Flexible Packaging is pleased to announce its third European facility, ePac Poland North, located near the cities of Poznan and Bydgoszcz. This expands ePac’s network of sales and production operations across the Continent, builds on the successful launch of European sites in the UK (Silverstone) and France (Lyon), and further signals the company’s intent to become the supplier of choice in local markets throughout Europe.

ePac Poland North is a partnership between ePac and mFlex, and will operate from mFlex’s production facility, an established flexible packaging facility that already uses digital printing.  The company will be led by Managing Partners Jacek Ciosek and Marcin Kowalski; both seasoned executives in flexible packaging who will manage ePac’s operations and customer relationships.

Jacek says, “I’m very excited to head up the ePac team in Poland. We welcome the opportunity to help small and medium sized brands across the region grow and compete with large CPG’s. Across the globe, ePac has an established presence focused on helping local entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and to be accretive to the communities we serve. Our aim here in Poland is to bring that same philosophy to Poland.” Marcin adds, “I am also convinced that the synergy resulting from mFlex’s experience and capabilities, along with ePac’s resources and know-how, will bring great benefits to all of our customers”.

epac-poland-north, epac and mflex open first polish production site.
Marcin Kowalski, Johnny Hobeika & Jacek Ciosek (left to right).

Johnny Hobeika, Managing Director of ePac Holdings Europe, comments, “Bringing our great business model to Poland to help local brands is hugely exciting. These are of course very challenging times, but despite the pandemic, we have been able to continue with our plans, and together with mFlex, offer our Polish customers a local and unique solution to their flexible packaging needs. Our message is simple: we are here, and we are ready to serve!”.

Click here to read the full press release.