ePac Flexible Packaging Announces Expansion into Melbourne, Australia

ePac is excited to announce the opening of the Australian market, with its first manufacturing facility opening in Melbourne in the fourth quarter of 2021.

ePac’s first production facility will open eight kilometres from the Melbourne, at the new Newlands Road food manufacturing hub, located in the heart of Coburg’s thriving industrial district.

Jack Knott, ePac Flexible Packaging CEO said, “We’re very excited to be expanding ePac’s growing international footprint into Australia. We are focused on bringing the same great ePac experience to our customers, helping small and medium sized businesses grow and achieve big brand presence.”

Jason Brown, ePac Flexible Packaging Managing Director, Australia said, “ePac helps local brands grow into major contributors within the community, with a unique offering for brands to rapidly go to market with great packaging. Opening our first facility at Newlands Road is an exciting milestone for ePac Australia, and we’ve already had a great response from the community.”

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ePac Flexible Packaging Expands European Presence To Austria

ePac Holdings Europe is proud to announce that the company is expanding its European operations into Austria to serve local and regional businesses. Building on the current locations in Silverstone (England) and Lyon (France), ePac Innsbruck (Austria), will be located in Landeck (Tyrol) and will serve Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Orders can be placed effective immediately, and will be fulfilled by ePac Silverstone or Lyon until the production facility in Austria is completed.

Christian Bischofberger, John Peat and Nick Monk become the Managing Partners for ePac Innsbruck. Christian will lead the operation and is a proven specialist in the printing and packaging industry with more than 20 years of experience. He will be supported by John and Nick (Managing Partners of ePac UK Silverstone), who have already gained a lot of experience with the ePac business model through the successful establishment and operation in Silverstone.

Christian Bischofberger explains: “I look forward to introducing the ePac model in Austria and the surrounding region, and to work with companies of all sizes that need great packaging to grow. As with the thousands of ePac customers around the world, ePac Innsbruck’s customers will also benefit from the short delivery times and very much appreciate small order quantities.”

Nick Monk added: “The Austrian market for flexible packaging – actually the whole of Europe – is ready for a change. We look forward to working with brands to see how we can help them go to market faster, and at the same time order according to their needs to reduce inventory and cost.”

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ePac Flexible Packaging Celebrates 5 Years of Accelerated Growth

ePac is happy to announce that the company is officially five years old. ePac was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in May of 2016 as a digital printing company focused on the growth of small to medium sized brands. In these past 5 years ePac has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 80%, operates 20 facilities globally with a capacity of about $500,000,000 and serves over 5,000 customers.

According to Jack Knott, CEO: “ePac will continue to replicate at a similar 80% CAGR globally, the digitization of ePac’s business model will drive a world class customer experience, the power of serialized printing and blockchain technology will allow direct B2C communications on an individual basis, and with this growth ePac will continue the optimization of the competitive cost structure”.

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Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Packaging

If you’re a brand owner, ensuring your packaging not only attracts new customers, but also retains existing customers, is a MUST. 

Maybe you’re ready to move on from stock bags, or you are entering into a major retailer and you know better packaging is a must. Or maybe you’re ready to simply take your packaging to the next level. Whatever your motive, upgrading your packaging can help boost sales, gain new customers, widen your distribution, and build better brand recognition. 

Reasons to Redesign Your Packaging

Brands of all sizes and in all segments can make the smart decision and invest in a better brand image through upgraded packaging. If any of these describe your brand, it may be time to make the move.

1. Your Packaging Quality Is Subpar 

Low quality can mean a lot of things, from low quality graphics and materials, to faulty packaging. Does your tear strip and zipper work properly? Does the package hold up use after use? Does it give off a premium, quality feel? If you said no to any of these, it may be time to upgrade.

2. Your Packaging is Generic 

Are you still packing your product in stock bags? While generic bags may work well for a short period of time, they won’t give your brand the distinction it needs to compete with large, well-known brands. 

3. Your Packaging Doesn’t Exactly POP on the Shelf

Shelf impact is key to building a brand and gaining new customers. To get a leg up on the competition, you want your package to stand out on the shelf and look different (and better) than the competition. Upgrading your package with new materials, designs, and features can all help you do just this. Consider using more vibrant graphics, a reseal zipper, PCR film, or anything else that will set your brand apart.

4. Your Packaging is Off Brand

Your package, design, and overall aesthetic work together to build brand recognition. You want your packaging to speak to who and what your brand is. 

For instance, if your brand is focused on the environment, you can switch your packaging to match that focus by offering eco-friendly options like recyclable or even compostable pouches and bags, or packaging made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

5. Your Packaging Isn’t Meeting Your Customers’ Needs

Have you considered how your customers are using your product and how the packaging can help make the experience better? Maybe it’s adding a resealable zipper or offering various sizes including single-serve for on-the-go consumption. Creating new packaging with features that aim to improve functionality as well as the customer experience will only further strengthen your brand.

6. Your Brand and Packaging Need a Refresh 

Is it time for an updated look and feel for your packaging? A package refresh can give your brand just what it needs to feel new again, and recapture consumer attention.

Partner for Your New Packaging 

At ePac, our wide-web digital printing technology delivers bright, vibrant, and precise graphics in a quality that exceeds that of conventional printing methods. We can create rollstock or pre-made pouches with the various capabilities and functionalities important to consumers today like stand-up pouches, reseal zippers, and easy open and close. Some digital printing benefits are that it also gives you the freedom of personalization for custom flexible packaging and messaging for your brand to reach various markets. Why are flexible materials important?  Contact us today to learn how we can help you take your flexible packaging ideas to the next level. 

ePac expands operations in Gwinnett County

ePac is excited to announce the expansion of their ePac Atlanta manufacturing facility. ePac Atlanta is currently located at 1856 Corporate Dr #170, Norcross, GA 30093 and has signed a lease of the neighboring space increasing their space by 13,700 square feet.

Since opening, ePac Atlanta has seen steady growth, including adding a 3rd HP Indigo 20000 printer, which increases capacity by 50%, and allows the location to serve more than 300 customers.

“Serving the needs of local businesses in need of great packaging has been incredibly rewarding to our team. Many of our customers are small and medium in size and bring healthy eating options to us, many locally sourced. It’s our mission to help these brands grow,” said Windell McGill, Managing Partner of ePac Atlanta.

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Amcor announces strategic investment in ePac Flexible Packaging

Amcor recently announced their investment of  $10 to $15 million in ePac. The investment will include a minority ownership interest in ePac Holdings LLC and funding for more ePac locations. 

Amcor’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, Ian Wilson said “ePac is a truly entrepreneurial technology driven company and has proven its ability to rapidly scale up a flexible packaging business, doubling revenues each year since its formation in 2016. This is an exciting opportunity for both companies to benefit from the combination of innovative technologies and business models and the deep expertise of the industry leader. We look forward to working with the ePac team and exploring opportunities to further extend this partnership in the future.”

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ePac Flexible Packaging Expands into Toronto

ePac is excited to announce the opening of its second Canadian location, this time in the Greater Toronto Area. ePac Toronto will open in June of 2021 and will be located at 209 Brunel Road, Mississauga, Ontario. Hila Frish joined as ePac Toronto’s General Manager, bringing over 18 years of management and manufacturing experience to her new position. The facility has begun taking orders, with fulfillment handled by ePac Vancouver until the official opening of ePac Toronto.

According to George Boustani, Managing Partner for ePac’s Canadian operation: “We opened ePac Vancouver in December 2019, and realized the same rapid growth we’ve seen in other ePac locations around the world. Our value proposition of 5-15 day turnaround and low minimums resonates well with the Canadian market, and we’re excited to bring our community-based focus to Toronto”.

According to CEO, Jack Knott: “ePac Toronto will become our 19th plant to become operational in locations across the US, Canada, Europe, and Indonesia. In each market we see a similar dynamic unfold – small and medium sized businesses are growing at double digits, and our partnerships with them can and do help accelerate their growth”.

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The Top 6 Benefits of Outsourcing to a Contract Packager or Manufacturer

If you’re launching a new brand, transitioning to a new packaging format, or experiencing major growth, outsourcing part of all of your manufacturing or packaging operations has likely crossed your mind. Partnering with contract packagers and manufacturers can not only help save time, staff, and resourcing, but also provide you with the expertise and services to grow your business.

What is Contract Packaging and Contract Manufacturing?

Contract packagers are third parties that apply primary packaging to the finished, consumer-ready products, while contract manufacturers are third parties that turn ingredients and/or raw materials into finished, consumer-ready products. So, simply stated, contract manufacturers make the product, and contract packagers package the product. In this article, we will refer to these types of companies collectively as CPCMs.

What are the Advantages of Contract Manufacturing and Contract Packaging?

Companies of all size can take advantage of the following 6 benefits to using CPCM services:

1. Less Upfront Investment 

Utilizing a co-packer or co-manufacturer that has already made the upfront investment in the machinery and resources needed to fill, package, or produce your finished product means you don’t have to. For many brands, this is a no brainer, as the initial investment for the equipment + space needed is a costly one. If you are not in a position to make this investment, it may make sense to utilize a CPCM that has the machinery, materials, and staff on hand.

2. Faster Turnaround

Utilizing CPCMs who are experts in the field enables you to ensure the process is done accurately and quickly. Because of the equipment and staff on hand, CPCMs can typically turnaround your finished packaging and/or product faster than you could do in-house. This means a faster turnaround time and quicker speed to market.

3. Less Storage + Warehousing Needs 

Whether you’re partnering with a co-packer to fill your pouches, or a co-manufacturer to actually produce your product, you’ll need far less physical space to store materials or house equipment. 

4. Save Time + Resources 

Time is money, and hiring CPCMs lets you hand off time-consuming parts of your business. This in turn frees up time to allow you and your staff to focus on other aspects of the business, like marketing and growing the brand. 

5. Experts on Your Side

Hiring a CPCM allows you to tap into their experienced staff and expansive vendor network, in addition to gaining access to the extra capacity of their manufacturing facility. CPCMs have a deep understanding of specific, and sometimes niche, packaging or manufacturing processes that would otherwise have to be learned in house. Additionally, as your company grows, you will not need to hire additional staff or purchase new equipment since you already have access to the CPCM’s vast packaging infrastructure.

6. Fewer Required Certifications 

Most businesses must abide by certain regulations to legally package and distribute their products. While it is a good thing for consumers, it can be a headache for business owners. But, CPCM companies typically have the necessary certificates already in place, saving you from having to do so.

Hiring a CPCM can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a new brand. Head over to our blog post on how to hire the best contract packager, where we share a list of things to consider as you look for the right partner. 

Benefits of a Good Packaging Supplier

Finding the right packaging supplier is just as important as hiring the right CPCM. At ePac, we partner with brands like yours to manufacture the best quality packaging with our cutting-edge digital printing technology. Call us today and let us help you get started, or click here to get a free quote. 

Jonathan Schmitt of ePac Lyon, Awarded “Man of the Year”

Managing Partner of ePac Lyon, Jonathan Schmitt, was awarded “Man Of The Year” by EtiQ-Pack for his contribution to the digital printing industry in France.

At the event, Jonathan Schmitt discussed ePac’s capabilities and goals for disrupting the flexible packaging industry.

Schmitt discussed the uniquely quick turnaround times (10-15 business days) that gave ePac a name and continues to impress customers, as compared to the typical multi-month long turnaround times, common in the industry.

« ePac is solely a digital printing flexible packaging company. The vision for ePac began when Carl Joachim, Virag Patel, and Jack Knott wanted to serve the small and medium-sized businesses, who couldn’t keep up with the increased minimum order quantities by traditional converters while turnaround times remained at 6-8 weeks. ePac Lyon will follow the same model and will offer fast-to-market digital printed flexible packaging, low minimum orders with no plate fees as well as having sustainable packaging solutions available. Already France picked up very quickly and is very active. Our sales team works very hard to explain the ePac model to new clients and serve them to their best ability. For us, transparency is the key ».

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ePac Flexible Packaging Joins Open Invention Network

ePac is excited to announce that the company is the newest member of the Open Invention Network (OIN). OIN is the largest patent non-aggression community in the world, with members such as Sony, IBM, Google, and Toyota. All OIN members agree to cross-license other members under any patent claims they own or control that are essential to the Linux System Definition (LSD).

Parag Patel, ePac’s CIO said: “We’re proud to become a member of OIN and join an impressive group of global companies in doing so. As many already know, ePac is a unique company focused on helping SMB brands grow, something no other flex pack company has ever done before. In charting our path, innovative technology is at the core of who we are, and we look forward to the collaboration that’s possible through OIN.” 

Added Jack Knott, ePac’s CEO: “Since opening our first manufacturing facility, our mission has been clear. It is to help give back to the communities we serve and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, circular economy. Technology sharing is part of this. By joining OIN, we are now part of a world community of companies having this vision.”

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