Spreading Love One Nibblet at a Time: The Sunshine Suzy Story 

It’s easy to love Sunshine Suzy. Not only is she a motivational speaker, but she’s also a fifth-generation farmer and a breakfast hostess at the local Hampton Inn in Fairmont, Minn. (Suzy has helped her team achieve a no. 1 rating for service out of 1200+ Hilton hotels globally). 

But most importantly, she’s a great person with a story. Sunshine Suzy is a snack brand started by Suzanne Sukalski and her mom, Diane, that sells corn nibblets in various flavors like sea salt and spicy buffalo ranch. Working with Suzy and her family is one of the joys of our sales team because of how dedicated the family is to seeing Sunshine Suzy reach as many people as possible. 

Suzy: An Entrepreneur Breaking Down Barriers

Suzy and her mother Diane

Suzy is thirty years old and has Down syndrome, but she doesn’t let it define her. They started the business in 2015 and wanted to show that humans have value, that the world is a tapestry of people with different abilities, and everyone has a place. 

Who doesn’t love the motto of “spreading sunshine near and far?” It says so much in so few words, but isn’t low on impact.

Upon starting the company, Suzy had an idea of what she wanted her company to be; “I started in 2015 to spread love and give value and purpose. I bought a popcorn machine and wanted to do more, so I started the nibblets. It’s a softer crunch, but it’s still a corn nut.

Nibblets: A New Kind of Yummy Snack

“It’s yummy,” Suzy told ePac. “I love making people happy and excited about what they can do. We all have a special place in the world, and when people see me doing my best, it inspires people.” 

We wanted to know where the name “nibblets” came from. Sunshine Suzy’s brand is fun and playful, so they needed a product to match the delightful character of the packaging

“I’m a farmer. I wanted to make something yummy. I wanted to sell something that tasted good,” said Suzy. So, the nibblets were born. 

Giving is At the Heart of What Suzy Does

Suzy believes in philanthropy, too. Suzy grows and sells sweet corn in the summer and donates profits to a program that helps people with disabilities train for employment. The packages of nibblets have even made it to troops overseas, healthcare workers, and fire and police departments, to name a few. 

Working with Suzy has been a joy for ePac, and the partnership has been fruitful for both parties. 

Suzy and ePac Partner to Get to the Next Level

Talking with her mom, Diane, we learned about the challenges of an evolving brand, “Suzy’s business was growing fast. We had packaging, but it wasn’t what we wanted. We were hand labeling, and it was time-consuming. Working with ePac from the sales to the graphics team, everyone’s been a major help.” 

Suzy’s been in the thick of growing what the business can be. “We’re in the process of perfecting the product,” Diane added. “With ePac, the bags look like a work of art. We couldn’t be happier.” When asked about her family helping share her story, Suzy beamed, “My mom is amazing. I love her so much. My family has helped so much. I am so happy.”

As Sunshine Suzy grows into the best company in the world, we’re excited to be a part of her journey – one nibblet at a time.