Peast Performance implements sustainable stand up pouches

The introduction of a new own brand is an exciting challenge for every company. Biologon, a manufacturer of organic food, has recently ventured into the competitive market of protein products with its brand Peast Performance. To ensure the success of the brand launch, it was necessary to develop not only high-quality products, but also to find the right packaging solution that is in line with the company’s sustainable values. In collaboration with ePac, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, Biologon was able to use recyclable stand up pouches while benefiting from small minimum order quantities and fast delivery times.

Biologon : An organic food manufacturer

Biologon is a well-established company that has been producing high-quality organic food for 13 years. Originally based in Itter, the company moved its location to Hochfilzen three years ago. Biologon produces a variety of products including muesli, crunchy cereals, and bars, both in the private label sector for other organic own brands as well as for their own brands, including the Biolifestyle brand. The latest own brand from Biologon is PEAST PERFORMANCE, which specializes in protein products.

Vegan Protein Triumph: Peast Performance’s Plant-Based Excellence

The name “Peast Performance” was intentionally chosen to emphasize the focus on pea protein and the vegan orientation of the brand. The hard “P” in the name stands for “Pea” and symbolizes the use of pea protein in their products. Additionally, the brand logo, a gorilla, reflects the vegan orientation. Peast Performance products are formulated to help athletes achieve their best performance and benefit from the advantages of plant-based protein.

Stand Up pouches from Peast Performance

Currently, 3 products are offered, including two high protein snacks in the flavors of Falafelstyle and Mediterranean, and a high protein crunchy in dark chocolate raspberry flavor. All products are organic, vegan, gluten-free and free from soy, to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers.

The products are made in the in-house bakery, mostly still by hand, in order to guarantee the product quality.

Furthermore, great emphasis is placed on transparency and quality. Customers can therefore be sure that there are no hidden ingredients in the products.

Bakery from Biologon and Peast Performance

Expanding Horizons: Peast Performance’s Sales and Taste Success.

The products are currently available in the Peast Performance online shop and in the shop in Hochfilzen. However, there are plans to also expand into gyms in order to directly target the right audience. In addition, the company participates in various bike festivals and trade fairs to increase the brand awareness of the new brand and attract potential customers. The broad presence in various distribution channels allows them to reach a larger target audience and increase sales.

Peast Performance at a bike festival.

Revealing the green secret: Peast Performance relies on sustainable packaging.

The selection of the right packaging solution played a crucial role in the success of the Peast Performance products. Biologon strives for sustainability and also wanted to find an environmentally friendly packaging solution for the new own brand. In collaboration with ePac, the decision was made for recyclable stand up pouches. This packaging is made of 100% recyclable material and is therefore environmentally friendly.

The recyclable PE material from ePac allows them to act sustainably while offering high-quality and visually appealing packaging.

The stand-up pouches also offer plenty of space for the product and are easy to open and reseal, which increases user-friendliness. The recyclable stand up pouches fit perfectly with Peast Performance’s sustainable concept.

Extended shelf life through resealable bags

Another significant advantage of ePac’s packaging solutions for Peast Performance is the extension of the product’s shelf life. The use of resealable stand-up pouches with a convenient snap closure ensures that the protein snacks stay fresh and crunchy for longer.

The resealable bag allows consumers to seal the product airtight again after opening and protect it from humidity, oxygen and other environmental influences. This ensures that the quality and taste of the products are maintained over a longer period of time, leading to higher customer satisfaction and a reduction in food waste. Through this innovative packaging solution, ePac helps Peast Performance offer its products with a longer shelf life, thus achieving higher value creation.

Regional closeness – ePac as a strong local partner

Another crucial advantage of collaborating with ePac was the regional closeness. As a local supplier, ePac was able to guarantee short delivery routes, which has a positive effect on logistics and the environment. Due to the short distance between the two companies, an efficient and timely delivery could be ensured. The quick and smooth handling of the process met the expectations and enabled Biologon to start the market launch of Peast Performance on time.

Furthermore, ePac was able to react flexibly to individual requirements when needed and provide customised packaging solutions that met the specific requirements.

Collaboration with ePac: Fast delivery as a success factor

The fast delivery is a crucial factor for the success of Peast Performance, and ePac meets this requirement impressively. As a local supplier, rollstock is shipped within just 10 days and finished pouches within just 15 days. These short delivery times are of great importance as they enable the company to respond quickly to customer orders and flexibly to market demand.

Since the products are delivered in a short period of time, inventory levels can be minimized, leading to a lower capital commitment. The fast delivery of ePac therefore not only supports the efficiency and agility of the company, but also offers economic benefits and optimizes inventory management.

The first contact between Biologon and ePac took place at Biofach, a significant trade fair where Biologon presented their products. In view of the impending market entry of Peast Performance, it was crucial to find a quick packaging solution.

ePac was chosen because they were able to ensure a timely delivery. Moreover, it was of great importance that ePac was able to produce small quantities, as the product was new to the market and a too large order could pose a financial risk.

Peast Performance at the opening ceremony of ePac Austria.

The successful collaboration between Biologon and ePac is an inspiring example of how companies can achieve their goals through strategic partnerships and the right packaging solution.

If you need support for your packaging project, like Peast Performance, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. We would be glad to support you.