Original Maté: 600 sales points in just 3 years thanks to their multi-sku doypack!

Introducing Original Maté , the family business that creates mate infusions, founded by French-Argentinian Nina Rizzo and her partner Florian Barre.

Thanks to its numerous flavored infusions and unique packaging, the brand has captivated French consumers of infusions.

Here’s how Original Maté has effectively communicated and developed its brand in partnership with ePac.

Original Maté: The art of sharing Argentine culture through its maté infusions.

Argentinian mate, an ancestral tradition

Nina Rizzo grew up between France and South America. She worked in business management for several years, then transitioned into the restaurant industry.

However, she felt the need to start her own business. She and her partner Florian then decided to take the plunge and start their own business, Original Maté was born! What drives the founders of Original Maté is above all the desire to share Argentine culture and its delights, especially the national drink: maté.

Consumed from their youngest age by Argentinians, maté is a beverage present in daily life. Mate has many virtues, among others properties that are both invigorating and soothing. It contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which gives it mild stimulating properties.

15 different mate tea SKUs and packaging

The family business offers exclusively organic mate infusions.

Their mate-based infusions come in several flavors: fruity, spicy, or based on other well-known plants such as mint. The company offers 15 types of mate infusions. The goal of Original Maté is to be able to satisfy all tastes, and daily or seasonal desires.

Original Maté markets its mate infusions through its online store , directly to the end consumer. The products can be find in nearly 600 independent stores all over France, such as grocery stores, tea salons, and others.

The revolution of taste: Original Maté has captured the taste buds of the French.

From Bitterness to Sweetness: Adaptating Mate to the French Market

Original Maté succeeded in innovating in the French maté market and adapting its product to consumers. In South America, mate is a drink composed 100% of yerba mate leaves, so its taste is very bitter.

To satisfy the taste buds of French consumers, Original Maté has decided to reduce the bitterness and offer sweeter flavors, while preserving the virtues and benefits of mate. Nina is dedicated to making maté popular to a wide audience.

The consumption of mate in France is constantly evolving. This drink is often recommended as an alternative to energy drinks or coffee.

Some media personalities from the French scene have contributed to popularizing this drink. This is the case of soccer player Antoine Griezmann who is often seen drinking mate during his matches and training sessions.

The growing of Original Maté

Continuing its growth objective, the French mate brand is furthering its development by working internally on new flavors for its mate infusions

In order to increase visibility and accessibility to its mate infusions, Original Maté has set itself the goal of conquering French supermarkets. Their second brand, named Yñana, will soon be available in several supermarkets, which will delight fans of mate.

Packaging as a Seduction Tool: How Original Maté Managed to Captivate Consumers

Collaboration with ePac: When innovation meets quality

Orignal Maté started out with a simple, unprinted doypack packaging .

Given the increasing number of orders day by day, the founders quickly realized that it would be impossible to keep hand-applying a label on each packaging.

After some research, Original Maté decides to switch to digital printing of its maté packaging with ePac.

The right packaging for your maté.

In order to package its product in the best possible way, Original Maté had several conditions to meet.

It was important to choose flexible packaging made from safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Furthermore, mate is sensitive to humidity and light, so it was necessary to ensure that the packaging provides an excellent barrier against humidity and light in order to preserve the freshness and quality of the mate.

Thanks to the advice of our experts, Original Maté offers now mate infusions packaged in sachets made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). This material is suitable for products sensitive to oxidation, oxygen and humidity, thus helping to extend the shelf life of the product.

The ideal partner of Original Maté for quality packaging

As a new brand in the infusion market, Original Maté wanted to focus its marketing on product communication.

In fact, mate is a relatively new drink in France, it was absolutely necessary to educate the consumer and reassure them in their purchase. The packaging of the infusions has been an effective way to communicate about the product.

Original Maté was convinced by 3 advantages of ePac as a packaging supplier.

Firstly, French manufacturing, the mate infusion brand wants to work as much as possible with French suppliers. Also, being able to source from a French packaging supplier while minimizing its carbon footprint was greatly appreciated by the brand.

Nina also tells us that she was convinced by the prices of our packaging “ ePac offers very competitive prices on the French market. “Our digital printing system allows us to eliminate additional costs such as plate costs.

Finally, the mate tea infusion brand is very satisfied with the print quality of its packaging. Thanks to digital printing , it is possible to benefit from high definition printing on your packaging.

If you wish to be assisted in your packaging project, just like Original Maté, do not hesitate to contact our sales team, we would be delighted to discuss it with you.