Nordmeccanica and ePac Flexible Packaging Agreement

An agreement between ePac Flexible Packaging and Nordmeccanica has been announced stating that ePac will be acquiring 10 solvent less “Super Simplex SL e800” laminators, being the greatest order ever recorded for solvent less laminators in the flexible packaging industry. Nordmeccanica is the largest manufacturer of Coating and Laminating machinery, having over 300 machines delivered yearly and 3,500 installed globally since becoming active 40 years ago.

ePac has had a relationship with Nordmeccanica since the opening of ePac’s first plant in Madison, WI. Nordmeccanica laminators can now be found in many of ePac’s locations, being: Boulder, CO; Miami, FL; Chicago, IL, and Austin, TX.

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