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Established in 2018, ePac Miami serves local and regional brands with pre-media, digital printing, laminating, and pouch making services. Our Miami team speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese to assist you with your packaging needs and help you through the process.

Visit our facility located at:

3600 NW 59th St
Miami, FL 33142

Miami Flexible Packaging

 ePac offers flexible packaging to Miami area businesses as well as those doing business in other market areas. Our superior digital printing services allow for the perfect execution of even complex logos, text, and design elements. We work closely with our customers to provide pouch bag design while providing services that are perfectly suited to the products they are offering.

quick production

ePac’s digital printing process has a much shorter production turnaround time than traditional printing. Because digital printing doesn’t require the set up of plates, we ship your packaging in 10-15 business days compared to the 6-12 weeks of conventional printing.

quality materials

At ePac, producing high-quality flexible packaging is our priority. Our state-of-the-art digital presses paired with our durable films ensures brands of all sizes can go to market with quality packaging.

ePac offers a variety of pouch options to complement your product.

flexible packaging partners

We are here to help small businesses grow with the help of flexible packaging in Miami. Our team is here to partner with you every step of the way.

**Our Miami team speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese.