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ePac's unique digital platform is engineered to deliver high-quality flexible packaging, with exceptional customer service and industry-best time to market.

how we do it

Each of our manufacturing locations uses state of the art HP Indigo 20000 Digital presses, and our entire order-to-ship process is designed to take the complexity out of purchasing flexible packaging. ePac is the only flexible packaging company built from the ground up on a digital platform, enabling us to produce competitively priced short and medium-run length orders, within 10 – 15 business days from the date artwork is approved, with true high definition photo-quality graphics.

digital printing

Our digital printing platform provides our customers with unique advantages, including:

Faster turnaround time. Setup time and waste are substantially reduced with our digital presses.

The ability to make changes on the fly. PDFs are used as the image source, so no plates are required. 

Cost-effective short and medium run length jobs, with the ability to run multiples SKUs in one run. 

Our digital presses’ 29-inch wide web print space, which accommodates most flexible packaging sizes.

Variable Data Printing (VDP), which makes it possible to create packaging with variable text and images.

High definition photo-quality images with 100% color consistency + vibrancy. 

full-service flexible packaging company

pre-press services

Includes pre-flighting, die-lines, color matching, and optimization. Special effects are applied and a PDF is sent directly to the press, eliminating the need for printing plates.

multi-format pouch making

We can produce a variety of stand-up and lay-flat pouch formats + sizes with optional press-to-close zippers and hang holes.

solventless lamination

Our lamination process cures fast, and is more environmentally friendly than alternative processes using solvents.

digital printing

Our digital printing platform enables brands to do things not possible with traditional printing methods offering low minimum orders, a quicker path to get to market with fast turnaround times and the ability to run multiple SKUs in one order.

variable data printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP), a form of digital printing, allows unique and personalized text and/or graphics to be printed on each SKU. This opens a two-way dialogue between brands and consumers by providing creative and personalized experiences.

team of flexible packaging experts

We’re here to partner with you throughout the entire flexible packaging process. As leading industry experts, our team can make recommendations + share valuable insights on structures, films, special features, and more.

digitally enhanced packaging

One of the key differentiators between conventional and digital printing is the ability to print unique text and graphics on each and every package. With digitally printed packaging, brands can run hyper-targeted marketing campaigns, link to web content, track your product journey, and produce graphically rich variable imagery that improves shelf appeal and brand awareness.