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Custom Flexible Packaging for Cheese

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ePac Provides the Best Cheese Packaging Around

custom cheese packaging

The cheese market has seen steady growth with increased consumption of high fat and protein diets. By upgrading your packaging from unprinted shrink film or hand-labeled vacuum bags to fully printed, custom resealable pouches or wrappers, you’ll add convenience and longevity to your customer experience while upleveling your brand.

spice up your cheese package 

By choosing custom digitally printed pouches and rollstock, your cheese and dairy brand will shine on the shelf with the high-definition colors and graphics. Not only that, but your brand will benefit from the ability to print multiple SKUs in one run so that you can trial different flavors and recipes to align with sporting activities, regional events and seasonal holidays. Take advantage of ePac’s low minimum orders and 10-15 day turnaround time (upon artwork approval), while eliminating excess inventory and decreasing obsolescence.  

innovation by design

Custom packaging pouches for cheese and dairy need structures that are specially formulated with barriers to lock in freshness and minimize oxygen and aroma transfer. ePac offers an assortment of pouch styles, including 3-side seal, fin seal flow wrap packages, stand up, and lay flat pouches, with the following features:

  • Transparent or clouded windows
  • Matte, soft-touch, or gloss finishes
  • Resealable zippers with tear notch and hang holes

packaging cheese + dairy in all forms

No matter what type of dairy pouching you are in the market for, ePac offers solutions for a wide variety of cheeses and dairy products, including, but not limited to:

  • String cheeses
  • Sliced cheeses
  • Shredded cheeses
  • Party trays
  • Peelable meat and cheese snacks 
  • Milks
  • Yogurts
  • Butters
  • Non-dairy alternatives

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