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Custom Flexible Packaging for Bakery Products

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Bakery Products

custom packaging for bakery products

Flexible packaging and baked goods go hand in hand. From breads, baking mixes and ingredients, to pre-made cakes, cookies and muffins, your products deserve to be seen and protected in-store, on the shelf and in the homes of consumers. 

essentials for bakery products packaging

pliable, lightweight packaging

flexible packaging is ideal for transporting and storing a myriad of breads and other bakery items. Its malleable nature allows for a higher product-to-package ratio than other types of packaging and more convenience when storing on counter tops and pantry shelves. 


it’s important that oxygen and moisture do not enter packaging for bread products and other baked goods and supplies, so high-barrier films are used to prevent harmful environmental elements from getting in, while retaining that freshly baked aroma within the packaging. 

resealable, powder-proof zippers

are ideal to prevent spills and offer convenience to take pastries, brownies and other sweet bites on the go, while protecting them from the elements and ensuring maximum enjoyment for future consumption. Resealable zippers also allow consumers to use your product multiple times, while maintaining freshness.

made-to-order baked goods packaging

Each of your bakery products is unique and serves a different purpose. Why should your packaging be any different? With digital printing, your flexible packaging can be customized to fit your needs. Print multiple SKUs in one run for limited edition and seasonal flavors, or to test out new products. Bright, high-definition colors and designs on your bakery packaging will catch your customers’ eye and help your product to differentiate itself from competitors.  With quick turnaround times and low minimum orders, you won’t have to worry about buying your packaging in bulk, obsolescence or excess inventory. Order to demand and keep your packaging up-to-date.  

bakery product packaging features

There are a handful of features worth highlighting for the packaging of bakery items. While not necessary, these small additions to your stand up or lay flat pouches and rollstock can attract the attention of customers and guarantee satisfaction with the packaging of your product.

tear notches – Small but functional perforation for consumers to open the packaging with ease and a clean tear. 

windows – Transparent or clouded windows are a fun way for consumers to get a sneak peek of the product itself before buying and opening the packaging.

spot embellishments serve as a unique way to highlight a certain word, design, color or image on a packaging, to draw extra attention to that part of the packaging.

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