BHA, a flour with a thousand virtues packed in a recyclable doypack.

BHA is a brand created by Biruk Bekele, a young entrepreneur, who offers flour and delicious cake mixes made out of teff.

To pack its products, BHA chose recyclable plastic pouches, offering an effective barrier against moisture and resistance to tearing.

Found out more about BHA, a brand that combines quality, diversity, and respect of the environment.


The winning bet of this young entrepreneur in the bakery products industry.

Biruk Bekele, who is of Ethiopian origin, came to France when he was 10 years old. After graduating in business management, the young man decided to follow the path of entrepreneurship.

His goal was very simple: to create a brand that reflects his Ethiopian roots and that serves as a bridge between Ethiopia and France.

His choice thus turned to a product not widely available in France but with numerous virtues: teff flour. After many trips back and forth between the two countries, Biruk learned more about this flour and how it is harvested.

2020 marks the start of BHA’s journey, a brand that offers teff-based flour and cake mixes.”

A product diversification strategy for its flour that works

An ancestral flour suitable for all diets

Teff flour is a product traditionally grown and consumed in Ethiopia for centuries. Teff is originally one of the smallest cereals in the world and it contains numerous benefits for the human body.

Thanks to its high content in fiber, iron, and magnesium, and its absence of gluten, teff is among the alternative flours that are multiplying on the shelves of French supermarkets.

This relatively rich product is particularly interesting, not only for a sporty audience, but also for many diets, including vegan and vegetarian.

flour packaging

Also, with a water content of 70%, teff is perfectly suited for people suffering from diabetes. BHA products are therefore the number one alternative when it comes to adopting a healthier diet.

Delicious cake mixes ready to use

After launching his teff flour range, Biruk wanted to diversify his products and increase his sales. In spite of being available on the shelves in stores, teff flour didn’t attract much interest from French consumers, mainly due to their limited awareness of this product.

So Biruk had the idea to turn his teff flour into ready-to-use preparations for consumers. This is how the range of teff flour-based cake mixes was born.

This new range has been a winning bet for BHA. Indeed, cake mixes have added value to the product while targeting a new market segment. Thanks to these preparations, Biruk wanted to offer French consumers an intermediate product, easy to use. Today, BHA offers three different references for its cake mixes, a mix for brownies, cookies, and financiers.

A doypack packaging suitable for flour.

From a kraft bag with label to a 100% PE packaging.

When it came to packaging, BHA initially went for kraft paper.

However, the printing limitations associated with kraft paper led the young founder to choose 100% PE high-definition plastic bags . ePac assisted the young brand in its rebranding.

“Romain was a very helpful person who quickly showed me the different types of printing and packaging offered by ePac, I received different samples, then I was able to quickly make my choice. ” Biruk tells us.

product powder bag

Pouches made from PE are particularly suitable for bakery products such as flour.

In fact, PE is a recyclable material, making it the packaging of choice for all brands wishing to adopt an eco-responsible approach.

Moreover, unlike kraft paper packaging, ePac’s pouches can be printed over their entire surface, thus allowing to communicate about the product.

A flexible pouch specifically designed for powdered products.

In order to package its flour and powdered cake mixes, BHA packaging had to meet various criteria.

The packaging had to be waterproof to prevent leaks and preserve the product’s quality. A good barrier against humidity was also necessary to protect the flour from atmospheric moisture and maintain its freshness.

The pouches also had to be puncture-resistant to prevent tears or damage during transport and storage. Thanks to ePac, BHA has been able to pack its flour in perfectly suitable flexible packaging.


If your powdered product brand is facing the same packaging issue as BHA, ePac will be happy to assist you, contact our experts now.