about ePac UK Sheffield

The right flexible packaging solutions can make all the difference. ePac is pleased to offer high-quality flexible packaging solutions and custom printing services for brands of all sizes in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Our custom flexible packaging is designed to help your brand stand out on the shelf while keeping your product protected and extending shelf life. 

Each of our ePac locations is equipped with full-service production capabilities, only possible by the power of ePac’s proprietary printing process.

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Sheffield Flexible Packaging

ePac UK Sheffield caters to a wide range of consumer products with custom printed flexible packaging. Available as stand up pouches, lay flat pouches or rollstock, brands of all sizes can be confident that their products will stand out from the competition with high quality packaging with photo-quality colors and images. Our printing platform gives us the unique ability to focus on short and medium-run jobs, while also producing multi-SKU orders, which is another added benefit that makes us different than conventional printers. If you’re looking for premium quality flexible packaging delivered to you quickly, look no further than ePac Flexible Packaging Sheffield.

pouch bag design & making

ePac’s pouch printing services have a much shorter turnaround time than traditional printing. Because our printing process doesn’t require the set up of plates, we ship your finished product in 10-15 business days compared to the 6-12 weeks that traditional printers require. This means pouch manufacturing doesn’t need to hold up your production timeline.

*10 days for rollstock and 15 days for pouches.

order to demand

With ePac’s low minimum orders, you have the flexibility to order as much flexible packaging as you need, whenever you need it. Our printing platform gives you the ability to order multiple SKUs in one run, diversifying your product offering, while reducing waste and obsolescence, and saving you money. Order your packaging with confidence and ease with ePac.

functional features

Customize your packaging to maintain product quality and integrity, while standing apart from the competition. At ePac, you can add customizable, premium features to your packaging such as resealable zippers and barrier layers, to maintain your product’s freshness by regulating moisture and oxygen penetration / intrusion and reduce product waste.  For more information about our products and services, call +44 1295 793793 today or get a quote to find out if ePac is a good partner for your brand.