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Our high-quality films and photo-quality digital printing technology ensure that your custom, digitally-printed rollstock gives your brand a premium look and feel, with best-in-class performance.
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Stand out on the shelf

3 & 6-inch cores

Choose the core size that works best for your brand and your machines.

film winding specification

Choose the direction you want your rollstock wound.

roll sizes

Max outer diameter can be based on imperial or metric measurement or impression count.

co-packer accommodations

Materials are converted based on co-packer needs, including unwind, seals and max outer diameter.

rollstock for brands of all sizes

Ideal for a wide variety of products — everything from granola bars to packaged snacks to single-serve sample packs — rollstock is most suited to brands looking to create pillow pouches, packets, sachets and lay flat pouches using their own pouch-making equipment.

Whether you’re an established brand getting ready to launch a new product to market, or a new brand looking to work with a co-packer to package your product, you can benefit from ePac’s low minimum orders, short runs, industry-best turnaround time (10 days for rollstock, 15 days for finished pouches), and on-demand ordering. 

“Sometimes we have multiple SKUs under various brand families and we want to conduct a market test to see which package works best. Through ePac’s short run fulfillment, there is much less cost associated with backstock, parts and other wasted materials. We can run 2,000 instead of 20,000 and conduct A/B testing quickly and efficiently.”

— Trevor Parrick
Director of Technical Sales & Services, West Shore Foods LLC

high-performance, high-quality rollstock

Our state-of-the-art digital printing technology makes it possible to deliver better rollstock with an incredibly fast turnaround all while using less energy and producing less waste than traditional printing methods.

Our finished rollstock runs on both vertical and horizontal FFS equipment and on both manual and fully automatic machinery. Our quality control measures ensure that each order, whether 10,000 or 1,000,000 impressions, is printed perfectly. 

rollstock fAQs

What are the rollstock options?

Our rollstock options include the following:

  • Ideal for pillow pouches, packets, and sachets
  • Seal options:
    • Fin Seal
    • Lap Seal
  • 76 & 152 mm cores 
  • Film winding specification
  • High vapor barriers that block moisture, oxygen, and aroma from entering or exiting the package
  • Transparent or clouded windows
  • Metalised films 
  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Spot embellishments

We strive to provide solutions for each person. For custom requests, please contact our team here or by calling us at  +44 1295 793793.

What are your film structures and material options?

We offer our customers a variety of materials and film structures including:

  • Print Substrates PET, Metallised PET, PE, and BOPP
  • Finishes available in:
    • Traditional Matte
    • Soft-touch Matte
    • Gloss
    • Metalised
  • High-barrier and multi-layer sealant films 
  • Specialty laminate films 
  • Recyclable films 
  • Metalised PET and foil 
  • Freezer safe and Microwaveable options available
I am working with a co-packer. What accomodations can you make?

That’s great! We can assist with many different co-packer requests to efficiently convert your material including different seals, max outer diameter options, and unwind options.

Do you offer recyclable or compostable films? 

We’re very proud to offer a recyclable PE pouch suitable for the UK’s On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) system and for RecycleNow Store Collection points, as well as a pouch using up to 30% post-consumer recycled resins.

What is your turnaround time on rollstock?

Rollstock will be produced in 10 business days, once your artwork has been approved.

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