IPSAGO: the successful rebranding of their 100% recyclable packaging

“Biscuits as good for your palate as for the planet!” – That’s Ipsago’s promise. The mission-driven company produces delicious biscuits while fighting against waste.

In order to gain visibility on the shelves, the brand had to reinvent itself, notably by switching from a kraft paper bag to plastic packaging.

Find out how ePac Lyon helped this start up rebrand its packaging to reflect its image.

A biscuit brand born out of love for the environment

Renaud and Thibault were raised to respect the environment and preserve the planet from an early age. Sons of herbalists and winegrowers, the two founders of Ipsago have always been sensitive to nature.

Created in 2022, Ipsago is the result of this beautiful friendship. The company aims to fight against food waste, while offering a healthier alternative for snacks.

Ipsago, a healthy snacking committed to the planet!

Biscuits made from the valorisation of food waste

Eager to contribute to sustainability at their own level, the two friends spent a great deal of time thinking about a project they could undertake together.

The co-founders of Ipsago came to a conclusion: why not use food waste, such as draff and fruits and vegetables that are off-size or in overproduction.

Their goal is to fight against food waste, reduce carbon footprint, and create strong ties between local businesses through the establishment of a new systems to enhance the value of unused food resources.

doypack biscuit

Seasonal ranges of biscuits

Ipsago’s product offer comes in two ranges of snacks.

Crac0malt, which are tasty crackers, made from spent grain flours and dehydrated fruit and vegetable powders. Here are some recipes offered in this range: sweet potatoes & rosemary, tomatoes & oregano, carrots & cumin, spinach & spices.

The second range of products is called Origin0, it is made of dehydrated fresh fruit puree petals and draff flour, you can find petals in flavors such as orange and clove or apple and mint. Always respecting their value, Ipsago offers biscuits made from seasonal products. The ingredients are therefore local, limiting the pollution generated by transport.

A biscuit brand that stands out on the shelves

The co-founders of Ipsago have managed to stand out in the organic snack aisles and convince consumers with a winning formula.

First and foremost, the recipe and composition of their snacks outperform the competition when it comes to environmentally-friendly products.

Ipsago offers healthy snacks that are composed of almost 90% upcycled products, unlike competition that offers up to 10%, or even 15%.

Upcycling is an approach to the circular economy that aims to reduce waste by reusing food residues.


In other words, Ipsago gives a second life to these abandoned food products by transforming them into powders and flours through dehydration techniques, and this flour is the main ingredient in their snack.
Plus, Ipsago cookies have no added sugar or fats.

Finally, to satisfy everyone’s desires, Ipsago wants to innovate in terms of taste and recipe. So they took on the challenge to offer exclusive recipes and original flavors.

A unique packaging of biscuits appetizer.

Recyclable plastic Doypack

Like many of our customers, Ipsago first packaged its sweet and savory biscuits in kraft paper bags .

However, several issues have arisen in the case of Ipsago.

Our products are available in organic store aisles, but we quickly noticed that our customers were having trouble finding our cookies. The shelves of organic stores are often poorly lit and made of wood, which made our brown kraft paper bags almost invisible.“says Renaud.”


Therefore, the co-founders hesitated for a long time before switching to printed plastic packaging. In fact, they were afraid of losing this rustic and traditional aspect related to the material of kraft paper. They also wished to remain true to their environmental values by keeping a 100% recyclable packaging.
ePac adviced them and reassured them in their transition to a plastic bag . After many discussions with our experts, Ipsago finally decided to choose 100% recyclable polyethylene packaging .

Packaging with transparent window and colorful design for snacks

In order to attract the attention of consumers in stores, Ipsago has decided to include a transparent window on its packaging.

Packaging with transparent windows offers several advantages. Firstly, they allow consumers to see the actual product inside, which creates a more concrete shopping experience and strengthens trust towards the brand.

Moreover, these packages visually stand out on the store shelves, thereby attracting the attention of potential customers.

multi-reference snacks

Transparent windows can also highlight the specific features of the product, thus communicating its added value without the need for words. By encouraging tactile interaction with the product, these packages stimulate customer engagement.

In summary, ePac’s packaging with clear windows has enabled Ipsago to achieve better visibility, visual differentiation, effective communication, strengthened trust, and higher customer engagement.

As for the design of its packaging, Ipsago chose a clean white background and splashes of color associated with each of its products. Ipsago has deliberately chosen different colors for its ranges in order to allow consumers to easily identify the different recipes.

If you also wish to be guided in the design of your packaging for your snacks, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.