How to Extend Your Shelf Life With Flexible Packaging

As a brand owner, you know all about the many consumer benefits that have catapulted flexible packaging onto shelves in almost every market space. Its lightweight and easy to open design makes flexible packaging universally appealing, while its high-barrier properties and optional re-close features help to extend product freshness.

Many brands today have incorporated a flexible package, like a stand-up pouch, into their portfolio. In fact, according to the Flexible Packaging Association and statistics from a Harris Poll, 83% of all brands are currently using flexible packaging of some kind.

Flexible Ensures Maximum Freshness 

A great package can go a long way in securing your product’s success. But, one of the most important characteristics of your packaging is its ability to keep the product fresh. Moisture and oxygen threaten many foods’ freshness and can cause the product to become stale, or even moldy. Because of this, the packaging must work to retain moisture and texture, and allow for extended shelf life. Luckily flexible packaging is made to protect your product. In fact, using flexible packaging helps to extend your food product’s shelf life in three distinct ways. How?

Barrier Properties 

First, through the use of barrier properties. Highbarrier packaging, in general, helps retain rich flavors and aromas by creating a tightly sealed barrier system. The barrier film works to efficiently block oxygen transmission, light, and water vapor from contacting sensitive foods. 

Reseal Technology 

Secondly, by utilizing reseal technology. Flexible packaging that features a reseal closure, like a zipper, powder-proof zipper, or child-resistant zipper, allows users to securely close the pouch, keeping oxygen and moisture out and freshness in. The reseal technology of flexible packaging also ensures that the food item maintains its freshness over several uses. 

Oxygen Absorbers

Thirdly, flexible packaging extends shelf life with the use of oxygen absorbers. The use of an oxygen absorber inside a plastic pouch or bag prevents the growth of fungi and microorganisms. It works to keep air out, maintaining an oxygen level close to zero during the entire life of the product. 

With high-barrier films and airtight seals, highly perishable products are kept safe from oxygen and moisture. Reclosable packages and oxygen absorbers further work to extend the shelf life of sensitive food items. These elements keep the product fresher for longer, which extends the life of the product in both stores and in consumers’ homes, ensuring less food ends up in a landfill, and a happier customer that comes back for more. 

Ready for A Better Package?

At ePac, we take product safety and freshness seriously. That’s why we utilize high-barrier films that are vapor barrier, blocking moisture, vapors, and smells from entering or exiting the package. Our quality seal structure ensures that our pouches are leak-proof, allowing for longer shelf life at the store and at home. We use only quality film that delivers better performance, uses less energy and runs on your machine faster. Are you ready to learn more about how we can help you extend your product’s shelf life with digitally printed flexible packaging? Call us today for a free quote, and click here to get a quote online.