How ELSY Doubled its Turnover With Sustainable Packaging

Elsy is a unique confectionery brand that has revolutionized the industry. It specializes in chocolate confectionery made with healthy ingredients, and a low glycemic index. Established in 2020, this chocolate brand has successfully positioned itself in 400 large and medium-sized stores.

But Elsy encountered a significant challenge in providing its customers with chocolate products in sustainable packaging that is both practical and appropriate. To address this issue, the brand strategically partnered with ePac Lyon to provide the packaging.


The Birth of a Gourmet Startup


At its core, Elsy’s story is one of serendipitous encounters. It all began with the fateful meeting between Claire Laurent, hailing from Brittany, and Capucine Razou. United by their belief that indulgence should not carry a negative connotation, these two women embarked on a remarkable journey.

They soon discovered that the majority of confectionery lining supermarket shelves featured ingredient lists that were far from wholesome. 

At the same time, while dried fruit brands did offer health benefits, their products often lacked the alluring appeal of gourmet treats.

This realization led to a turning point for Claire and Capucine. They became determined to carve out a space on those very shelves for products that were simultaneously healthy and gourmet.

A Product Differentiation Strategy That Works


Elsy’s key distinguishing factor lies in its ability to offer a delectable yet healthy formula. The brand achieves this through its puffed balls, which contain 50% to 90% less sweetness compared to conventional confectionery, all while being free from sweeteners. To replace sugar, Elsy utilizes vegetable fibers sourced from the chicory root.

Elsy’s objective was to create a product that maximizes protein and fiber content. This composition, low in sugar but rich in fiber, enables Elsy to achieve a product with a low glycemic index. The chocolate balls also feature a unique addition: coral lentils. These lentils contribute a delightful crunch to the overall texture of the balls.

Remarkably, consuming just half a packet of Elsy’s puffed beads equates to approximately 20% of the daily recommended fiber intake set by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

You see? With Elsy’s products, there’s no need to deprive yourself!

The Meteoric Growth of this Confectionery Brand in the French Market

In 2020, Elsy embarked on its product marketing journey, starting with local references and store-by-store expansion. Today, customers can find the entire range of Elsy products not only in large and medium-sized supermarkets such as Monoprix or Franprix, but also on the brand’s own website.

Since its inception in 2020, Elsy initially experienced modest growth. However, the brand truly hit its stride in 2022, achieving a remarkable doubling of its turnover. Staying true to its vision, Elsy intends to maintain the momentum moving forward. As Claire passionately expresses, their ultimate goal is to become the go-to brand for healthy chocolate snacking.

Currently, Elsy’s product range includes puffed beads, chocolate-covered nuts, and chocolate bars. Looking ahead, the young brand envisions expanding its product line by incorporating a culinary dimension, enabling customers to explore low glycemic cooking options. 

In the medium term, the company aspires to establish itself as the health-conscious alternative to popular treats like M&Ms.

Finding the Perfect Packaging for Chocolate Products

After months of research and development, while perfecting the recipe, Elsy’s next task was to choose the right packaging for its chocolate products. The brand’s primary objective was to use packaging predominantly composed of paper—a challenging endeavor.

Starting in 2020, Elsy started using paper packaging with an EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) barrier to protect and preserve its products. But a new concern arose as the EVOH barrier properties at that time did not meet their desired standards.

So Elsy explored alternatives, focusing on single-material packaging while still prioritizing recyclability. Unfortunately, this type of packaging was  ill-suited for the customer experience. Claire told us as some customers found it hard to open the bags.


Four Criteria for Confectionery Bag

When it came to packaging its chocolate balls, Elsy had four essential criteria that had to be met:

Aesthetic Appeal: The packaging design needed to be attractive and visually appealing, aligning with Elsy’s brand image and the allure of their delectable chocolate treats.

Product Protection: Ensuring the packaging offered optimal protection for the delicate chocolate balls was paramount. It had to safeguard the product from external elements, preserving its taste, texture, and quality.

Practicality: Elsy sought packaging that was user-friendly and convenient for consumers. It had to be easy to handle, open, and reseal, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Sustainability: A commitment to environmental responsibility guided Elsy’s choice of packaging. The brand aimed for sustainability by selecting materials that were eco-friendly, recyclable, and aligned with their dedication to reducing their ecological footprint.

By adhering to these four criteria, Elsy aimed to provide an exceptional confectionery packaging solution that combined aesthetics, product protection, practicality, and sustainability.

A mouth-watering Chocolate Packaging Bag

Packaging is also important because it serves as the initial point of contact between the consumer and the product, playing a crucial role in shaping the consumer’s purchasing decision, with colors, shapes, and images effectively communicating brand values.

For Elsy, the design of their packaging revolves around a simple yet impactful approach, incorporating their memorable slogan, “I am Elsy.” By employing this strategy, the brand aims to create a strong brand identity and establish a connection with consumers.

To facilitate easy differentiation among various flavors, Elsy has made a deliberate choice to assign a distinct color to each of its product variants. This thoughtful color-coding system assists consumers in quickly identifying their preferred flavor and contributes to an enhanced overall experience.

By prioritizing an appealing and well-executed design, Elsy ensures that its chocolate packaging captures attention, communicates brand values, and entices customers with its mouth-watering allure.

Protect the Product

Preserving the quality and freshness of their chocolate candies was important  to Elsy. To achieve this, they sought out a packaging solution that would safeguard the product throughout its shelf life. Thus, the brand opted for a packaging material with exceptional barrier properties known as EVOH.

EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) barrier is a specialized material commonly used as a barrier layer in food packaging. It boasts remarkable properties that impede the migration of oxygen, gasses, flavors, and oils. By incorporating EVOH into their packaging, Elsy successfully shields the packaged puffed chocolate balls from these detrimental factors.

This packaging solution ensures that the chocolate candies retain their optimal quality, taste, and texture, allowing consumers to indulge in a delightful experience with each bite. Elsy’s commitment to protecting their products underscores their dedication to delivering excellence to their valued customers.


Convenient Flexible Packaging for Chocolate Products

Elsy recognized the importance of providing its consumers with a packaging solution that was not only visually appealing but also practical and user-friendly. To meet this objective, Elsy opted for doypack pouches, which are compact in size, making them convenient for on-the-go snacking. Additionally, the inclusion of a resealable zip closure allows consumers to easily carry their snacks and enjoy them at any time of the day while maintaining the product’s freshness.

This practical packaging design enables Elsy’s customers to indulge in their delightful treats without the constraints of time or location. Whether it’s a quick bite between meetings or a satisfying snack during a leisurely stroll, Elsy’s packaging ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Sustainable Production and Packaging

In its commitment to responsibility, Elsy ensures that every aspect of its products aligns with this ambition. The brand has made a conscious choice to utilize sustainable raw materials, including cocoa, brown rice, and coral lentils sourced from organic farming. 

However, their dedication extends beyond the product itself to encompass packaging considerations. Elsy has opted for recyclable packaging, composed of 80% paper, which can be easily sorted. As a local brand, Elsy proudly embraces the “Made in France” label!’


Flexibility for Small Order Volumes with ePac

When it came to packaging its chocolates, Elsy turned to ePac Flexible Packaging, and the collaboration turned out to be a resounding success. ePac was able to fulfill all of Elsy’s requirements.

In addition to the product itself, Elsy was highly satisfied with the quality of the packaging printing service. “I appreciated the prompt communication with the sales representative and the fast production of the packaging,” says Claire Laurent. Indeed, ePac offers shipping of your packaging within 10 to 15 working days after proof approval.

Furthermore, as Elsy made its debut, they sought the flexibility to start with small order volumes, which ePac made possible. We understand that small companies have distinct packaging needs compared to larger corporations. In response to this demand, ePac offers low minimum order volumes. Brands can place orders accordingly, ensuring reduced inventory.

If you would like support for your packaging project, just like Elsy did, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We would be delighted to assist you.