ePac Flexible Packaging CEO Elaborates on ePacONE (One Network Anywhere) Announcement

Jack Knott, 40 year industry veteran and CEO, offers insights into the historical importance of the recent announcement

Simultaneous with the announcement of ePacONE made by ePac today, long time industry veteran, and CEO of ePac, Jack Knott, offers his insights on the importance of this announcement to the flexible Packaging Industry.

As explained by Knott: “ePacONE is analogous to what many of us lived through in the years leading up to our internet connected world. There was first the abacus, then the calculator and smart typewriters, next a desktop computer and eventually a laptop, smart phones, and more. Each iteration kept getting smaller and faster, but the only development that made any of this valuable to advance the human race was the Internet. It connected us all as one and allowed us to use a computer individually or to share it with thousands. As long as I’ve been associated with flexible packaging, everything has been mechanical, so all the new improvements have been around a single stand alone asset. Separate mechanical machinery cannot be operated in a connected virtual mode and run as one. ePacOne accomplishes this”. 

Knott continues: “Over the course of my career leading flexible packaging companies, I’ve never seen such an eclectic group of specialists coalesce around developing a new technology like ePacOne. It took a few years to develop and get everything in place globally, and I couldn’t be more excited for how this will improve all Brands’ ability to go to market faster, at a lower cost, with minimal inventory write offs and with the least amount of environmental impact.

“This technology should be fully operational by the end of Q1, 2023. It will include the ability of any customer to securely log on to ePacOne, look for new packaging, and get instantaneous structure recommendations and pricing. Customers will be able to upload artwork, and get automatic customizable dielines, evaluate different options, see a 3D rendition of the new package, and place the order – no matter how small or how large. Given that there are no plates or cylinders,  the order can always be changed up to time of production.” 

About ePac Flexible Packaging 

ePac Flexible Packaging opened in 2016 with a focus on providing small and medium size brands the ability to grow with great packaging. In 6 years ePac has grown to a network of 24 plants across the globe, all interconnected with ePacONE, and the speed and capacity to serve brands of all sizes. ePacONE reduces ePac’s impact on the  environment by reducing shipping and obsolescence when compared to conventional packaging converters.

For more information, please visit​ ePacFlexibles.com.

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