ePac Flexible Packaging Celebrates 5 Years of Accelerated Growth

ePac is happy to announce that the company is officially five years old. ePac was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in May of 2016 as a digital printing company focused on the growth of small to medium sized brands. In these past 5 years ePac has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 80%, operates 20 facilities globally with a capacity of about $500,000,000 and serves over 5,000 customers.

According to Jack Knott, CEO: “ePac will continue to replicate at a similar 80% CAGR globally, the digitization of ePac’s business model will drive a world class customer experience, the power of serialized printing and blockchain technology will allow direct B2C communications on an individual basis, and with this growth ePac will continue the optimization of the competitive cost structure”.

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