ePac Flexible Packaging Announces Expansion in Sacramento

ePac Flexible Packaging is happy to announce its plans to open its next facility near Sacramento, serving the Northern California area. The company has begun accepting orders, with fulfillment handled by other ePac US locations until its manufacturing facility opens later in 2020.

ePac Sacramento is a joint venture between Karma Packaging and ePac Holdings, and will be managed by Pete Rogers, a long-time Sacramento native and business owner. 

According to Virag Patel, ePac COO: “We’re excited to add Northern California to the ePac network. We currently have 16 locations running and serving local brands and communities in the US, Canada, England, and Indonesia. Our network of manufacturing plants gives us the ability to serve local businesses everywhere, and digitally transfer production of any product to locations of our customer’s choosing to meet short delivery times, and minimize shipping costs. No other flexible packaging supplier can achieve this and ship finished products in 3 weeks or less.”

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