Aegle’s Chooses Refillable Pouches to Save the Environment

When Zoe Williams’ skin wouldn’t clear up, she was frantic. After trying different solutions, medicines, and multiple doctor visits, there had to be a better way than poisoning her body with the options she was given in those clinical settings. That’s why she started Aegle’s, to give women a better opportunity to clear up their skin without harmful chemicals often prescribed by general practitioners. 

Because of her experiences, she wanted to do better for herself and all the women with bad acne she came across. 

When Zoe met natural acne practitioner, Lili Frances Kerr, a light came on: why deal with the side effects of being put on something like birth control when there are natural options out there? 

Instead of taking potentially harmful meds, Lili suggested Zoe try going natural, cutting out bad foods, changing her lifestyle, and trying supplements that are organic and natural instead of something crafted in a lab. 

“My acne was bad, I was tired of taking something that would create a hormone imbalance, and became fascinated with the idea of could we create something better that wouldn’t harm the body?,” Zoe told us in a Zoom interview. 

“So much of what’s going on inside of women is an elevated level of the male-sex hormone DHT, often coupled with a blood-sugar imbalance, which is often a result of a bad diet.”

A vision that’s natural

Within months of changing her lifestyle, Zoe saw her skin clear up. She became a believer in the power of natural healing. 

After clearing her skin up, Zoe kept seeing the same story repeatedly: women didn’t have access to the natural solution to change their lives. So, she reconnected with Lili, and together, they created a completely natural solution called ‘Acne Clear Now.’ 

“My goal was simple, I wanted to help women clear up their skin. But also, do it naturally. I come from the not-for-profit sector, so being a good citizen of the world is important to me.”

Zoe and Lili wanted to create something effective with many natural herbs and compounds that aid in the fight against hormone imbalance rather than those synthesized options, which have long-term effects. Aegle’s is created with some of the natural compounds in cauliflower and broccoli. 

Refillable Pouches for an earth-first company 

Aegle’s is committed to sustainability, which we love at ePac. They offset their carbon emissions by donating 5% of profits through MSF and the Climate Coalition. They’re also big supporters of On a Mission’s reforestation projects.

Since forming the company, Aegle’s has seen consistent growth thanks to its mission. “We’re a young company, but the revenue is growing monthly. I’m excited about what the future holds. So far, it’s been great and the feedback we’ve received is overwhelmingly positive.” 

It’s true. People are noticing what Aegle’s is doing. The original bottles the pills come in are made from part-recycled glass, and their boxes are made with recycled paper and printed with vegetable ink. 

To reduce their waste, they’ve been working with ePac to find the perfect solution for refillable pouches for health and beauty products

“Everyone at ePac has been great. We’ve had really good feedback on the pouches. They’re functional. We can reload our customers for three to six months using these pouches. It helps create less waste and the quality is great, they feel good in your hands. ePac has been so helpful for us, we’re a brand new small business. The team I’ve been working with has shared their knowledge and experience, so they’ve helped us in more ways than just selecting packaging.” 

The brand has a long-term vision: to help as many women as possible. They’re dedicated to becoming the brand that champions wellness from top to bottom. 

“Right now, we’re only online, but we’d love to work with bigger platforms to help spread the message,” continued Zoe. “We’d also love to get into some health food stores as an option, too. There’s so much that goes into why we break out, and one of them is diet. If we can help be a part of a mind-body education, we’re moving the company in the right direction.”

We love that Aegle’s is one of those brands doing the right thing, that they’re fighting to be at the forefront of helping women clear up their skin and invest in their customers’ future health. Stories like Zoe’s are what make doing our work so impactful. We get to be a minor player in the grand scheme of someone doing work from the heart.