The Smoothie Bombs are the Bomb With Their New Packaging

The Smoothie Bombs is the playful and nutritious Australia-based brand, operated by Mother & Daughter duo, Cinzia Cozzolino and Lana Hooper. Dedicated to helping people get healthier in a simple and delicious way, Cinzia, a trained nutritionist, created the original Smoothie Bomb as a solution for Lana’s fussy food preferences as a growing child. 

It evolved into a full-time business for Cinzia, the way many great ideas get their start. Realizing she had a product people wanted, Cinzia pursued her passion of turning her healthy, simple idea into a consumer business. 

Perfect Packaging, Perfect Timing

Managing every role that an entrepreneur must juggle to launch her business, she quickly turned to Alibaba to source her packaging needs. “I was a rookie to start with. I was looking at ways to find what I wanted, but I didn’t know the best way to do it. I chose that platform as the pricing was within my scope.” She was aware of the long 12 to 14 weeks lead times to have her product printed and delivered to Australia. She was also aware of the large minimum volumes she needed to get the price she needed.

Cinzia Cozzolino with ePac Australia’s General Manager, Jason Brown

Then one day out of the blue, she got a cold call from Jason Brown, ePac Australia’s Managing Director. Cinzia was excited to hear that ePac was printing locally in Australia and could match her overseas pricing. “That made me go ‘Yes!’ I wanted to buy from an Australian company, but when it comes to dollars and cents, I normally can’t.” Cinzia was skeptical of ePac’s ability to turn around her packaging needs within 3 weeks. “But they did, they pulled it off!”

With digital printing packaging, brands of all sizes are able to print small runs as they launch or relaunch products. This way they can order just what they need. And if a design or certification changes, brands can make a quick design change and do another production run without facing obsolescence. 

Trusted Partnership

From a trained nutritionist to where she is now, a respected brand owner, Cinzia is aware of the importance of packaging for her brand. “It has to stand out. Often when sourcing overseas, you have to really trust that the colors are right.” With ePac based in Melbourne, Australia, the opportunity to see her product roll directly off the production line was another opportunity that attracted Cinzia. That, and the team at ePac who she now sees as a valuable supplier committed to helping her business to grow. 

From their first trial order, to repeat orders that will support the launch of Cinzia’s new product launches in 2022, a trusted partnership has been formed. “When you are in business, you want to have good relations with who your suppliers are. It’s really tough running a business and you want to know that you’ve got partners that are on the same page. That you are supporting each other.”  

With digital printing, brands like The Smoothie Bombs can leverage short runs & flexibility to order just what they need and then order more as the brand grows. Plus, they can make changes on the fly, update the stand up package before each run & take advantage of variable data printing to create new and unique designs all year long. 

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