Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Packaging

If you’re a brand owner, ensuring your packaging not only attracts new customers, but also retains existing customers, is a MUST. 

Maybe you’re ready to move on from stock bags, or you are entering into a major retailer and you know better packaging is a must. Or maybe you’re ready to simply take your packaging to the next level. Whatever your motive, upgrading your packaging can help boost sales, gain new customers, widen your distribution, and build better brand recognition. 

Reasons to Redesign Your Packaging

Brands of all sizes and in all segments can make the smart decision and invest in a better brand image through upgraded packaging. If any of these describe your brand, it may be time to make the move.

1. Your Packaging Quality Is Subpar 

Low quality can mean a lot of things, from low quality graphics and materials, to faulty packaging. Does your tear strip and zipper work properly? Does the package hold up use after use? Does it give off a premium, quality feel? If you said no to any of these, it may be time to upgrade.

2. Your Packaging is Generic 

Are you still packing your product in stock bags? While generic bags may work well for a short period of time, they won’t give your brand the distinction it needs to compete with large, well-known brands. 

3. Your Packaging Doesn’t Exactly POP on the Shelf

Shelf impact is key to building a brand and gaining new customers. To get a leg up on the competition, you want your package to stand out on the shelf and look different (and better) than the competition. Upgrading your package with new materials, designs, and features can all help you do just this. Consider using more vibrant graphics, a reseal zipper, PCR film, or anything else that will set your brand apart.

4. Your Packaging is Off Brand

Your package, design, and overall aesthetic work together to build brand recognition. You want your packaging to speak to who and what your brand is. 

For instance, if your brand is focused on the environment, you can switch your packaging to match that focus by offering eco-friendly options like recyclable or even compostable pouches and bags, or packaging made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

5. Your Packaging Isn’t Meeting Your Customers’ Needs

Have you considered how your customers are using your product and how the packaging can help make the experience better? Maybe it’s adding a resealable zipper or offering various sizes including single-serve for on-the-go consumption. Creating new packaging with features that aim to improve functionality as well as the customer experience will only further strengthen your brand.

6. Your Brand and Packaging Need a Refresh 

Is it time for an updated look and feel for your packaging? A package refresh can give your brand just what it needs to feel new again, and recapture consumer attention.

Partner for Your New Packaging 

At ePac, our wide-web digital printing technology delivers bright, vibrant, and precise graphics in a quality that exceeds that of conventional printing methods. We can create rollstock or pre-made pouches with the various capabilities and functionalities important to consumers today like stand-up pouches, reseal zippers, and easy open and close. Some digital printing benefits are that it also gives you the freedom of personalization for custom flexible packaging and messaging for your brand to reach various markets. Why are flexible materials important?  Contact us today to learn how we can help you take your flexible packaging ideas to the next level.