Should You Use Custom Resealable Bags For Your Product Packaging?

There’s a good chance you Googled, “I need better packaging for my product” or something close. And because of that, you’ve landed here. If you’re unhappy with your packaging, you’ve got to make a move. How can you confidently sell your product, if you can’t walk into a meeting or sell it to a customer hand to hand, if you don’t feel like it’s the best on the market? Have you looked around? There are a lot of people doing a lot of cool things right now, so don’t get left behind when it comes to keeping up with the competition?

Branded resealable packaging not only keeps your company’s image looking fresh and trend-current, but it also shows your vested in the environment when using custom sealable pouches that are recyclable or biodegradable. 

We put together a list of a few reasons why this investment is worth it. Trust us on this one. 

Resealable Packaging Options

Ever open a bag of Doritos and wish they were resealable? One of the best things about resealable packaging is that once you’re done snacking on something, you can close the package back up. When oxygen and moisture get into a bag, that threatens freshness and creates staleness. Flexible packaging extends shelf life thanks to high-quality barrier film that blocks oxygen transmission, water vapor, and light. 

Flexible packaging that features a zipper lets consumers close the pouch, keeping oxygen out and freshness locked in. Plus, once something’s sealed tight, it can be thrown in a backpack for a road trip.

Something being sealed is also essential for things like supplements, or herbal products, which we always want to keep out of kids’ hands. (There are even child-resistant bags, too.)

When To Choose Resealable Bags for Packaging

Let’s face a fact: we’re all playing to the market. Stock anything is not going to turn heads. While sure, using stock packaging or labels will help get your Cajun spiced sunflower seeds off the ground and into the farmer’s market, taking the brand to the next level will need some TLC and some innovation of how you want the look and feel of your packaging to come across to anyone reaching for it on store shelves. 

Branded resealable bags elevate your brand, conveying that what’s inside is quality. Matte, gloss, or clear packaging highlights your product and differentiates your brand from the pack. A transparent window shows off what’s inside to curious shoppers, while the matte film feels good to the touch.

One of the biggest things for resealable bags and custom packaging right now is that they can be taken to the next level, design-wise. Sticker size doesn’t matter, and colors don’t matter. You can cover every inch of a pouch thanks to digital printing capabilities in 2022 – you can even print on the bottom gusset for literal top to bottom branding. Everything is up to you. Because of this, companies can explore exciting design options and speak to their brand’s identity in real-time. (We can send you some super cool samples of past clients.) You have seconds to capture a consumer’s imagination, and packaging that’s true to what your brand is about is the critical first step. 

Good packaging allows the smaller players to compete with the big brands. One of the best things about digital printing is that you can print multiple SKUs within one order. This is huge for companies still experimenting with design ideas or the possibility of breaking into a new market or trying new flavors. 

Eco-Friendly Resealable Packaging Options

Recyclable resealable pouches are the next frontier. With the United States passing a sweeping new climate change deal that will incentive businesses of all shapes and sizes to become greener, packaging will see the effects of this too. Using packaging that’s either eco-friendly by being either recyclable or biodegradable. Just the same, by being mindful of using products like 100% Polyethylene (PE) films, which are recyclable and customizable to include high-barrier structures. Resealable stand-up pouches can be recycled and help your company impact the environment one less package at a time. 

Resealable Packaging Benefits

We covered the shelf life, but resealable packaging also reduces food waste. Because the products keep longer, less gets thrown away. And again, with climate change becoming more and more headline news, this is an important distinction. Instead of worrying about grabbing a slice of cheese or a piece of turkey as a snack, the package can seal up and keep freshness in, which erases the worry of, “if I open it now, I have to use it immediately.”

And honestly, it’s just more convenient. The package stands on its own, and there’s no need for a second container once it’s been opened. Plus, because it’s sealed, that on-the-go appeal is a big x-factor, especially for kids. Because if you didn’t know, kids are MESSY. 

If you’re thinking about resealable pouches, we can help. ePac Flexibles loves finding new ways to support our customers and help them see their products reach a new level. Let’s design packaging that looks great on the shelf, but meets the goals of the world, too. Let’s talk.