Connected Packaging: QR Codes Are Only the Beginning of Pushing the Branded Packaging Experience

If there’s one thing you can say about the pandemic, it is that it got us used to scanning QR codes. Sure, iPhones could read them a few years back, but once we started needing them to eat in restaurants again, the technology was everywhere. What went from fringe tech that geeks knew and used to a common everyday usage for live events, hospitality, networking, and so much more. We’ve adapted very quickly to QR codes on packaging.

Because we’re so used to using QR codes, now is the time for brands to jump on board and embrace the technology in their packaging designs. From mission statements to ingredient lists, there’s a lot a QR code can do for a target audience. 

If you’re thinking about adding a QR code to your packaging, you’ve likely got thoughts and maybe some concerns. Because we’ve seen how effective they can be for brands to engage with their customer base at a higher level, we’ve put together a list of some åof the biggest reasons we’re believers in where tech meets a pretty cool innovation. 

What is a QR Code on Packaging?

A packaging QR Code communicates product details to consumers to help them learn about the product and its benefits. QR Codes serve as a valuable vehicle for sharing information with consumers at every stage of the buying journey.

When a customer scans, they’re entering your world. By keeping things simple and consistent, customers can show off new products and promotions, or maybe it’s a story you want them to experience. The QR code is the gate they enter. What you do next is entirely up to your team. Think dynamically – lure them in by offering discounts or the opportunity to engage more with your product and its inherent benefits. Both can be leveraged as tools of persuasion to interact with the technology.

How Do QR Codes Work?

Think of a barcode at the supermarket, except instead of a specialized scanner. Your smartphone does all the work. Every QR code has unique black squares containing different information pieces. When these codes are scanned, the pattern translates into human-readable data. Usually, it takes you to a link where specific information is stored, like a restaurant menu or a branded experience on a package. 

Why Connected Packaging Is Important For Your Brand

Everything in our world has a foot in the digital realm. You’re reading this from a screen right now. Because of the malleability, the medium brands can experiment with different shapes, sizes, and even QR code design transparency. A QR code can lead consumers down any path you want them to go, which could be an open door into your branded universe. Coupled with social media, the QR code has the power to unlock engagement that’s huge – give customers the chance to order directly or buy in bulk. You can offer educational videos or show off some of the new exclusive content you’ve created. 

QR code packaging design can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal of ways to communicate values. 

Consider this: some companies in the clothing space realized fashion changes or people’s style changes. A lot of clothes-related waste goes into landfills annually. Some companies like Patagonia use QR codes to show how their clothes are made from recycled materials. They use their QR codes as a personal channel that showcases how to wash their clothes and work with local activist groups, and in the process, they have saved a lot of paper that would wind up in landfills. 

If your company has a similar mission, it could speak to customers in their own language while keeping a pulse on what they want. Opening a channel like this puts the customer in control of their engagement. It’s up to you to build an experience that drives them to keep coming back. 

One of the most powerful parts of all this is simple: you’ll have data, and data drives decisions. Sure, you’ll know about connected packaging trends, but you’ll understand exactly how customers engage with your products, what pages they visit, and ultimately what they care about.

Analyzing your customers digital trail can assist in refining your customers’ online purchasing process. In addition, dynamic QR codes allow you to make landing page changes in real-time, so you can preplan campaigns back-to-back. The power is in your hands to make changes as quick as you’d like. 

Where To Start with Connected Packaging

If you’ve been thinking about putting a QR code on your packaging, we can help. ePac Flexibles has been a leader in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible regarding packaging. We’ve got some serious success stories about what brands have achieved, and we’d love to share that knowledge with you. Plus, if you’re looking for cost-effective packaging that’s also sustainable, we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk.