custom cookie packaging

Cookies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so your cookie packaging bags should be able to accommodate them without cramping their style. Regardless of if you’re looking for individual cookie packaging or to bag a bundle of goodies, ePac has you covered. Choose from lay flat, stand up, or rollstock films to serve up all of your cookie packaging needs.

features of a captivating cookie bag

At ePac, we manufacture rollstock, stand up pouches and lay flat pouches for chips of all shapes and sizes, and offer a wide range of customizable features. 

protective barrier films

Nothing is sadder than a crumbled cookie. Protect your precious treats from the elements with custom barrier films to help maintain a controlled internal environment and mitigate spoilage

puncture-resistant packaging

Barrier layers also work great for snack packaging to protect your product from damage due to shipping and handling or transit to retail locations

bright colors and graphics

Stylize your cookie packaging with fun, bright and bold colors to ensure that your brand is memorable and that your flavors stand out from the crowd


Add a transparent or clouded window to your cooking packaging and give consumers a sneak peak into the goodness that awaits them

lightweight, pliable packaging

Flexible packaging is malleable and easy to transport, making it the ideal film for cookies, and the go-to choice for consumers.

environmentally-friendly options

Choose from post-consumer recycled (PCR) or fully recyclable bags, printed with our sustainable printing process and compostable inks.  

digitally printed cookie packaging

Digital makes all the difference. By opting to work with a digital printing packaging company, you will benefit from:

Quick turnaround times – No more waiting months for packaging you’ve never seen before from unreliable sources abroad. We are in your neighborhood, with plants all over the globe that can accommodate your specific needs. 

Low minimum orders – The ability to order to demand is a gamechanger. Order what you need, when you need it, so your packaging doesn’t become obsolete or take up space and cost money placing in storage.

No plate fees – The beauty of digital printing is that printing plates are not needed, meaning that you can make changes to your packaging design up to the last minute, with no added cost.

Run multiple SKUs – Digital printing also affords you the opportunity to run several SKUs at the same time, which means more cost and time savings for you.