custom fruit packaging

Put them in a smoothie. Add them to your pancakes. Mix them up in your yogurt. Frozen fruit needs the right flexible packaging to keep that flash-freeze consistency and freshness in and out of the freezer. With ePac’s extensive offering of customizable stand up, lay flat and rollstock packaging, you can continue to provide your customers with delicious frozen fruit time and time again.


frozen fruit packaging features

ePac offers a variety of customizable packaging features that will help your products stand out in the freezer aisle, while keeping your frozen fruit intact and protecting it from temperature changes

high vapor barriers

How do you protect that fresh fruit taste, even while it’s on the frozen shelf at the grocery store, or in your freezer? ePac’s high vapor barrier films block moisture, oxygen and aroma from entering or exiting the package, so your frozen fruit is fresh and ready to add to smoothies or pies.


To keep frozen fruit fresh and ready to use again after opening the package, ePac’s air-tight, press-to-close zippers are a great option. You can also choose our zipper locks, or even opt for no zippers at all for one-time use frozen fruit sizes.

puncture + tear resistant

ePac offers packaging that won’t tear or damage in the frozen shelf, in transit, or with customer handling. Combined with our high vapor barrier films, you can ensure the integrity of your product.

bright colors and graphics

With ePac’s unique digital printing technology you can produce crisp, colorful images of scrumptious blueberries or juicy strawberries on your packaging to entice your customers. Print bright and bold colors to ensure your brand is memorable.

see-through windows

There’s nothing that sells fruit like the real-life view of the product itself. With ePac’s transparent or clouded windows, stand out in the frozen aisle by showing your product in all its glory

environmentally friendly options

Package up your health-conscious product in eco-friendly packaging. Choose from post-consumer recycled (PCR) or fully recyclable bags, printed with our sustainable printing process and compostable inks.  

customized frozen fruit packaging for brands of all sizes

Quick Turnaround Times of 5-10* business days, upon artwork approval. 

High-Definition Colors And Graphics will catch your customers’ eye and help your packaging stand out on the shelf with bright imagery and graphics enabled by digital printing.

Run Multiple Fruit SKUs, with digital print. Print a variety of flavors in one run to test out new products, or run seasonal products. 

Order To Demand with our state-of-the-art digital print platform to enable short runs, multiple designs in a single order, and last-minute changes.

*5 days for rollstock. 15 days for pouches.