How Rollstock Packaging Machines Work & Why They’re So Efficient

You might not know it, but rollstock machines create a lot of the packaging we see out in the market. Because the machines are fast and efficient, rollstock machines package products by some of the biggest names in the food industry. But the smaller companies have caught on, too. Rollstock packaging helps startups offer products with the same quality and sophistication, complete with clear branding and quality control. But what is a rollstock packaging machine, exactly? 

About Rollstock Packaging Machines 

Rollstock is laminated and printed film on a roll, which is used with specialized form-fill-seal (FFS) technology that forms the package, fills it and closes the pouch in a super-fast process. The rollstock packaging machine can package anything, which is great for companies on a time crunch or looking to experiment with new branding. 

“Rollstock” means the material used in Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal (VFFS) machines. These machines can package various products, the majority being sold in loose form. The roll stock film is formed into a tube shape (it’s a pouch) using the VFFS machine application, and the pouch gets filled vertically with your product, then it’s sealed. Rollstock provides flexibility when serving a broad range of products or food varieties and offers airtight sealing.

Some examples include: 

  • Chips 
  • Cereal
  • Granola bars 
  • Nuts 
  • Coffee 
  • Detergent 
  • Pet food 
  • Candies 
  • Soap

Using a rollstock machine has some clear benefits:

  • A high production quality
  • It’s got a wide application  
  • It’s a reliable process
  • It’s easy to personalize designs

Why ePac loves rollstock

Because rollstock is efficient and affordable, this helps us in two ways: we can keep production costs low, which helps companies who are watching their bottom line, but also, thanks to us being digital, we can make on-the-fly changes to designs with no impact on the customer. 

They’re built for longer shelf life 

Rollstock packaging offers protection from the elements, making it an excellent choice for products displayed on store shelves, like food.

Rollstock packaging = lower operation costs 

One of the most significant benefits of the rollstock packaging machine is its affordability. Paying multiple employees gets expensive, especially if you’re a newer business. The rollstock machine is automated. Thanks to the vacuum packaging process, these machines take an approach that would require two to three workers per machine and turn it into a process that requires only one employee to supervise the process and keep the line running. 

Rollstock makes for more Efficient Packaging

Many other vacuum packaged food production methods involve pre-made vacuum pouches or pre-made trays. Not rollstock. Rollstock machines use two rolls of flat film, one of the least expensive barrier material types for vacuum packaging. The bottom layer of film is a forming film used to form the package’s bottom, and the other layer is sealing. These rolls keep the cost per package to a minimum.

If you’d like to learn more about how rollstock packaging can help your company, drop us a line. We’d love to send you some samples and show you how ePac can take your brand to the next level.