9 Benefits of Working with a Local Flexible Packaging Company

Whether you’re a new brand seeking out a flexible packaging supplier, or a seasoned packager looking for a supplier change, we know it can be daunting to choose the right partner. 

Consider the advantages and benefits of partnering with a locally-based flexible packaging company. Cost-savings, no international tariffs, reduced complexity, and even stronger business relationships are some of the benefits you could enjoy.

1. The Local Movement

Look around and you’ll notice the ‘shop local’ movement seems to be sweeping your local city.  

And local doesn’t just have to mean your neighborhood shop down the street. The idea of local refers to supporting businesses in your own country. 

There are many reasons for this, from the sentimental (the idea of working together to support your local economy) to the practical (it’s just easier to talk with someone near you). 

Regardless of reasons, remember that choosing a supplier is really choosing an extension of your business, so be sure the company can deliver all of your needs. 

Let’s look at why partnering with a locally-based digital printing flexible packaging company will save you time and money, and simply make for a better ordering experience.

2. Faster Turnaround Time

Turnaround times with overseas companies can last anywhere from 10 days to weeks and even months, depending on which company you hire. Add the time it takes for your product to go through customers, and you add additional time to your product’s delivery date. 

When you work with a local company there are no customs hassles, and the company’s proximity can drastically cut down delivery times.

3. Lower Shipping Cost

Ordering from a local company also reduces transportation costs, because you avoid high air freight or ocean shipping charges. 

4. Better for the Environment

By ordering locally, you also cut down on carbon emissions because of the reduced travel. And digital printing contributed less waste when compared to conventional printing methods.

5. Lower Order Sizes

Digital printing doesn’t require plate setup, so order minimums are much lower compared to conventional printing. Lower minimum orders contribute to less inventory costs, and less waste down the road.

6. On-Demand Ordering

With digital printing, you can print small orders more frequently based on your changing market demand. In other words, you can be more agile while keeping costs down. 

On-demand ordering also works nicely for smaller markets and seasonal packaging.

7. Increased Flexibility

Working with a local packaging supplier also gives you more flexibility to make changes to your order. 

Adding a new ingredient to your recipe?

Changing your logo design? 

By partnering with a local company that leverages digital printing methods, you can make these changes while avoiding excess fees and unusable inventory.  

8. Reduce the Risk of Food Packaging Contamination

The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has instituted food safety rules by regulating the use of inks and dyes in food packaging, with the aim of reducing residual solvents in flexible packaging. 

Packaging manufactured overseas may not meet the same stringent safety standards and have mislabeled products.

9. Supporting Your Local Businesses

Working with a local company gives you the satisfaction of supporting businesses from your area. It’s also easier to work with a company that is geographically closer to your business. 

Whether in your same city, state, or time zone, proximity can facilitate forging human relationships with people near you.

A Locally Based Digital Printer Is the Right Partner

You may have thought that ordering from a large conventional printer overseas will save you money, since the cost per unit may be lower.

But consider all the other factors. 

Plate fees, shipping, time, and storage fees for large orders…the costs start to add up! 

Digital printing eliminates many of the steps required in the conventional printing process, making it faster and more efficient. 

Additionally, working with a company that’s close to you and you get fast delivery at a lower cost Plus, you get the satisfaction of supporting your local economy!

So now you know why you should partner with a locally based digital printer. After all, the key to a successful CPGl business is to find the right flexible packaging partner that leverages the latest technology to deliver high-quality packaging.

At ePac, we have offices throughout the United States, in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Los Angeles, Madison, Miami, and Minneapolis- they’re open to serve local and regional brands of all sizes! Call us today to see why partnering with a U.S.-based digital printing company can save you two of the most important things in today’s economy: time and money!