6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Fall in Love With Roll Stock

The flexible packaging revolution is upon us. Industry advancements are happening at record speed, thanks to ever-developing technology. And flexible packaging is reaping the benefits of new processes, such as digital printing, environmentally friendly materials and innovations in manufacturing. 

Consumer and brand initiatives demand more conscious packaging in a world that’s fighting climate change. 

One of these evolutions comes in several bags and pouch styles, and one of the most effective forms of packaging is roll stock. Simply put, roll stock comprises engineered film used on form-fill-seal packaging machines.

1. It’s fast

Roll stock has a fast manufacturing turnaround, with production creating more packages per minute using a form-fill-seal machine. With today’s race to market, being fast is critical to long-term success, especially if you’re trying a new product out as a test for future plans. 

2. It’s cost-effective 

If you’re making products with serious volume, roll stock reduces packaging costs because the form-seal machine produces less waste. Every penny counts for smaller companies just getting their products out into the market. 

3. It’s customizable 

Branding is essential for companies trying to stand out on a shelf. Customers look for functional packaging, and roll stock can be incorporated into your custom pouches. Flexographic printing technology brings brands to life with photo-quality realism, vivid colors, and matte textures.

Because it uses Inno-look for a reclosable zipper, the product maintains freshness. You can also have laser scoring and tear notches for breathability and add micro-perforations. Whatever you’re looking to add to your packaging, ePac has a solution for your company, no matter how big or small.

4. It’s flexible

Roll stock is flexible on two fronts: the packaging itself, and the way you can package your goods to refill your stock that’s flying off the shelves.

Printing roll stock for your chip, snack, cookie or popsicle packaging is super convenient with roll stock. You can go through large volume jobs because it’s only a one-step process. Your co-packer or form-filler has everything they need to package your delectable delights in one go. And then it’s out the door to your hungry customers!

5. It offers superior product protection

No matter how sexy your packaging looks, what matters is that what’s inside is fresh and keeps fresh. Rollstock, just like stand up pouches, keeps UV light, dust, moisture, oxygen, and vapor out of the package, resulting in increased shelf life. This is a fundamental win for companies selling goods like energy bar bites or dog treats if products last longer. With a crowded market, every little win counts, especially freshness. 

6. It’s environmentally friendly 

Rollstock is a sustainable, lightweight option and uses less material than rigid packaging, and requires less energy to produce. The manufacturing process also releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions. ePac is dedicated to finding ways to lessen our environmental footprint and roll stock continually. Roll stock is a great way to do so, thanks to its fast processing speed and because there’s a process that reduces waste from inception.

If you’d like to learn more about how roll stock packaging could help your company reach its packaging goals, we’re here to help. We’ve developed a 360-degree view of multiple processes that ensure sustainability and easy customer customization. Our products are tech-driven instead of traditional machines requiring new plates and starting from scratch.