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03 Jul2019

CASE STUDY: Primal Noms

Custom Packaging Positions Primal Noms Keto Mug Cakes As The Market Leader Primal Noms owners, Matt and Alli Owen, are on a quest to be the healthiest versions of themselves, and part of that quest is following the ketogenic, or keto diet. Because sweet cravings can be hard to ignore regardless of the type of diet you follow, they created Prima...

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30 May2019

CASE STUDY: Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy Delivers An “Open Pouch” Experience In today’s subscription box culture, one subscription brand did something unlike anyone else: they chose a pouch instead of a box for its mailed goods to deliver a truly unique experience. And

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25 Apr2019


For Iya Foods, It’s ALL About Connecting with Consumers Through Packaging Toyin Kolawole loves food. She also has a natural talent for business, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an eye for great packaging. Kolawole was born in Nigeria to an entrepreneurial f...

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30 Jan2019

CASE STUDY: Gezellig Cookies

Dutch Cookies Stay Cozy in Pouches Cassandra Plas started Gezellig Cookies because of her fondness for the Dutch cookies her Oma would make for her while growing up. As an adult, she missed the cookies so must she started making them, giving them away to family and friends, and then in 2015 founded Gezellig Cookies. Located in Central Florida, Gezellig Cookies, which is a Dutch word w...

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29 Jan2019

CASE STUDY: Skratch Labs

After 5 years in business, Skratch Labs renamed its entire line of products and created entirely new packaging to make it easier for the customer to understand the product, as well as establish brand consistency. Although development took 10 months, this new product packaging offers many benefits: Increased moisture...

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26 Nov2018

CASE STUDY: Evolve Brands

Evolve Brands is out to make the world a better place through mindful snacking. The company’s two brands, Gorilly Goods and Supernola, are organic, plant-based, non-gmo, and gluten-free snacks that boast real ingredients. Both brands are packaged in on-the-go, flexible, single-serve bags from ePac flexible packaging, the first supplier in North America built entire...

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07 Nov2018

CASE STUDY: Ancient Ingrained

It started off as a classic “there could be a better way” story. As a health-conscious consumer, Dustin Finkel has always been cognizant of the foods he eats. And while many brands have developed “healthy” chips and snacks, he found that they’re often packed with fillers, bad fats and suspect product messaging on the package....

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18 Sep2018

CASE STUDY: West Shore Foods LLC

Digital Printing Gets New Products to Market Quickly West Shore Foods, LLC is a food technology company that specializes in creating natural, minimal-ingredient, dried snacks. One of the owners is J. Hugh Wiebe, a serial entrepreneur who founded Brookside Chocolates. With a strong focus on innovation, ...

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