Flexible Barrier Plastic Pouches Protect Shelf Life and Boost Your Brand

What makes your product unique? Is it a new type of crispy snack or a dynamite dog treat? Whatever the category, your product has a one-of-a-kind combination of flavours, aromas and textures. And the flexible pouch containing it has to protect those unique attributes, throughout its shelf life, until the consumer experiences it after purchase. That’s what strengthens your brand.

ePac provides short-run, fast-ship barrier pouches that offer a higher level of protection against moisture, light and oxygen. This is accomplished not with a thicker structure, but by cleverly combining layers of barrier materials. For example, certain materials eliminate, or drastically limit, the light that penetrates the bag. Other materials reduce or eliminate moisture transfer. Some materials will either restrict oxygen or allow more oxygen, depending on the needs of your product. Laminated together, they can provide a custom “vault” that meets your exacting barrier requirements.

ePac will recommend a film structure based on the product being packaged, or they can work with your supplied specifications. You may find that your product’s shelf life is actually extended by the right combination of barrier films in an ePac pouch.

Premium grade films offered by ePac include the following:

  • PET, Metalised PET, PE, and BOPP
  • High barrier films
  • Laminates
  • Recyclable films

Pouches For The Real World

Here’s how the right barrier pouch protects various products.

Premium coffees: Today’s consumer expects a premium coffee product that retains 100% of its flavour and aroma. Ground coffee requires a good barrier against oxygen permeation to prevent spoilage. Aroma protection is also extremely important, as is a barrier against outside odours throughout distribution.

Although many flexible barrier plastic pouches for beans or ground coffee incorporate a foil layer or metalised film, they can be all plastic. All-plastic structures are resistant to flex-cracking and pinhole formation during processing and distribution.

Edibles: Not surprisingly, aroma barriers are a top priority for packagers of and edibles. ePac pouches provide the top-notch aroma barrier and moisture control packaging that ensures freshness and potency right out of the bag. Certified pouches are ideal for single and multi-serve edibles, flowers, and concentrates, as well as exit bags.

And since ePac understands you have regulations to adhere to, they offer certified child-resistant pouches, compliant with United States Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700, for Poison Preventative Packaging. Also, ePac will work with you to ensure an understanding of packaging regulations in your state.

Dog treats: Dog food and treats present several challenges to the barrier structure. Freshness and aroma must be protected, and the pouch must stand up to the oily residue that is usually present in the dog food product itself. The overall structure must be robust enough to protect the product through distribution, and occasionally stand up to outdoor storage by the consumer. The right pouch construction takes it in stride.

In addition to reaping the benefits of ePac’s barrier pouch expertise, you’ll discover the advantages of ePac LLC’s short- to medium-run length orders, and 10-day turnaround for your finished pouches or webstock, using the latest wide-web digital printing technology – the HP Indigo 20000.