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Thanks to ePac’s digital printing technology, connected packaging has never been more accessible to brands of all sizes. ePacConnect allows you to personalize how you engage with your consumers, verify authenticity and trace your product’s journey, all through your digitally enabled, flexible packaging.
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serialized QR codes

In partnership with leading Connected Packaging software suppliers, ePacConnect offers serialized QR codes that allow consumers and brands alike to verify authenticity, trace packaging, enable security alerts, and obtain reports on market and supply chain activities. ePacConnect can help to solidify your brand’s integrity and legitimize your product offering by seamlessly reassuring your consumers that their safety is always top of mind.

consumer engagement

Develop long-lasting connections with consumers by delivering interactive experiences and educational content that’s tailored to their individual interests. Showcase how your product is sourced, share recipes, and reward customers for their loyalty and much more, all from simply scanning your packaging’s QR code. 

In addition to cultivating brand loyalty, you can gather pertinent information on your target market’s behavior, demographics and values that can be used to influence your marketing strategy and increase sales.

  • loyalty points
  • reward programs
  • promotions, prizes + discounts
  • personalized content
  • updates in real-time

product authentication + brand protection

Empower consumers to confirm the legitimacy of your product, by simply scanning the QR code on the packaging and immediately verifying its authenticity. This will allow you to protect your customers from counterfeit products and gray market diversion, while simultaneously preserving your brand’s reputation. 

ePacConnect’s secure QR codes have an added layer of security so that with every scan, the authentically is evaluated and verified. The technology is able to detect when a code is copied and counterfeited. The code’s unique design contains proprietary algorithms that are able to detect when a code is not the original. When multiple scans of the same code take place, brands can receive an alert and the individual scanning the code will receive a notification that the QR code may have been compromised.

track + trace

By tracking your product through its lifecycle, you can obtain critical information about your supply chain that will help to safeguard your product and strengthen your logistics.

ePacConnect allows you to track your product’s journey to the point of purchase and beyond all the way through to the disposal or recycling. Collect information all the way down to the individual product level to enhance your business intelligence in a way never before possible. 

  • end-to-end supply chain traceability
  • logistics data measurement 
  • product use, disposal, and/or recycling 

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