Custom Candy Packaging

Keep your customers coming back for more by customizing your flexible candy packaging. No matter what type of candy packaging you’re in the market for, ePac will work with you to ensure that your rollstock, stand up or lay flat pouches will be ingrained in your consumers’ minds.

Case Study

candy packaging features

Separate yourself from the noise – there is a lot of commotion and distractions in retail environments, and you may only have a few seconds to capture your customers’ attention. Adding customizable features to your candy packaging material is a seamless way to add value and improve your user experience.

At ePac, we manufacture rollstock, stand up pouches and lay flat pouches for candy brands of all sizes, and offer a wide range of customizable features. 


Maintain the shape and integrity of your packaging with optimal barrier layers for your product. Hard candy packaging should be evaluated just like you would any softer or temperature sensitive offerings.

bright colors + graphics

In order to break through the noise, your packaging needs to be eye-catching and have memorable designs or graphics. This can easily be achieved with ePac’s innovative digital printing technology.


A brief glance into your product’s soul! Just kidding, but think about it. How many times have you made or not made a purchase based on seeing what you were in for before committing to a purchase?

hang holes

Your product deserves to take advantage of every showcasing opportunity that a retailer has to offer. Hang holes come in different shapes and sizes to help you increase exposure and keep your product positioned upright.

tear notches

Allow your customer to easily access your carefully crafted sweet treats with tear notches. An easy way to open your confection packaging allows for it to be consumed both at home and on the go, without a struggle.

resealable zippers

Air-tight enclosures, such as zippers, help to maintain your candy’s freshness, while defending against environmental and external factors like oxygen and moisture. Child-resistant zippers are also available.

candy packaging that wows

Digital printing enables your confection packaging to be fully customized to fit your needs. When you partner with ePac, you can take advantage of:

Quick turnaround times and low minimum orders.

You don’t have to worry about ordering large quantities, obsolescence, or excess + unused inventory. 

High-definition colors and graphics.

Catch your customers’ eye and help your packaging stand out on the shelf with bright imagery and graphics. 

Print multiple SKUs.

With digital print, you can print a variety of flavors in one run to test out new products, or run seasonal products.

Order to demand.

With our state-of-the-art printing platform.

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