custom chip packaging

Pack your potato chip bags with confidence. Many of our snack food customers choose rollstock films as their go-to potato chip packaging material since it makes for a perfect, cost-effective material to package snacks, such as chips. Rollstock can be easily sized and slit to fit a wide variety of contents, and just as easily filled and sealed. With customizable film thicknesses and barriers, your chips, crisps and puffs will never lose their crunch.


features of a stand out chip bag

At ePac, we manufacture rollstock, stand up pouches and lay flat pouches for chips of all shapes and sizes, and offer a wide range of customizable features. 

high-quality films

Metallized films provide a superior barrier against oxygen and moisture, extending shelf life and maintaining product freshness.

spot gloss + embellishments

Our variety of potato chip packaging films allow you to create packaging as unique as your product with spot gloss, embellishments or metallic reveal.

photo-quality graphics

Vibrant images and graphics will help differentiate your product from the competition and make your packaging pop on retail shelves.

durability and puncture-resistance

Protect your products from tampering and external elements, while ensuring your customers can easily take your product on the go. 

lightweight, pliable packaging

Flexible packaging is malleable and easy to transport, making it the ideal potato chip packaging film for brands, and the go-to choice for consumers.

environmentally-friendly options

Choose from post-consumer recycled (PCR) or fully recyclable bags, printed with our sustainable printing process and compostable inks.  

keeping your chip packaging “crispy”

Digital printing enables your snack packaging to be fully customized to fit your chip bag’s needs. When you partner with ePac, you can take advantage of:

Bright, high-definition colors and graphics that will catch your customers’ eye and help your packaging stand out on the shelf. 

Quick turnaround times and low minimum orders, so you don’t have to worry about ordering large quantities, obsolescence, or excess + unused inventory. 

Print multiple SKUs in one run for limited edition and seasonal flavors, or to test out new products. 

Order to demand with our digital print platform.