Digital Printing: NOT Just for Short Runs

Have you heard the myth that digital printing is only for small businesses that only have a need to produce short runs? Well, we’re here to tell you that this just isn’t true.

Digital printing is capable of producing large orders with quality, sharp and consistent graphics for a superior package.

It’s no secret that the right package can go a long way to boost your brand’s success. This involves securing the best design, materials, and printing process to get the job done right. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a Fortune 500 brand, you know how important it is to work with a supplier that can deliver high-quality work with a quick turnaround. Not only that but finding a partner who can help leverage the vast abilities that digital printing has to offer. The key is to find the right flexible packaging partner that leverages innovative technology paired with best-in-class customer service.

The Power of Digital Print for Brands of All Sizes

The technology that is already disrupting the consumer-packaged goods space is none other than digital printing. With digital printing, you get unmatched accuracy, and the highest print quality available, all with fast turnaround. Whether you’re a small business looking to print small orders, or a large company looking to print large runs on a consistent basis, digital printing offers an ideal solution. But, the first things first, what is digital printing and how does it work?

Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media (or packaging substrates). Digital printing offers a solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to do shorter runs, or larger businesses looking to utilize the power of digital for unique campaigns and promotions.

In contrast, conventional printing involves creating a printing plate for each and every design, SKU or offering. Offset, gravure and flexography are the most common types of conventional printing in the packaging space and each involves transferring the image from a plate to the surface. Because of this, these techniques leave you with lengthy plate set-up time and fees, large order minimums, and a slow turnaround.

With digital printing, all of that is avoided, and you get your orders fast. And, with digital printing, you control the quantity. Some months it may be high, others lower; you pick the quantity based on demand, seasonal packaging, a specific campaign or target markets. With digital printing, the complexity is removed from the flexible packaging ordering, streamlining the process, and getting you back to running your business.

Beyond the Convenience of Digital Print For Long Runs

Large and small companies alike know that great design can make or break the promotion of your product. Because of that, digital printing consistently creates high-quality, clear and colourful graphics, be it with small, medium or large runs. The quality of graphics exceeds that of conventional printing methods, is capable of matching existing product lines, and registers perfectly for every image printed. What’s more, digital printing technology gives you the freedom of personalization for customized packaging and messaging for your brand to reach target markets.

Customization and personalization opportunities that aren’t possible with conventional print give brands, large and small, the chance to set their packaging apart with consumers. One can’t not smile when seeing their name of a Coca Cola bottle, and digital print makes this level of personalization available.

Variable printing, brand authentication, track and trace, augmented reality, and customer engagement imaging is all possible with digital print. The potential is nearly endless when it comes to digital, especially for large brands looking to broaden their reach and market in new, innovative ways. Low minimum orders also allow for such shorter-run packaging campaigns, promotions, and seasonal specials with the concern of excess or unneeded inventory or large cash flow being tied up in specialty packaging.

Digital Print is Clean & Simple

And while digital may seem more complex than the conventional route, digital is the simpler and cleaner method of package printing. In fact, our digital workflow paired with the efficiency of the digital press has finished packaging in your hands quickly (10-15 business days) and with a significantly lower environmental impact.

Are you a large company that hasn’t yet considered that digital printing could keep up with your order quantities, or maybe you’re a small company that didn’t think you could afford the quality that the technology offers? Either way, if you’re still not sure that digital is right for you, call us today to hear about our capabilities and to get a free quote. Let us show you how we can partner with you to help you start, or grow, your brand!