6 Must-Haves for a Stand Out Gummy Package

From birthday parties, to holidays, to everyday treats, candy is everywhere and consumption is rising. The candy aisles are full of options from legacy brands like Mars and Hershey’s to more artisan and local brands. And when it comes to gummy candy specifically, the market is exploding with new choices that consumers are hungry for.

Peeking into the Gummy Market

Within the candy industry, the gummy candy segment is growing, with more brands, flavors, and products available to satisfy consumers of all ages and demographics.

In fact, the global gummies and jellies market is predicted to reach $40 billion at a 5% compound annual growth rate between 2020 and 2024, according to a new report by Market Research Future. North America will dominate the market over the forecast period, with the U.S. being the major contributor in the region, accounting for more than 80% of the total revenue. 

According to MRF, what’s driving growth for the segment is a booming candy industry, rising consumer spending, and an increased consumption of gummies over chocolates. In addition, “unique packaging, seasonal consumption occasions and the shape, design, texture, sugar content, and flavors of gummies and jellies are increasing consumer interest.” 

Becoming a Gummy Trendsetter

Within the segment, there are growing trends for today’s gummies that include:

Better-for-You Options

Many gummy brands are introducing candy made with either clean ingredients, low sugar, real sugar, natural flavors, or with other health claims that set the product apart from other more traditional candies. 

Medicinal Gummies 

Although not directly a part of the gummy and jelly candy segment, medicinal gummies are also rising in popularity. Gummy vitamins, minerals, and pharmaceuticals remain a popular way to take everyday medicine and herbal supplements for users of all ages.

Premium Brands

Many gourmet gummies have burst on the scene in the last few years that elevate candy beyond the average, everyday eating. These include gourmet, small batch gummies with unique flavors, such as ones inspired by cocktails, and are frequently sold in high-end stores and boutiques.  

Superior Packaging 

Today’s gourmet gummies are more often packaged in premium, gift-like packaging in vibrant colors with beautiful graphics. A good number of these gummies are packaged in upscale stand up pouches that offer a convenient reseal closure.  

6 Gummy Packaging Ideas + Must-Haves

To satisfy these trends and cravings, consider creating your next gummies packaging with these six must-have attributes in mind:

1. Convenient Pouches 

Consumers love the convenience and lightweight, shatterproof quality of pouches. Plus, they’re easy to open and close, as well as pour and scoop from, and gummies pack well in the bag. 

On the marketing side, pouches offer a large amount of space for branding and graphics. Remember that a great design and quality package, like a pouch, go a long way to showcase a brand’s premium look and feel. 

2. Clear Window

See-through packaging allows the consumer to see the beautiful and colorful candy inside, enticing them to make a purchase. A clear window also builds trust when you allow the consumer to see the product before they buy it. 

3. Resealability

This must-have delivers two major benefits. Resealability offers consumers the chance to take the gummies on the go for snacking, without the risk of spilling. It also means that the package will stay sealed when not in use, which keeps the candy fresher for longer.

4. Multiple SKUs

Everybody loves variety! More flavors allows you to appeal to more palates and gain more customers. Plus, with a variety of packages, your brand will take up more space on the shelf for increased exposure. 

5. Seasonal Varieties

Who doesn’t love seasonal and holiday flavors? Red gummy hearts for Valentine’s Day, peppermint gummies for the winter holidays – the choices are endless. With more seasonal and flavor options, your product can be on store shelves all year long. 

And, when you choose digitally printed pouches, you can create short runs with seasonal flavors in limited-edition packaging, so you can introduce a new gummy flavor for every holiday. 

6. Bright, Photo-Quality Graphics 

Walk down the candy aisles and you can’t help but notice one thing: brightly colored packaging. Why? Bright colors ignite the senses and attract consumers. It’s a win-win in our books!

With digital printing, you can achieve photo-like graphics and bright, vibrant colors on your packaging, which will not only attract new customers, but also help with brand recognition.

Gummy Packaging Partner

As you develop your gummy packaging, it’s important that you find a packaging provider that meets your individual needs. When you partner with a flexible packaging company that specializes in digital printing, you can enjoy short lead times and low order minimums. Plus, digitally printed custom flexible packaging creates photo-quality graphics and images, allows for 360° branding, and delivers the convenience and aesthetics today’s consumers crave. Call us today, or request a free quote, and let us help you create your custom gummy bear packaging or other confection packaging.