Stick Pack Packaging: Is It Right for Your Brand?

When it comes to convenience, you can’t beat stick pack packaging. Whether you’re looking to create a sample package, or add single-serving size pouches to your product line, sticks packs are a unique way to package your products and attract new customers.

Stick pack pouches are a type of flexible packaging characterized by their small size and narrow shape. They are typically used to pack dry powders (though occasionally some liquids, gels, and semi-solids) for convenient use on the go. They are the ideal package for single-serve applications, sample sizes, and products that are stocked at the point of purchase at retailers.

The Growth of Stick Pack Packaging 

According to a Acumen Research & Consulting study, the global stick packaging market is anticipated to be valued at around $1,750.5 million by 2026. The rise in demand for stick packaging for single-serve in nutraceuticals (think protein powder or collagen) is expected to drive the growth of the global market as the trend toward health and fitness spreads amongst consumers. The food and beverage industries are also anticipated to drive growth in the global stick packaging market. And, it’s worth noting that demand is growing in the flexible packaging space as a whole, which is further fostering growth in the segment. 

It’s no surprise that stick pack packaging popularity is on the rise. Like all flexible packaging, including stand up pouches and bags, stick packs are lightweight, convenient, and highly portable. Their single-serve size serves as a unique selling point for consumers, providing a simple application that doesn’t require measuring, storage, and the clean up associated with full-size packaging. When produced with quality packaging materials, stick packs can also serve as a tool for keeping products fresh and lengthening the shelf life.

Stick Packs in Different Markets

As you consider if stick packs are right for your brand, we recommend first determining the type of product you are packaging. As aforementioned, stick packs are a great package for powdered or granular products, as well as gels and liquids.

The following industries can benefit from using single-serve stick packs in specific ways:  

  • Nutritional supplements including powdered vitamin mixes, energy blends, protein powders, and collagen. Using stick packs in this segment allows fitness and health-conscious users to follow the proper ratio for usage and consume these products on the go, including at the gym or health club.
  • Products in the pharmaceutical industry including single-serve medicines. Stick packs offer users the benefit of a single dose to avoid confusion concerning dose inconsistencies and risks related to them, as well as provide travel ease.
  • Cosmetics such as makeup or lotion samples allow consumers to test out your product or use them in their toiletries as travel products. 
  • Coffee and tea products like instant coffee or tea allow users to make one cup on the go, and work well for use in hotels and restaurants. 
  • In the dairy segment, products like yogurt, powdered milk, and creamers are kept fresh and ready for use. Stick packs give this segment incredible portability and single-serve, portion control use.
  • In the spices and sweeteners market, stick packs help users get the right ratio, and portion control for single-serve use on the go.
  • And for other powdered beverages like hot cocoa mix, mushroom coffee/other mushroom blends, and herbal elixirs, stick packs help to maintain freshness, ensure proper product to water (or other liquid) ration, and allow for easy use on the go.

Designing Custom Stick Pack Packaging 

As you design your stick packs, consider the following:

Design Space

Stick packs have less design real estate than larger packages, so determine the most important information that you need to include on the package. This may include your logo, flavor information, and directions for use.  


This one is a no brainer, but definitely worth mentioning. If you’re launching a stick pack alongside other packaging formats in your product lineup, ensure it is consistent with your branding. Although stick packs are small, they should still properly reflect your overall branding, and match any of your larger packages so consumers can recognize your brand immediately.  

Include Instructions

Provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to use your product. Since stick packs are generally single-serve, be sure consumers know the proper way to use the product, like serving instructions, as well as proper ratio usage for best results. 

Follow FDA Guidelines

If you are planning to sell your packets individually, ensure all required information is on the pouch. This includes FDA guidelines surrounding labeling and nutrition facts. Luckily, there are special labeling provisions for small packages like stick packs, depending on the overall size of the package. Special abbreviations are allowed, as well as even omitting some information, again depending on the overall size. If space is limited on the label, know that there is flexibility to adjust non-required graphic elements to help fit the nutrition label to the available space. You can find more details here

Partnering With The Right Stick Pack Manufacturer

Finding a packaging manufacturer that offers stick pack packaging services is key. If you’re ready to start creating the best quality and fully custom stick pack flexible packaging, look no further than ePac. At ePac, we have experts on hand to help you every step of the way as you design and create the right powder packet packaging or other custom flexible packaging for your brand. Click here to request a free quote, or give us a call.