custom popcorn packaging

Whether you’re packaging popcorn kernels or fully popped popcorn, ePac offers different types of popcorn packaging, such as lay flat pouches, stand up pouches and rollstock. We use a variety of popcorn packaging materials capable of being customized to POP off the shelf and retain that freshly popped taste consumers are after.

pop-tacular popcorn packaging bags

We offer a handful of customizable features to meet your products’ specific snack packaging needs. Here are some customizable popcorn packaging ideas that are sure to delight your consumers.

tear notches

Tear notches allow your customers to enjoy a clean tear without any product loss due to spillage, while being able to easily store and enjoy later

resealable zippers

No matter if you’re packaging kernels or ready to eat popcorn, adding a resealable zipper can prevent spoilage and allow for ease of portability

hang holes

Take advantage of your product’s light weight by adding a hang hole to ensure eye-level visibility in store

protective barriers

Maintain that freshly popped taste to ensure repeat purchases. Adding barrier layers to your packaging will prolong shelf life, quality and consistency of your product

full print, high-definition graphics

Your product is special. You know that. Your customer knows that. Now give it the spotlight it deserves and help it shine through crowded retail shelves with HD colors, graphics and designs, only capable with digital print

environmentally-friendly options

Choose from post-consumer recycled (PCR) or fully recyclable bags, printed with our sustainable printing process and compostable inks 

fully customized popcorn bags and digital printing

Flexible packaging is a great, lightweight choice to hold your fully cooked popcorn and kernels. Other benefits of going digital include:

Low minimum orders – Trying out a limited edition or seasonal flavor? No problem. We offer low minimum orders so the you don’t have to worry about excess inventory or obsolescence

Order to demand – Order in smaller quantities, as needed, so you have the flexibility to change your branding and packaging structure and features at any time.

Quick turnaround time – Get your finished product fast, so you can go back to doing what you do best. Orders ship in 5-15 business days, (5 days for rollstock, 15 days for pouches) once your artwork is approved

Photo quality colors and graphics – Increase brand recognition with memorable images and designs so your product can set itself apart from the competition