Low MOQ & Custom Packaging: How You Can Have Both

Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t be mighty. Every business deserves the chance to compete with the big names in the market. 

And the best way for businesses of any size to compete is with stellar packaging. Packaging that stands out is critical in the constant push-pull of the market. With more small businesses wanting to compete, the most significant barrier is typically high Minimum Order Quantities (or MOQs). 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With so many outlets for brands to compete in this new landscape of weekend farmer’s markets and many online options, brands should have every chance to thrive and succeed. 

We were a small brand at one time, so we’ve been there and continue to believe in the little guy, which is why we put this blog together to educate someone poring over their laptop, ready to take their leap into the world of small business.

What is MOQ?

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the smallest number of units a supplier will make for an order. Suppliers do this so their production runs go as cost-effective as possible; otherwise, they risk losing money on setup time, worker hours, etc. 

Say a t-shirt company prints one hundred of a design and not just two (we’re talking mass production, not a custom shop); selling the hundred makes more sense with all the costs for making the sure rather than selling two and being done with it.

A supplier’s MOQ is set, so they make a minimum profit off every order.

How Do Suppliers Set Their MOQ?

MOQs can differ between regions, so what’s sent out in Korea is not the same as in Quebec. It’s essential to research what you need (hence why you’re here) for your order requirements. 

MOQs vary between products and suppliers and are decided by things like: 

  • Raw material cost 
  • MOQs set by their suppliers
  • Custom orders
  • Production line cost
  • Shipping and storage cost

How to Negotiate MOQs for Custom Packaging 

If there’s a high MOQ threshold, how can a small business compete with that, especially ones just starting with minuscule budgets? For small businesses, it’s all about strategy. Think about how much you sell each weekend.

Is there a festival coming up? Think about the next few months and what you can do to mitigate the impact. Special holiday packaging is also an idea; everyone loves a pumpkin or a Christmas tree on their custom packaging

At ePac, we have low MOQ packaging orders because we’re a digital brand. Because we don’t have costly setup fees that take time and money from small businesses, we can pass those savings on to our customers. We’re dedicated to giving customers the best price per unit. 

The bigger the order is, the more the price drops, making it better for businesses to place larger orders. 

With a low MOQ, we can help companies experiment with new looks and brand identity as they’re growing and developing with potential changes. But back to the digital thing, because changes are as simple as uploading a file, minimum orders for experimenting can become a constant test case with real-time data. 

Tips to Get The Best Value From Your Orders

MOQs shouldn’t put sourcing custom packaging out of reach, but instead, thinking strategically will save you money down the line. An MOQ for packaging helps guide order fulfillment and marketing strategies – because it’s about working toward end goals. 

Small brands aren’t coming out of the gate buying truckloads of anything. They need packaging sources to help them achieve their desired look and efficacy in small batches to test the market. 

The cost structure of low MOQ packaging empowers small-batch test marketing. Once the brand receives feedback, a low MOQ approach also has baked-in flexibility.

Let’s talk if you’re a small business ready to leap into custom packaging. We can help you develop your dreams into reality. We’ve got samples to send and stories about brands who went from the garage or kitchen to warehouses, selling their products in places like QVC and Walmart.