Silverstone, United Kingdom

ePac UK Silverstone serves local and regional brands of all sizes.

Our manufacturing facility is located at:

4 Wellington Road
Arrow Park Ind Estate
Brackley, Northamptonshire

NN13 7FG

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Silverstone Flexible Packaging

As a small or medium-sized food or perishable manufacturer, you are responsible for meeting the expectations of your customers. Finding the right source for digital flexible packaging in the United Kingdom can be a crucial factor in accomplishing that elusive consumer connection, and ePac is here to help. Our impressive array of soft packaging lines featuring a cutting-edge digital printing process assists you in surpassing your competition and carving out your niche in the marketplace.

Today’s shoppers are moving past old, rigid box packaging in favor of flexible food packaging and stand-up pouches for many other types of products. The advantages of soft packaging are propelling this method to dominance on the shelves of retailers worldwide. A bag made from a thin, durable, non-toxic film is more natural, eco-friendly, and less expensive to transport, store and utilize than cardboard or other materials.

pouch bag design & making

ePac’s pouch printing services have a much shorter turnaround time than traditional printing. Because digital printing doesn’t require the set up of plates, we ship your finished product in 10-15 business days compared to the 6-12 weeks that traditional printers require. This means pouch manufacturing doesn’t need to hold up your production timeline.

earth & family-friendly selling

Durable materials are always a priority but can become a matter of safety with certain products. ePac uses solventless lamination, which eliminates the risk of residual solvents and is more environmentally friendly.

ePac’s digital printing process is also much more sustainable than conventional printing, producing less waste, releasing fewer emissions, and using less power.

your flexible packaging partner

When you experience ePac’s fully customizable, cost-saving packaging production, we feel confident you will be delighted.

Contact us online to get a quote or call +44 3300 555343 today so we can help you usher in the modern age of packaging design for your company.


ePac UK Silverstone is a member of OPRL. The OPRL scheme aims to deliver a simple, consistent, and UK-wide recycling message on retailer and brand packaging – whatever your sector – to help consumers reuse and recycle more material correctly, more often. ePac’s aim is to collaborate across the packaging cycle to drive circularity and a transformation in packaging resource efficiency.

As a member of OPRL we are able to provide recycling guidance to consumers by using the most recognized and acted upon reuse and recycling label scheme in the UK. We’re also recognized as best practice Internationally.

community involvement

ePac UK Silverstone has made community engagement a priority since its grand opening event, where members of the community and local businesses came to tour ePac’s first international location and learn more about the benefits of digital printing and flexible packaging. The team has continued that involvement by hosting a booth at the Lunch! Show in London, a unique tradeshow that brings together the entire food-to-go industry under one roof.

We are a full-service flexible packaging company, which means we can handle all your pouch bag design & production needs. We can support brands in a variety of different markets including flexible packaging for frozen foods and many others. A few benefits of partnering with ePac include:

faster turnaround times

Our leads times are as short as 5-15 business days for lay-flat pouches, stand- up pouches, and roll stock.

low minimum orders

Leveraging our digital printing which gives brands the ability to print to demand and place low minimum orders, drastically reducing costs, excess inventory and obsolete packaging.

zero set-up and plate fees

By shifting to digitally printed flexible packaging, setup and plate fees are eliminated. The digital printing process doesn’t require plates, which means zero setup fees.