Top 6 Benefits of 3 Side Seal Pouches For Your Packaging

The three-sided sealed pouch is ubiquitous on shelves across the globe. From dog snacks to coffee or tea, cosmetics, and even the all-time childhood favorite, ice cream, they all use the power of the three-sided flat seal pouch.

Consumers want innovative, simple packaging to carry. And they also want something that keeps food fresh and maintains flavor over the long haul. 

Vacuum packaging, center seal pouches, and stand-up pouches are making their way onto shelves everywhere. Still, the three-sided sealed pouch is continually the Grand Prize Winner regarding multiple types of usage in different forms. 

What is a Three-Sided Seal Pouch?

The 3-side seal pouch has a distinct look because it’s sealed from both sides, with an additional seal at the bottom or top, depending on how the brand wants its packaging to look. 

The top is more common for spices, coffee, or liquids. The style works when uniformity is essential, but the packaging is also easy to ship before it’s filled with product. It also works because the packages can be sold by the box allowing you to take the packets out individually. 

Brands love this type of packaging because it has a serious temperature tolerance and is heat-sealed without damaging anything. It also maintains critical freshness thanks to the aluminum lining in the inner layer. 

1. More Bag Volume 

Because the center seal keeps food fresher for longer, there’s less food waste. And due to the packaging’s measurements being precise, it’s easy for meal preppers to plan using the product like their own meal kits that work for gym rats and small families. 

Food manufacturers and co-packers can easily fill the bag because of its user-friendly design, and the consumer feels like they’re getting their money’s worth.

In this economy, that’s a big win. 

2. Easy Access with Tear Notch

People want ease of use. Full stop. They want to tear into a bag of chips or granola, which this packaging delivers. 

But there’s also a benefit many folks don’t consider: a tear notch is a security feature because once it’s open, you can’t reseal it. And because the top of the packaging is ripped open, there’s no room for tampering, ensuring there’s no spillage from uncontrolled tearing. 

Really, though, consumers want to dig in, and with a simple pull seal, everyone can dive into their snacks ASAP.

3. Economical Flexible Packaging

Businesses always consider cost. The three-sided sealed pouch is more cost-effective. The average three-sided sealed pouch has more packaging capacity than its four-sided cousin, and is made from a one-piece film, while four-sided pouches are made from two – which bumps up the price. 

They’re lightweight compared to rigid packaging and barely add weight to products, which lowers transport fees. 

Three-sided seal packaging is made from readily available materials, so there’s no special ordering. 

4. Package Uniformity

One of the most appealing aspects of the three-seal-sided packaging is that it can easily be customized to fit the brand’s needs. 

Designers love this style because the front and back of the packaging serve as ideal spaces to service the brand’s vision. There’s a lot of room to tell a story. 

There are endless options, like a matte or glossy finish. Thanks to companies who can print digitally (like ePac), the design choices are as simple as uploading a PDF, allowing brands to experiment with looks and colors without costly plate setup in a traditional printing setting. 

5. High-Speed Packaging Applications

Aside from being cost-effective, three-side seal pouches are fast off the line and can help solve tight deadlines. They’re both qualitative and economical and are made from materials that provide a barrier against environmental factors. 

Companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500, can order three-seal-sided packaging, no matter how big the batch. And ePac can meet the quota thanks to our ePac One facilities linked globally. 

6. Economical Storage & Transportation

Another reason companies love this type of packaging is they’re easy to store after being shipped to a facility for filling and when it’s time to ship the product out to stores or a consumer. The bags themselves are easy to stand in a box and ship with little concern due to their tough exterior that can handle just about anything outside of a random bear attack. (Those claws are tough.)

If you’re looking to change up your packaging, let’s talk. ePac can help your company hit your deadlines no matter how big or small, thanks to our worldwide, dedicated network of facilities that can get the job done. We’re here to see your company thrive with the packaging you’ve always wanted.